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10 Best Cities in U.S. for Studying Chinese Medicine

Updated on December 11, 2010

Chinese medicine is a very unique form of medicine. It uses a holistic approach to healing, incorporation dietary changes, herbal cures and bodywork into a total plan for healing. More and more people in the United States are taking an interest in this form of medication. We are beginning to recognize that simply curing problems with pills isn’t the best approach to healing. We are beginning to realize that a more holistic approach is necessary in order to live truly healthy lives. Of course, some cities are more progressive in this area than others.

People who are truly interested in the use of Chinese medicine in America may want to move to one of these cities, at least temporarily. They may want to pursue an education in Chinese medicine. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine, you may find that learning the ins and outs of this medical approach can give you a very strong foundation for choosing the right healing methods for yourself and your family in the years to come.

So where would you go to get this type of education? One of the following ten U.S. cities would be your best bet if you were interested in learning all about Chinese medicine.

1.     San Francisco. San Francisco is home to a large percentage of Chinese Americans and immigrants from China. It has the largest Chinatown (outside of China itself, of course). It is filled with families who have been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for generations. These people are great resources for the information that you might be seeking about Chinese medicine. If you want to find a holistic practitioner of Chinese medicine for yourself then you will find that this city has a lot to offer to you. Additionally, there are multiple schools and courses that you can take in San Francisco to become certified in, or simply more knowledgeable about, Chinese medicine.

2.     New York City. New York is a huge city with a diverse population. This includes a Chinese population made up of plenty of people who are interested in (and knowledgeable about) traditional Chinese medicine. It is easy to find mentors and educational institutions in New York City that can help feed your hunger for more information about this form of healing.

3.     Denver. The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most popular schools in the nation for people who are interested in formally studying the five modalities of Chinese medicine. A degree from this school would not only qualify you to practice this form of medicine but would also give you total control over your own health.

4.     Chicago. Another large city where it is easy to find information and resources relating to Chinese medicine is Chicago. There are schools available in Chicago to assist you in getting an education in this form of healing. In particular, acupuncture is an aspect of Chinese medicine that is easy to learn about in Chicago.

5.     San Diego. California is probably the single most popular state when it comes to learning about Chinese medicine. San Diego is a great city for this type of education. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has a campus here where you can learn about Chinese medicine in a formal environment. Alternatively, you could visit the local Chinese medicine clinics and speak with the practitioners there about getting one-on-one mentoring in this subject.

6.     Los Angeles. You can find just about anything that you want to find in this California city. Chinese medicine is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a place to pick up herbal teas or a school where you can formally study Chinese medicine, you should be able to find it without any problems here in this big city.

7.     Portland. This is another progressive city where you should find it easy to get some information about Chinese medicine. People who come to study this topic in Portland tend to take a broad approach to natural medicine, seeking to learn not only about Chinese medicine but about other forms of alternative healing as well. For example, they may choose to study at the National College of Natural Medicine which educates students in Chinese medicine as well as other forms of naturopathy.

8.     Tucson. This desert city has a surprising amount of information for people who are interested in Chinese medicine. Although there is not a huge Chinese population here, there is a large group of people here who are interested in alternative medicine. Massage therapy and herbal healing are all popular with Tucson residents. If you’re interested in formal education, you could attend the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine or the Asian Institute of Medical Studies.

9.     Austin. If you want to live in Texas and you are interested in Chinese medicine then the best city for you is probably Austin. Although there are larger cities in Texas that also offer information and education in this area of medicine, Austin seems to have the most to offer. Schools that are available here include The Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin and the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Additionally, there are several local practitioners and stores here where it is possible to purchase the herbs used in Chinese medicine.

10. Gainesville. You might not think of Florida as a place to go to study traditional Chinese medicine. While it’s true that you’re more likely to end up on the West Coast if you have this interest than to settle down in Florida, it’s also true that there are opportunities to study Chinese medicine all throughout the country. Gainesville offers several places where you can formally study Oriental medicine and acupuncture.


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  • profile image

    acupuncture guru 

    8 years ago

    Really? The Chinese are amazing! Acupuncture works like that? What can't it do?

  • katiem2 profile image


    8 years ago from I'm outta here

    Now this is a very interesting angle on the Chinese Herbal Meds. subject. It's very interesting and great to learn. Peace :)

  • Ann Nonymous profile image

    Ann Nonymous 

    8 years ago from Virginia

    I never thought there would be specific places that are better to learn this but it makes sense, Kathryn! Good job!!!

  • sheila b. profile image

    sheila b. 

    8 years ago

    A good list.


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