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10 Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for your Health

Updated on December 14, 2014
Himalayan Crystals Salt
Himalayan Crystals Salt | Source

The Himalayan Pink Salt. Origins

The Pink Salt, the finest variety of all types of salts has its origins in the Himalayan and Asian Mountains an area stretching from China and Pakistan including Afghanistan Buthan and Nepal.

It is the only salt that has all the crucial 84 minerals, in the right proportions with a unique advantage of being unprocessed, therefore it retains all its qualities and benefits at the best.

This is possible as the Himalayan pink rock is a fossil which is extracted from the mountains and not from the sea. These beautiful crystallised salt gems sit under layers of lava rocks of what it was, once upon a times an ocean, that disappeared when the Himalayan mountains emerged more than 250 million of years ago, when oceans ware not polluted.

Contrary to the sea salt that has to be processed, bleached and cleaned in order to eliminate moisture losing many minerals, the Pink salt does not have to go under any kind of industrial refinery that it is why preserves all the minerals that contains, which have remained integral and protected by the lava, therefore, not contaminated by any form of pollution.

The importance of Minerals in our body

10 Benefits associated with Himalayan Salt.

Please be aware that this article does not want to be a substitute of any medical advice to treat the below conditions, while the salts can be a good way to keep the body and mind in good health.

There are many benefits associates with the salt.

  1. It is an excellent cooking salt whose amount of sodium is relatively low compared with the white salt.
  2. Can be used to prepare bath salts that have a highly detoxing effects keeping the skin moisturised as the sodium keeps the water to the outer layer of the skin. This will improve greatly the hydration in your body.
  3. The sodium helps to regulate muscle’s contractions and it also regulate the blood pressure keeping it in the right balance. It also helps nerves transmission and hearth functions. The Himalayan salt recommended daily consumption, would be between 1500 and 2300 mg.
  4. Improve the balance of sugar in your blood and it is beneficial in keeping your thyroid well functioning.
  5. It is a powerful antihistamine.
  6. It is a powerful disinfectant
  7. It prevent many ailments like colds, dermatitis, conjunctivitis
  8. Using on the skin is also an excellent peeling that helps to get rid of the dead cells and helps to with blood circulation.
  9. Reducing asthma and improving lungs functionality.
  10. Beneficial in coughs and chest congestion treatments.

Dr. Dan Engle on the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salts

How to use Pink Salts: 3 ways

Detoxing and Relaxing at Home Spa.

I like to start with one of my favourite ways of having a bath. There is nothing better that a spa without having to pay for it! This one is really relaxing as the salt added to the water releases all its mineral and helps detox the body getting rid of all the toxins. It is also very beneficial if you suffers from cramps and muscle strains. For instance if you have just started fitness gym and back home you feel a little bit in pain.

Simply add 1-2 pounds of the Himalayan salts or a solution of pink salt diluted about 5% (from the jar you have prepared, see below) to your bath which must not be too hot but a mild temperature. Do not stay in the bath for more than 15 minutes as it is really powerful on your muscles.

Salt Sole :

A very simple way to prevent many ailments is to have a jar of water filled with pink salt. Take a spoon a day. Make sure that your jar does not have a metal lid and do not use a metal spoon (best way is drinking directly from the jar).


Pouring some water 1-2 pounds of salt preferably use big crystals in a glass container. While most of the crystals will dissolve, make sure some of them would sit at the bottom of the jar and stay visible. Leave it for one hour to set properly.

Water will saturated with salt at 26%. So as long as the salt will be still sitting at the bottom of the vase, you will have a salt solution of 26%.

You can use it as:

Crystal bath salts

Take one spoon a day at room temperature to improve and treat conditions like:

Muscle cramps

Excess production of saliva

Structure your bones to prevent Osteoporosis

This sole is a powerful antihistamine

It facilitate a better sleep

It clears mucous from the lungs and it could benefit greatly people suffering from Asthma and cystic fibrosis.

At last but not least it could be beneficial in healing all the conditions previously described.

