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1 Point Snacks - Weight Watchers

Updated on June 19, 2016

Whether you are on a strict diet or following the Weight Watchers one. We all crave for a snack sometimes and crunchy, salty or sweet snacks seem to satisfy that craving. Unfortunately the points can add up fast. Here are some ideas and suggestions I found that only equal 1 point. Feel free to add other 1 point snacks in the comment box.

Crackers, 7 fat-free crackers

Popcorn, light, microwave-popped, 3 cups
Popcorn, plain, hot-air popped, 3 cups
Pretzel sticks, 23
Pretzel twists, 8 small
Seeds, pumpkin or sunflower, 1 Tbsp

Almonds (7)

Light & Fit Crave Control yogurt, vanilla (1 container)

Pop Secret butter microwave popcorn (1 c.)

Campbell's tomato soup (prepared with water) (1/2 can)

Pretzel sticks (15)

Weight watchers cookies comes in all flavors of: peanut butter, chocolate chip soft cookie, oatmeal soft raisin all for just 1 point!

Cookies- many small cookies count as 1 point each

Fruit Juice bars, without sugar

Fruit flavored gelatin mix, sugar free

Pudding, fat free, sugar free

Pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (one serving of each)

Pecans or pine nuts (one serving of each)

5 saltine crackers

Rice Cakes

Sugar-Free Jello Pudding
Simple snacks and with only one weight watcher point.

Weight Watchers Smart Ones
A fudgesicle for only 1 point

Fat Free Oscar Meyer Frank
One turkey hot dog, one weight watchers point

Fat Free Lucerne Frozen Yogurt Bars
Only 1 weight watchers point and it is almost like (well sort of) ice cream

Fruit Roll-Up
Not a candy, but sort of like candy, and only one weight watcher point

Granny Smith Dried Apple Rings
12-15 rings = one weight watchers point

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      shelly 3 years ago

      Does weight watcher still use this?

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      Michelle 5 years ago

      Budselect 55 beer