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How to Treat Hemorrhoids Quickly

Updated on May 12, 2011

How to Treat Hemorrhoids

Looking for ways on how to treat hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoid home treatments are inexpensive alternatives to relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with this condition. Veins around the anus and inside the rectum will sometimes become irritated or swollen. Sitting and walking can become unbearable due to the pain. Lying down on your stomach to sleep may be the only alternative to getting a good night’s rest. Sometimes hemorrhoids will vanish on their own with times but sometimes not. Sometimes surgical methods may need to be performed by a doctor if a thrombosis, known as a blot clot forms inside one of the veins. Hemorrhoid symptoms are generally anal itching and soreness. You may also notice blood on toilet paper after having a bowel movement. It may also be painful to pass a stool during a bowel movement due to hemorrhoids. When touching the rectal area, hard lumps may be felt due to inflammation and swelling.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids in women can be caused by a pregnancy. The additional and rapid growing weight puts pressure on the anal area during pregnancy. Pregnancy also makes it difficult for some women to have bowel movements in which straining can occur. Men who experience hemorrhoid pain often suffer because of constantly lifting heavy objects. Both men and women may suffer from hemorrhoids due to bowel strain, sitting for long durations, being overweight or obese, and suffering from a poor diet of fiber and adequate fluids. Individuals that have recently suffered from diarrhea may also be subjected to sort term hemorrhoid pain.

Options: Treat Hemorrhoids

Women who are looking for ways on how to treat hemorrhoids should avoid undergarment fabrics that trap moisture. Fabrics such as polyester will only contribute to the irritation of the anal area and make your hemorrhoids much worse. High cut styles, such as thongs are a big no-no. Buy regular hip cut underwear in cotton fabrics only. Both men and women looking for hemorrhoid relief should also avoid toilet papers that contain dyes or perfumes. Try and overcome the urge to scratch the anal area. Continuing to scratch or touch the area will only aggravate the condition. 

Make a sitz bath daily and relax in it for at least ten minutes. Sitz bathes help treat hemorrhoids by reducing inflammation and by encouraging the fragile skin to heal. Buy a box of Epsom salt and sprinkle two to three tablespoons into warm bath water. Stir the water with your hand to help speed up the process of the salt dissolving. Gently get into the bath water and relax.

Pain? Want to scream? Just follow the how to treat hemorrhoid tips to speed up your recovery. Image courtesy of: brbankston of
Pain? Want to scream? Just follow the how to treat hemorrhoid tips to speed up your recovery. Image courtesy of: brbankston of

Buy over the counter hemorrhoid and hydrocortisone creams for treatment aid and pain relief. Follow the instructions carefully on the packages for proper use. Hemorrhoid creams contain lidocaine, which helps ease the pain and promote healing. Hydrocortisone creams also help with pain by reducing swelling.

Hemorrhoid Home Treatment Warning

Consider talking to your doctor on how to treat hemorrhoids if you experience pain or irritation frequently. Also consider talking to your doctor if hemorrhoid home treatment options do not help your condition. When in doubt, consider talking to a doctor on ways to treat hemorrhoids before attempting home treatments. You may have an underlying cause that could be contributing to your condition.


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      Wendy Krick 

      8 years ago from Maryland

      Great information.


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