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10 QUACK cures that ACTUALLY WORK. Professor makes big statement.

Updated on March 3, 2015

The Professor and the Minefield of Alternative Medicine

These days it seems that for every single ailment or Health related problem that can be treated by conventional medicine techniques, there soon appears claims from others in "Alternative" Medicine practices that their way to cure is far better.

Someone who views such claims with concern, not to say, clear disbelief in many cases, is PROFESSOR EDZARD ERNST. He has been for sometime a forensic scrutineer of all sorts of claims made for alternative medicines and treatments, often concluding that the claims made by those propounding the virtues of them are at best incorrect and at worst, bogus.

Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Homeopaths and indeed the whole world of Homeothapy have been measured and found wanting by this learned scrutineer. He dismisses Homeopathy as being "useless" and in some cases "life threatening". Osteopaths and Chiropractors and all who practice spinal manipulation fail his tests and earn the title of "bogus" This Professor, the first in the study of COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, does not mince words.

Given that background then, maybe we can all learn from his new work , "A SCIENTIST IN WONDERLAND". The work carries a subtitle confirming that it contains a lifetime of searching out truth but finding many troubles in the field of alternative medicines etc. Maybe, the potential reader will set out believing the work as a dismissive tome on the whole area but that would be very wrong.

In fact what really makes one sit up and take notice is when the sceptic actually reveals that his stern analysis has prove conclusively that there ARE alernatives that actually work and can be greatly beneficial to sufferers. In short, here are 12 clear complementary treatments that the Professor has identified from all others, that he is confident enough in to put his name on the line and to back them as proven to work on 10 very common conditions.

I looked in vain for his confirmation that putting 2p coins in insoles provide relief for arthritis sufferers as over 5,000 readers of my Hub have found,, but nevertheless there were some very intresting things to pass the Professor"s tests and earn his approval as key ways to treat a wide range of conditions.

10 Conditions and Treatments that actually Work.

Now we can highlight here 10 common conditions that the Professor, a leading sceptic of alternative treatments as has been said, has tested and found to be of real value in treating the condition specified.

Let us begin by identifying the10 conditions for which alternative cures are propunded confidently by Professor Ernst. Remember, these are not his own cures, nor is he seeking to make profit from what is revealed.












The above reflects a wide raft of conditions which affect a wide range of patients. GP"S will readily confirm that these cover the main areas that patients arriving at their consultingrooms seek advice upon. Many others either suffer in silence or turn to others offering instant relief only to find that the condition prevails with them.

Now Pofessor Ernst offers clear information on simple alterative ways that he has scrutinised professioally and as a result ties his professional opinion to them as providing treatment for the symptoms backed with proven sound medical evidence. The Professor adds the sensible caveat to all, that sufferers should at all times consult their doctor before embarking on anything new,Even though his work has shown that medical evidence does support the fact that these treatments do actually work that is sound and sensible advice.

Treatments As Recommended.



Using SOY can assist in lowering cholesterol levels. The main proviso here is to understand that significant lowering of cholesterol requires conventional treatment via statins etc. Beyond that taking Soy as capsules, milk and tofu for examples, will assist in making small reductions as the stimulate the liver to break down chloresterol.


Taking a 3 MONTH YOGA programme based on boosting mobility and strength levels and posture correction was shown in trials to show improvement in the lessening of both chronic and recurrent pain in the LOWER back.


Poor blood flow can often cause swelling in the legs accompanied often by feelings of tightness and pain when walkng. Blood flow is responsible for the removal of waste products as well as dealing with key elements such as oxygen and nutrients. When blood flow is decreased the balance needed for normal activity is affected and the manifestations of that occur in the legs as indicated. Standard treatment is placed on using compression stockings but seperate trials, rather amazingly, showed that taking HORSE CHESTNUT over 3 months produced equal benefits, both treatments reducing swelling. Horse chestnut was found to improve both capilliary and vascular flow by contracting tiny muscles behind veins and thus inhibiting their dilation assisting improved flows .


