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Updated on March 25, 2016

Welcome to our top list of 10 congenital twins of the human history. Congenital twins are those who are joined to each other’s physically in the utero, right from the womb or uterus. This kind of extremely rare case happens 1 in 50,000 cases. Here is the list of very rare and unknown types of congenital type of twins:

10. Millie and Christie McCoy: Born in Carolina and known as “Carolina twins” Millie and Christine McCoy were born in 1851 to the Jacob and Monemia McKoy. They have 7 children with ordinary size and features. But both sisters were different , they had separate arms and legs while they were joined by lateral, the posterior portion of the pelvis, the sacrum and the coccyx joint and the lower part of the spinal cord has united These sisters were known as American conjoined twins.

Sister referred to them as “I”. Both were able to speak 5 languages, dance and sing. They also play music. Millie and Christine traveled around the world and were presented with the same brooches by Queen Victoria. The pair of twins died in 1912. Millie died with tuberculosis and Christine died the next day.

9. Lori and George Schappell

Now aged 54, Lori and George Schappell currently living in Pennsylvania are conjoined twins. George was previously known as Reba Schappell and born female later identifies himself as male and changed the name to George. Both are joined by head but living separately as different identities. George performs as the country singer and designed support equipment’s for physically handicapped people, which includes a wheelchair. His designs also include a mobility aid for dogs.

George has Spina-Bifida which restricted the growth of his lower body. Lori is 5’1 while George is 4’4. Lori and George respect each other’s privacy in every matter such as love, work or relationships. Lori had several boyfriends and she was also engaged but unfortunately, her boyfriend died in Motor vehicle accident.

8. Chang and Eng Bunker: Born in 1811, near Bangkok, Thailand in the house of a Chinese father and Malay Mother Chang and Eng bunker were congenital twins and they were known as Chinese twins. Brothers were inseparable at the sternum by the cartilage and their livers were fused, otherwise, they were independent individually. Both led their life very comfortably. Both got married with Sarah Anne Bunker and Adelaide bunker. Chang died while both brothers were sleeping. Eng was frightened and he started crying. Eng died after 3 hours of chang’s death. Doctors claim that a doctor was summoned for emergency separation but he was late. Chang died of fear of death.

7. Tocci Twins:

Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci were born in Italy and were dicephalic conjoined twins. They were born somewhere in 1875 to 1877. Their father suffered from nervous attack due to the appearance of his sons. They had one umbilical cord and one placenta. Brothers had 2 hearts, 2 stomachs and 2 necks and 2 separate set of ribcages. They did not feel each other’s body while both control his respective legs. They never learned to stand as they need something to take support while standing.

Twins spoke French, German and Italian. Both were totally different from each other. While Giovanni loved beer, Giacomo prefers mineral water. Giacomo was talkative but Giovanni was quite. Doctors stated that Giacomo was idiotic and Giovanni was artistic and intelligent, but at the same time, they both were clever.

6. Violet and Daisy Hilton:

Violet and Daisy Hilton, very much famous as “United Twins” was a pair of conjoined twins. This pair was joined from hips and buttocks but doesn’t share any major organ. They shared blood circulation and were fused at the pelvis. The pair appeared in a film named Freak in 1932. Hilton sisters were very much active in relationships with men but unable to get a license for marriage on moral grounds. Violet was a skilled saxophonist and daisy was a violinist.

5. Donnie and Ronnie Galyon:

Donnie and Ronnie Galyon have amazed the medical institutions by celebrating their 64th birthday together. They also possess the world record for the longest-living set of conjoined twins. Galyon brothers were born in 1951 and from birth they were joined from the sternum and they shared the same organ so impossible to be separated. The pair lives a normal life now with custom designed double wheelchair. They have made numerous television appearances. Currently, these twins are living in Dayton, Ohio in their own house purchased by the earnings of sideshows.

4. Abigail Hensel and Brittany lee Hensel: These sisters are dicephalic parapraxis twins (Conjoined twins) which mean these sisters share the same body but a separate face and head. Both sisters have their own head, spine, stomach, heart and lungs. The coordination among sisters is amazing when they swim; brush their hair as both can control only half of the body. Stomach aches are usually felt by the twin on opposite side. Each twin can manage only half of the part of a body. Even touch is also restricted to the half of the body. Born in 1990, they are enjoying 26th year of their amazing life.

3. Krista and Tatiana Hogan:

Krista and Tatiana Hogan are Canadian conjoined craniopagus twins. These two sisters share one brain and two bodies. If you will tickle Tatiana, Krista will jump. If you will put the pacifier into Krista’s mouth Tatiana will stop crying. Both can even see with each other’s eyes due to a conjoined brain. A radio documentary describes how they both can feel and taste while one of them is experiencing actually.

They are one of their kinds, unseparated twins in Canada. Separation surgery cannot be performed, according to doctors, it can leave one or both of them paralyzed.

2. Ladan Bijani and Laleh Bijani:

Ladan Bijani and Laleh Bijani were two conjoined twin sisters who died after their intricate surgical separation. These sisters basically belonged to Iran and were born in a farming family. Bijani sisters were once lost in the hospital while doctors responsible for them had to leave urgently. The family couldn’t find them for many years but later in the city of Tehran. Dr.Alirez Safaian adopted the girls. Both sisters always wanted to get separated to each other due to their different choices. Ladan always wanted to make her career in law while Laleh wanted to be a journalist but finally, they settled on Ladan’s choice. Ladan describes herself as talkative while Laleh was introvert. In addition to this, both sisters had different hobbies.

Their will to get separation from each other was so high that they went to Germany to convince doctors for their separation but they refused due to the reason of high risk of surgery for both of them. After that, both sisters went to Dr. Keith Goh, a Singaporean doctor who already had some similar cases in his hands and were successful. Both sisters travelled to Singapore and met doctor for their operation. They were warned by the doctors that the separation surgery can be highly risky but the sisters were very determined.

After seven months of preparation and, more than 150 people support staff on work the surgery took place. Surgery started on 6 July 2003 and there were 28 surgeons and international specialists but this attempt to separate them was very difficult. Their brain had a common major vein which fused together. The separation took place on 8 July 2003 but both twins were in critical condition. Both had lost a large volume of blood. Ladan Bijani died at 2.30 on the operating table while her sister Laleh Bijani died after that at 4 o'clock.

1. Alfie Clamp

Alfie camp is the one and only child in this big globe that has an extra strand of his DNA. He is the very first person born with an extra strand of DNA in the history of humankind.

Brave Alfie camp was born with many disabilities which include blindness. He was not able to see or walk until he was 3 months old. He is also suffering from serious digestive problems and also he has been rushed to the hospital 6 times. His parents claim that he was dying twice, but after the long hospitalization, they were stunned when he made a full recovery.

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