The Salt Lamp:

The beautiful salt lamps are not only wonderful pieces of furniture but are also an ideal way to depurate the environment in your home from excessive exposure to elettromagnetic frequency generated from television computer and other devices. This is possible because those lamps produce negative ions that combine with the positive ions generating by dust, pollens, and other elements in the air would neutralise those ions and it would reduce the negative effect of those element in the air. The negative ions are produced by the moisture in the air that would be attracted by the lamp in and quickly would evaporate the water generating the negative ion.

The beneficial effects on purifying air could result in an healing of migraines, general improving of good mood, calming and relaxing body and mind. The lamps last indefinitely but you might need to change the bulb from time to time.

The Benefits of using Pink Salt Lamps

A soap made with Pink Salts. Applied on the skin previously cleaned and washed can be beneficial for skin conditions like Eczema and Dermatitis.
A soap made with Pink Salts. Applied on the skin previously cleaned and washed can be beneficial for skin conditions like Eczema and Dermatitis. | Source

Mini Questionnaire

Have you ever suffered from Colds? What is your approach?

See results


Himalayan Salts are a great natural source of 84 minerals that our body needs to function properly. Although they are not a substitute of any medical treatment, they can contribute to improve our health conditions and they are particularly indicated for:

1. Asthma and lungs conditions

2 Dermatitis and allergies

3. Nerves trasmissions/brain functions

4. Muscle pains

5. They contribute to balance the sugar in blood

You can take the salt:

1. In your daily diet as a substitute of your white salt

2. Make a salt and take 1 spoon a day

3. Take it as a salt bath

4. Buy a lamp salt.

Pink Salt versus White Salt.

The simplest answer is that Pink Salt is better because it is unprocessed and comes from under the mountains protected from pollution. White Salt comes from the sea, it suffers from being processed and depleted of many minerals so the benefits are not as much as the the ones in the pink salt.

And Finally

I was introduced to the Pink Salt from a friend of mine who has set up a halotherapy centre in my native city of Milano. Halotherapy is the use of air and vapour from salts in order to treat respiratory ailments, skin conditions and stress. The centre in Milano has two rooms completely covered by pink salt from the floor to the ceiling with pebbles and pink stones. It is a beautiful environment where you can relax while breathing the air which is purified by the salt. 45 minutes treatment is equivalent to 3 days by the seaside. As Milan is a very polluted city I would recommend to anyone living in there to visit this centre.

If you drop to Milan either for business or tourism or you live in Milan and you are interested to visit the centre here the address : Biohima Via Vallazze 66 Milano Italy


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    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from England

      Thank you Pushpa for your amazing testimonial! My mum uses the salt for lot of different ailments. It's such a pity not many people know about the salts!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I have been using Himalayan pink salt for couple of years now and besides making food taste great it has helped me with lowering my BP reducing my cramps and even with my a1c has gown down too. Food taste a whole lot better

    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from England

      Hi Hijad. I think it is!Thank you for your comment

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Himalayan Salt therapy is one of the most aazming home remedies that I have ever experienced. Makes you want to say WOW, who would have thought that salt would have this kind of properties.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I heard that when the oven is cranked up to muimxam the salt helps to seal the moisture in meat and radiate the heat evenly (but you won't get any juice). Lets hope it does not explode.

    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from England

      Hi Philip,

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my hub.

      The main difference is this: table white salt is bleached and processed, like the white sugar, therefore it is depleted of its minerals. The pink salt does not go under the same industrial treatment because it is preserved by the mountains under layers of lava, this means it doesn't need to be re-fined. Therefore it contains a lot more than the white salt which comes from the sea so needs to be treated to remove the water. It also requires some other chemicals to be added on it. If you read the first hub on the list of relative hubs, the guy added a table of all the minerals contained in the salt. I personally use it as substitute to the pink salt and as a bath salt. Regards

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Himalayan salt benefits are not really any different than other salts. What specific makes them stand out from the others? What are the crucial 84 components that you mention that are contained in this salt?

    • laral profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from England

      Thank you thebrownbear. I cook with it too.

    • thebrownbear profile image


      4 years ago

      I love cooking with Himalayan pink salt but had no idea of the benefits besides tasting great. Thanks for sharing this informative hub.


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