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Vulnerability is the True Meaning Of Beauty

Updated on January 28, 2015

Media and Beauty

When we think of beauty, we think of make up, fashionable clothes, beautiful shoes, etc.. When I was younger, I remember looking at magazines, thinking to myself, "Wow, she's beautiful and I will never look like her". The standards for beauty lately have gone out of control, and even though there are a few positive movements out there, it is still not enough to change it. As a mother of a girl, I am concerned of how she will perceive beauty when she is older. I am doing my part by telling her, that she is beautiful because of who she is, and that her outside beauty is just the reflection of the inside. I am a woman who sees beauty in everything. For me, there are no ugly people in the world, only ugly actions. Your physical beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. As we age, so will our bodies, so then does that mean we stop being beautiful at a certain age? I didn't think so, because I know a lot of older people, who are more beautiful than ever, and their bodies have nothing to do with it.

I believe that we are our most beautiful in a Vulnerable state. By vulnerable I mean naked, feeling raw emotions, when we cry because we can't hold it back anymore, when we laugh, but truly laugh even if its not camera appropriate, when we feel the moment, when we are connected to our feelings and we let go of what we should look like, and just accept us, as who we are. Lets look at art for example, how back in the day they would paint people in the nude, and hundreds of years later, these paintings still move us, they make us connect with the subject, even though they are nude, they have a certain softness to them, you can see they feel vulnerable, and at that moment, the artist froze their beauty in time.

I know we are all fans of social media, whether we love it or hate it, someway or another we all have something to do with it. When you look at the big selfie trend, which I myself am part of, when we see these pictures, we hit like, but lets be sincere, what is to like about a fake smile planned for that precise moment, and probably taken over and over again, until we make it look "perfect". Doesn't the world have enough fake smiles? Selfies are over rated, and they are so 2014. I feel we should all take our cameras/phones, and instead of photographing our staged smile, lets start photographing others, catch them in their raw moments, and I don't just mean naked. Lets capture them in a lost stare, but a stare of deep thought, lets capture real cuddling, even if the hair isn't perfect. Lets capture the beauty of childhood, without breaking that moment to say cheese, capture the tears, the happy thoughts, the beautiful Rawness of being humans.

Be Raw, Be you

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am a very positive person, I am funny because I love to laugh, I have learned to laugh at myself, to cry when I need to cry, to not hold grudges, and in a way, I have managed to stay wild, but In a serene way. I let go of wanting to look good for others, now I want to look good for me. And I feel beautiful. Not because of what I wear, or my face, or anything like that, but because of the way my lips feel when I smile, or the way that I feel so uncomfortable around others, the way that I have accepted my weirdness and let myself be an introvert, and not make myself be something I am not meant to be.

I believe our emotions make us beautiful, the way we feel inside. If we spend a lifetime of bitterness, we can become so used to it, that in the long run we will make bitterness our safety zone, because that is all we know. I remember being younger and realizing it was so much easier to give others dirty looks, but after a while, I started noticing how suddenly that was all I was receiving. And it wasn't because I wasn't liked, or that there was something wrong with me other than being a teenager, it was because that was the energy I was putting out there. Then in my twenty's I started to smile more, to everyone, and whether or not that smile was returned somewhere between my 20's and 30's it didn't matter anymore, because I was happy just smiling, because it came natural to me.

Give yourself a dose of self love. Go, stand in front of the mirror, and look into your own eyes for 5 minutes, with no interruption. Then go ahead, and undress, and look at yourself for another 5 minutes, with no doubts, no judgmental thoughts, just look at yourself and accept yourself, You are looking at you, the way you really are. Be proud of who you have become, of the amazing person that you are, and of all those years of self discovery. Now at the end of those 5 minutes, smile at yourself. Do this, everyday for 1 week, and you will start feeling liberated, you will start feeling your self love.

Do not be afraid to be you, in the raw, because after all, that's where the real beauty comes from.


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