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"how to quit drinking beer"

Updated on February 19, 2013

"How To Quit Drinking Beer Cold Turkey"

If you can beat your cravings for drinking beer you will beat your addiction and will never return to drinking beer, but how do you do it, surely we are talking about something major here? it cannot be that simple can it? You will be surprised!

How you think about your addiction will determine how much power it has over you, if you believe that you will give in to your addiction, then you will. However if you believe you can beat your addiction you will. When you quit drinking and will be subjected to these cravings but what really matters is how you choose to react to them.

One year from now if you quit drinking you we be amazed how good you will feel. That first 30 days is tough and extremely tough if your just trying to quit without support of other who know what your going through. I'm talking about other people in recovery.

"Easy Way To Stop Drinking Beer"

The first things you need to become aware of are the situations which trigger your cravings. Some situations will be easy to avoid, for example, being in places where you previously used to drink beer. Your addiction will have forged a connection with alcohol in these places and so every time you visit them the voice of addiction will talk to you. There are other situations however which may take you completely by surprise, for example, if you always used to drink when he came home from work then you are still going to experience the craving when you quit drinking.

"How To Stop Drinking Alcohol"

As soon as you can admit that you are an alcoholic you are in a powerful position, because you are ready to do something about it. It's scary though, because you are about to give up something you will never be able to do again. If you return to drink because you believe you can handle it, you'll be back to your old ways in no time.

Once you give up it has to be final, you have to make the decision to change and it may feel like the hardest thing you have ever done, but you can do it!

Before you do anything else pay a visit to your physician and get all the help, advice and medication that they can give you. If you are a chronic alcoholic like I was, it is essential to do this as withdrawal can be fatal.

When you stop drinking take vitamin supplements and keep a healthy diet, also get as active as you can. Meditation can be very helpful and it made giving up drinking a lot easier for me, also joining the gym was a great choice too. Think about getting through each day without a drink and make yourself some goals to aspire to. Never forget why you gave up drinking in the first place and pin up some reasons to remind yourself why you did where you can see them regularly.

Tip- Go to a meeting and surround yourself with people who have been in the exact same hell that you may be in now. I don't know why, but it works.

Must Have Books on Alcoholism

If your serious about quitting drinking you NEED A "BIG BOOK" no other book besides the Bible has saved more lives and changed more people then this book. It is the first book listed and for a good reason. It also costs less then a liter of vodka and if read and practiced could give you and your family a LIFE that you could not even IMAGINE !

Quit Drinking

Decide to stop drinking.

Bear in mind your goal of quitting such bad habit. Identifying reasons why you want to stop drinking and use these reasons to keep you going. The journey in leaving the life of being alcoholic will never be easy, but as long as you remain persistent and driven nothing is impossible.

Blast through your denial.

Peer pressure and stress can cause one to be involved in excessive alcohol drinking. Party's and night outs are surely fun. Much like alcohol, they bring you ecstasy, taking away your anger and whatever unpleasant feeling you have in heart. But sadly, it doesn't last forever. Neither have they solved any problem in life. You need to break your denial. Notice that you tend to cling to fond memories, even though the good times are pretty much long gone. Honestly measure your amount of "happy time". Then you'll realize it is never enough (and it never will be), alcohol drinking brings you nothing but pseudo happiness.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      How would your life be different right now if you no longer felt like a slave to alcohol?

      Look... I can speak from personal experience... when I stopped drinking, everything just seemed better because I could enjoy it all with a clear head.

      And yes, waking up without the headaches and nausea from hangovers is nice.

      Here's the Fastest and Easiest Way To QUIT Drinking and Get Your Life Back on Track... Guaranteed!

      Click the link if anyone is interested:\yirvzw

    • shirts101 lm profile imageAUTHOR

      shirts101 lm 

      6 years ago

      @leenliz9: Congragulations, I'll bet your family and friends are proud. Keep it up. It only gets better. Now go help somebody else that's struggling. That will Keep you Sober. Have a great day.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am an alcoholic of 24 years. I am one year sober now. It took a lot of inner strength and will power to achieve this goal, but when accomplished, its well worth it, I now have my life back! this is a Great Lens!


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