Treatment here centred on the use of COENZYME Q 10 . Apparently, this is a compound naturally found in all body cells but if it is deficient can lead to high blood pressure, chest pains and heart attacks. Studies proved that boosting Coenzyme Q 10 LEVELS with supplements lowered blood pressure. However, the level of efficiency was not as good as it was with traditional treatments. Even so it was a positive.


Relaxation techniques have been well known and used, for years in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks. Ernst carried out studies that confirmed the benefits in such areas of music. whether listening to, or playing instruments were true.Patients were seen to visibly lower anxiety levels. So called "soothing" music was monitored as reducing heart rates and was especially useful in lowering anxiety rates in patients being treated for rain disorders and cancer.

It is also worthwhile to note here that Dairy farmers have, for some time now, used music to calm cows and thus to increase their milk yields with some good success.


Depression is a word often incorrectly used to point out a person"s state of mind but where used correctly, clinical depression is a serious condition that requires sound professional help. Professor Ernst carried out consideration of more than 40 studies using ST JOHN"S WORT .It has been considered previously that this use can help in stages of depression of up to medium level. Substances in the plant have been found to assist in regulating mood and it is available at most pharmacies. Ernst studies pronounced and confirmed it as it an effective aid.The treatment can be takenin tablet, tea or tinture formats as requested.


Often described as a scourge of the modern world, Type 2 Diabetes is caused when the body fails to produce enough insulin to deal with the amount of sugar it has taken in. It is often associated with the Obese. Clearly attention to diet and exercise are the key factors here but studies have also shown that benefits flow from slowing down the absorbtion of sugars by the stomach and intestines. GUAR GUM has been found to do just that and can be safely added to any programme designed to assist weight loss and control levels of Type 2 Diabetes.


The problem most males face as years unfold is that the prostate cells swell with age.That in itself, is not a probem, though it is often thought so because of the incidence of prostate cancer in senior citizens.

An enlarged prostate effectively causes pressure to build on the urethra making trips to the bathroom more frequent but also to pass less urine. Incontinence can thus result. Where there is no cancer but solely the bathroom problem, studies have shown that AFRICAN PLUM AND SAW PALMETTO both contain chemicals that will assist in reducing inflammation of the prostate and make trips toilets less frequent and painful. Might try them myself one day.


Nausea can be the result of many things and where a surfeit of food or alcohol is the direct cause it is the body"s way of removing excess and unwanted items.However, where nausea is caused by an external influence, eg. morning sickness, chemotherapy or post operative recovery, there can be real benefits to the patient by undergoing the Chinese remedy of acupuncture.

Professor Ernst asserts that acupuncture can help stimulate "feelgood chemicals" in the brain to lead to subsidising in feelings of nausea. Beyond that hough, a trial involving 600 pregnant women in Australia found that acupuncture needles inserted into points on the forearm and abdomen and retained for 20 minutes definitely reduced feelings of nausea often found in pregnancy.


People over 55 years of age have good news here. The hormone MELATONIN is available to them in UK on prescription. Meltonin is a regulator of sleep/wake cycles. It activates the brain receptors that encourage sleep. As such Melatonin assists in regulation of the body clock and can thus assist in dealing with things like jet lag or sleep patterns tat are out of kilter for some reason.


There then are 10 cures for pretty standard conditions that can plague the human body. Professor Ernst, who we said at the start is a long time professional sceptic, has trialed and tested many so called alternative cures, and the fact that he is confident enough to back these publicly speaks volumes for their effectiveness. At the same time, just like Professor Ernst, we conclude here by repeating the advice that any treatment should be discussed wit your Doctor prior to commencing use.

If you try any of these, or have information of any kind on their use and/ or effectiveness, please let us know via a comment.

If you have been, THANK YOU, for reading this Hub.


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