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10 Easy Hacks That Will Boost Your Creativity

Updated on November 6, 2015

Stress, monotony, and lack of sleep can destroy your creativity levels, leaving you frustrated (another enemy to the creative flow). Instead of banging your head into the wall, try out these quick, easy creativity hacks that should get the creative juices flowing in no time.

1. Focus on Needs

As the proverb goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Focus on your needs. If you need money, put yourself in a frantic or deep research frame of mind to discover ways to make money. If you need a better mousetrap, head into the workshop and make one. The point is, when you focus on your needs, you mind goes into overdrive, trying to find a way to meet those needs.

Beautiful blue skies can boost your creativity.
Beautiful blue skies can boost your creativity. | Source

2. Stare Up at the Sky

The color blue is supposed to inspire creativity. If your brain just isn’t churning out any creative ideas, take a break and do some sky gazing. Let your mind wonder and don’t focus on anything except the blue, tranquil openness of the heavens. Relax and you will get those amazing eureka moments you normally get in the middle of the night when you are asleep.

3. Do Something Completely Different

Check the newspaper for local events and choose to attend something you have never done before. It could be as simple as a group hike on a trail you have never visited, an painting class at the local museum, or you can go more extreme and try out hand gliding or surfing. When you are low on creativity, it may mean that you are mentally unstimulated. By getting out and doing something you have never done before, you will stimulate your brain and jumpstart your creative processes.

Explore New Places


4. Listen to Music

I am not going to tell you to listen to classical music if you don’t like it. Instead, listen to music you like. Avoid depressing music and stick with stuff that you can stand up and move to. Jam out on your air guitar, get up and dance, it doesn’t matter. Listening to music is a great way to eliminate stress, a natural creativity killer.

5. Have a Laugh

Ditch the stress and have a laugh instead. A good chuckle reduces stress levels and will pull you out of a slump. Watch your favorite comedy routines or turn to YouTube for a thousands of good laughs. I love to watch improve videos. They aren’t comedic, generally, but they produce a good, happy feeling that breaks up the gloom surrounding my creative slumps.

6. Run Around the House

Yes, my neighbors probably think I am nuts, but I’ll never know for sure because only one of them talks be me (brave lady) and the others try not to make eye contact. It could be because I will sometimes go outside and just run around the house a few times. As a full time writer, I rely on my brain. When it is in a slump, I can’t make money. So, on my sneakers go, and out the door I go to run a few laps around the house. After getting my heart rate up, I’m ready to come in and get back to work.

7. Write By Hand

Set aside the keyboard and pick up a pen and a tablet of paper. The textile difference can sometimes spark your creativity and the classic experience of kicking back with pen and paper can ignite some long ago memory of when people were unplugged from technology.


8. Sit in the Dark

Doing things differently can often spark the fires of creativity. For this creativity boosting hack, simply turn off the lights and sit in the dark. Turn off the tv, the computer, and your cell phone. If you want, you can play some music or maybe light a small candle to give your room some ambience. Just sit there, relax, and let your mind wonder where it may.

9. Go Play

When nothing is coming to mind, go play. Take the kids out to the playground or the teens on an afternoon of paint balling. If you don’t have kids, borrow a family member’s kid. Get out and explore the world through a child’s eyes. It can be the most fascinating experience.

10. Dive Into Your Bad Mood

I have done some of my best fiction writing while in a foul mood. The words just pour out of me and my acid wit, the thing that made my ex cringe in a corner, just flies off my fingers and onto the keyboard. Tap into your anger and explore the different thoughts that come to mind. Start recording and begin to rant. Create a YouTube channel filled with your rants and raves, write music, parodies, and commentary.


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      Larry Rankin 17 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting ideas!

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