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How to Lose Thigh Fat

Updated on May 12, 2011

How to Lose Thigh Fat

Want to learn how to lose thigh fat? Fat in thighs is caused by lack of exercise, unhealthy eating and some types of medical conditions. Inner thigh fat cannot be simply dissolved fast by taking pills or avoiding exercise. The only other alternatives to proper dieting and exercising are cosmetic surgery or forms of liposuction – which can be quite costly and potentially give undesirable results. You must put in effort to see the results that you desire if you want to start losing thigh fat without surgical techniques. However, understand that you cannot just target one area on the body and see results. It simply doesn’t work that way. The whole body has select areas that hold fat or accumulate deposits more than other parts. Thus, the whole body must be exercised to slim down those areas, such as thighs, to achieve the desired results.

Aerobic exercises that are performed half an hour to forty five minutes for a minimum of three days a week help lose thigh fat and tone the whole body. To perform thigh fat exercises that are aerobic, start swimming laps at your local pool, take a spin on your bike daily or join an aerobic class. Before starting any type of exercise regime, stretch and warm up your body for up to five minutes. Begin by jogging in place and doing lunges to get your heart rate up slowly then perform your exercise regime. Conclude any of your aerobic exercising with warming down to slowly bring down your heart rate. 

Begin a better diet by cutting out fried foods and foods that are high in fat. Steer clear of fast food joints. The best dieting is by eating smaller portions through out the day, rather than larger meals. Start eating five smaller meals through out the day. Eat egg whites cooked to the way you prefer your eggs, wheat toast and sugar free cereals with skim milk for breakfast. Snack on fruits and vegetables through out the day. When lunch and dinner times roll around, eat fish and chicken breast for your meat portions. Consider green leafy vegetables, rice, and apples for your side dishes. Drink water instead of sodas and drinks that are high in sugars.


Consider starting a journal of your progress. A journal is a good idea because you may become discouraged when you aren’t seeing the desired results in the mirror right away. Understand that fat in thighs will be lost when your whole body begins to shed the fat and tone. The process can take several months as your body sheds the pounds before you see the desired results in the thigh areas. Start your journal by keeping an exercise and diet daily entries. List what you had for meals, your weight as of that day, what exercises that you performed and for what duration of time. Reflect every two weeks in your journal to see the progress that you have made.

Other alternatives to lose thigh fat are jump roping, walking and light jogging when you begin to tire of the same old routine daily. Consider alternating days of exercises to lose thigh fat so you don’t burn yourself out. Print out a calendar and rotate different types of exercises through out the week. Fill in the calendar ahead of time for your ease. Consult a doctor if you have changed your diet and have began an exercise regime daily after six months and are not seeing the desired weight changes or if you still cannot lose thigh fat. You may have a medical condition or hormonal problem that may need addressed.

Use the basic tips on how to lose thigh fat to see results within months. Image: ven-/
Use the basic tips on how to lose thigh fat to see results within months. Image: ven-/


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