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#1 Effective Insomnia, Sleep Problem Tonic

Updated on June 18, 2013
Old testament
Old testament | Source

Sleep problems are on the rise.That's because many of us are stressed. Our adrenaline is always revved up and we don't seem to know how to turn off all the gadgets that we have become attached to.

Your bedroom should really be a no gadget zone. The only things you should have in there for convenience is

Selective gadgets

  • phone
  • alarm clock with a dimmer
  • TV with a timer

The problem is we don't have a set sleep pattern or bedtime and that tends to aggravate any sleep disorders.

A lot of people talk about sleeping but many people don't rest. Which means they don't get into the REM sleep mode that promotes healing and good health.

There is also the suggestion that we limit late night activities, like eating to hours before actually going to sleep. This allows our body to shut down without any artificial or natural stimulus.

Our built in sleep timers and patterns are in sync with the sun, with it's setting and it's rising. Therefore when we don't obey them our bodies tend to push through what comes as a natural sleep pattern, which kinds of switches signals on and off in the brain. Causing us to require less sleep or not get as deep a sleep as we need for all our natural body functions which includes healing and repair at it's deepest cellular level.

Creating a sleep oasis

  • no gadgets
  • great bed, mattress, pads etc
  • covers
  • pillows
  • low lighting or no lighting
  • setting the A/C a couple of degrees cooler
  • window darkening curtains
  • organized and neat
  • fresh clean scent and lavender

Sleep disorders have been linked with lots of stress related diseases and obesity.

But we all experience times in our lives where we don't seem able to just fall to sleep. There are typically lots of culprits for interfering with good sleep but they are mostly stress related. The number one offender is

  • worry

The scenarios, where we ask ourselves 'what if' and 'if only' questions tend to lead the pack.

The old wives remedies are usually tried and true

Familiar remedies

  • warm milk
  • chamomile tea
  • warm bath
  • lavender

These have all been used successfully but more and more people are turning to herbs to help them sleep. They are all considered a naturally effective way to combat sleep problems without risking the addictive side affects of pharmaceuticals like

Natural herbs and products

  • valerian root
  • lemon balm
  • melatonin
  • passion flower
  • chamomile
  • kava kava
  • catnip
  • hops
  • tart cherry juice

The top three

typically turn out to be

  • valerian root
  • chamomile
  • melatonin

These are all wonderful but they are not the number one remedy for sleeplessness, insomnia or any other sleep problem.

Number 1 is

drum role please, tah dah

  • The Bible

Yes the Holy Bible! I hate saying that but it is the truth, reading the bible, especially the old testament is the quickest, safest, easiest, cheapest way to fall to sleep. It's side affects are all good. You have access to it anytime you need it and it's a riveting read if you can get past all of the genealogies, and old testament lingo.

That's right folks the number one cure for insomnia is the Holy Bible!!!

Try it and let me know if you made it through the chapter. Any chapter for that instance, especially the Old testament. In the beginning, God...ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


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