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Alcohol Recovery

Updated on October 21, 2010

Alcohol recovery is one of the most crucial and important steps a person endeavors to undertake while going through the process of recovering from the draw backs of alcohol. there are basically only two options a person can take to overcome this afflicting addiction, to seek professional help such as doctors, AA , or even counseling.

The other option is to go cold turkey and do it yourself, but the stats indicate that only about 80% of people ever recover buy doing it that way, and one needs to have a will power of steel to head down that path. But it all stars with recognizing that you actually have a problem, that is the first thing one must realize. 

Physical Addiction

Drug and alcohol recovery for most people is purely a matter of getting over the physical addiction that comes with alcoholism, for we know within ourselves that what we are doing is wrong to ourselves as well as our families, but it's the physical addition that has us trapped and dependent on this destructive chemical. A  alcohol recovery center can provide well needed help , as well as alcohol recovery programs you have  the support of staff other members who are in the same situation as you and a environment that is safe and non judgmental which is what one needs.

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA also known as alcoholics anonymous and has been around for years helping recovering addicts of all kinds and base their teachings under christian principals  as their guide lines for recovery. This is totally a choice for people, you don't have to be religious to join this program, just the willingness to seek the help you need, and these people will definitely do that for you. You will be in a support group with others who are recovering from alcohol and drugs themselves , there is no pressure to say anything, you can just sit the first session out if you feel you have nothing to say. And it can be a good way for you to understand where others are coming from in terms of their own personal experience of how and why they decided to find recovery.

Past History

It may be quite hard for a person to recover from a life time of alcohol abuse, because of the sheer fact that most of their upbringing was surrounded by alcohol, it is no easy task to expect a person to break free from this cycle, especially if it has been ingrained in them from a young age. Seeing their own family and relatives drinking and thinking that is just they way things are. In most cases there is a underlying reason why a person drinks so much, that is why it is so important to talk about their issues in a non judgmental atmosphere where they can share there experience with others who can also relate to what that person is talking about. It is like taking a load off their backs, as most alcoholics will tend to cover their reasons for drinking but once they talk about it , it is the start of the recovery process and the healing can begin.

Christian Help

A christian alcohol recovery program is a good place to start the recovery process, going to your local church and telling them how you feel , and they will give you the  support you need  and in most cases they will direct you to someone who can. Christians are there for anyone needing help in their lives, they are good people with big hearts and only want to see the best things happen in your life, you don't need to conform to Christianity to get the help needed, they are simply there to listen and not to judge. The most important thing you can do is express your inner feelings about alcohol and let it all out the more you hold it in the more you will turn back to the alcohol it is a vicious cycle indeed and the sooner you break this cycle the sooner you will recover from the effects of alcohol.

Overcoming Addiction


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