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Period Calendar: A Very Useful App

Updated on May 1, 2012

The Problem: Keeping track of menstrual cycle

This one is for the ladies out there. Have you ever noticed that when you go see the doctor you are always asked, and usually in robotic form, "what was the first day of your last period?" You could be there for a sprained ankle, but there it is on the form, that ominous question. Dare you try to be sneaky and leave it blank, the nurse will just ask you face-to-face.

My well-formed answer usually begins with, "uh...uh..." The nurse is then so kind as to slide me over a little calendar, as if 30-31 blank squares on a paper are going to help me recall this vital piece of medical information. Clearly, having this answer is important to them, and somehow when it is obvious that I am probably not giving a correct response, I feel as though I have let them down. Really, I feel like an idiot.

Keep track of your period with an app like Period Tracker.
Keep track of your period with an app like Period Tracker. | Source

For some reason or another, I can never remember the answer to that question, ever. I always make a mental note when it occurs, but it never sticks. I always try to relate it to a certain event -- the day before we saw that movie -- but then I not only forget that all-important date, but the movie too. I would love to blame this on age, but for some reason this answer has always eluded me. I really hate that question.

I was always a good student, so I don't think my inability at recalling this iota of information is lack of ability. I actually have a new-found theory that there may be a genetic component at play here. A year or so ago I took my teenage daughter to the pediatrician for swollen eyes and a lumpy throat. And there it was, that question again. But this time my daughter was on the hot seat. I anxiously awaited her response, not because I cared about the date, but because I wanted to see if she could succeed where I had always miserably failed. As if waiting on pins and needles, I got my answer -- first she looked down as if the answer would jump off the floor, and then her very, very blank eyes slowly turned towards mine. I am not sure if medical science has yet to study whether or not this is a genetic trait, but we probably could sign up to be test subjects.

And then it occurred to me. Really it was a true bolt from the blue. An app, there has to be an app. Afterall, there is an app for everything. With the touch of a finger on your iphone or ipod or other device you can slice fruit, paint with neon colors, see the weather forecast, make your ipod sound like a rain stick, follow the stock market, update your facebook, certainly there has to be an app for keeping track of the first day of your last period!

Period Diary app makes it easy to keep track of your menstrual cycle.
Period Diary app makes it easy to keep track of your menstrual cycle. | Source

The Solution: Menstrual Calendar / Period Calendar App

After a quick search at the app store, I found it, the holy grail, a menstrual calendar. Well, they actually have somewhat better names for them than that. There are Period Tracker, Period Diary, and about 50 or so others. Most of these apps go for about free to $1.99. Once you install it, you pretty much just click the date on the calendar when your period begins. If you want to make sure that no one else sees your calendar many of them will let you enter with a privacy code that you set.

And that's it; as for me I won't have any more excuses for not remembering the first date of my last period, unless of course I forget to bring my ipod touch with me to the doctor's office. Uughh, another thing to remember.


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    • ktrapp profile image

      Kristin Trapp 5 years ago from Illinois

      Yes they do! Actually though, this can be quite useful.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      I guess they really do have an app for everything. Voted up useful and interesting.