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Thought Control

Updated on February 12, 2013

Thought control, and learning how to control negative thoughts can be at most times very difficult, but it can be done, and yet the tragedy is that so many people let it consume their lives, they let themselves be controlled by unproductive thinking to the point of self defeat, they say "we don't need no thought control to lead the good life" when in fact they are in denial. Learning how to control negative thoughts is vital because it's not what we think we are , but what we think we are not, that is the real question. We sometimes believe that we are at the mercy of what we think about or what we allow to enter our minds, when in fact we are the masters of our minds and is meant to serve us, not to control everything we do.Thought control in democratic societies such as India where meditation is used for relaxing the mind, or China where tai-chi is also used as a form of mind relaxation.

Our Brain

Your brain is the most complex mechanism in the world, it is certainly the most influential organ of the body, with it you think, remember, love, hate, feel, imagine and analyze. The average brain contains about 12 billion cells, totaling 120 trillion connections, it is no wonder scientist say that the human brain is the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe. Your brain has three very important functions, your intellect, emotions and will, it is little wonder that with all the negative input we put in our minds we have such a negative reaction to life.There is a couple of books about the brain called brainwashing the science of thought control and also thought control in democratic societies which are a must read for anyone wanting to know more about our minds and how the brain works.

The Three Stages

There are three stages we go through before we let it become a physical action , we think about something then we allow that thought to ponder and dwell in our minds, and finally we react to that thought weather it be a physical reaction our internal reaction. When it gets to the stage where we allow it to cause a physical or internal reaction, we are too late, we have allowed that thought to reach the final stage which is “action”, and we have not stopped it at the first stage which was cutting it off at the first stage, and we end up dwelling on it until it reaches the third and final stage, which by that time it is too late.

Positive Exspectation

.To master and archive a positive outlook on life is something we are all in titled to. Positive expectation can be either good or bad for you ..... that choice remains yours. The feeling of expectation is one that puts us in "the now" it is a expectation of good things to come, if we simply relax and know that some time in the near future i will experience a life changing event that will lead us towards our true calling in life....and purely because we expect it to.

Positive expectation also releases you from the negative past thoughts , for you are always focused on your future and that "unknowing" something that will change your life. Remember that it will also require commitment and discipline to train your thoughts, it won't be so easy because negative thoughts tend to hang around like a bad smell. Practicing 10 - 15 minutes a day for a week and just increase your time according to how you feel. Positive expectation is a mental tool that we can use for self development, you my have your own? that's good, use them when ever you can, as long as it brings you to a place of serenity, then that's all that matters.

If i believe in one thing, than that would be........ we were not put on this earth to worry about fruitless things that will bring us nothing but grief because what effects our minds effects our bodies.So then i personally believe that time spent healing the mind is time well spent indeed.

Take Control

To take control of your mind, you need to take the time to strengthen and relax your mind, thinking in itself is just plain hard work for most, and the results cannot be measured because most of us are mentally lazy by nature, we always choose the path of least resistance. Once you can overcome this inertia of getting your mind ticking again then the hard grind is over the thinking mind will become trained. Our mind is like a muscle,it needs exercise just like any other part of the body so learn to stretch your mind, what you don't use you loose.

Thought Stopping

People may say, we don't need no thought control in order to lead the good life, well i hate to burst your bubble but we need to have control over what we think. Thought stopping has been proven to be very effective in control unwanted or negative thoughts that seem to clog our minds, this is by recognition where we know that this thought is either gonna benefit us or have a negative impact. This is crucial before it reaches the second stage and we tend to ponder on it until it is too late. So by thought stopping we need to evaluate that thought at the beginning, it's a bit like watching a movie on a big screen, we need not be judgmental, just sit back and watch as we look at the big screen and see all those thoughts of ours pass by the big screen. Having this frame of mind is essential, so we don't get sucked in by what we see but rather we look and evaluate to see if it is beneficial to us or not, if not than we need to cut it off there A.S.P.(as soon as possible).Brain washing the science of thought control has lead many to over analyze things and come to the wrong conclusions about the impact our thinking has on us.

You are what you think

Control your life, and don't let it control you, picture yourself as the person you want to be and move towards becoming that kind of person, if you see yourself a failure - a failure you will be if you see yourself as someone with purpose and direction then that is the kind of person you will eventually become so never surrender your dreams to noisy negatives. 

Positive Thoughts To Ponder On


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    • Goodpal profile image

      Goodpal 7 years ago

      Full of real Information. I share a lot of ideas; many of your thoughts reflect my thinking. Will read more of your hubs.