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10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Yeast Infection, Itching and Burning

Updated on July 14, 2017
Remedies to cure Female yeast infection
Remedies to cure Female yeast infection | Source

Vaginal yeast infection is caused by many organisms like fungus growing in very private but warm and damp environment of genital area. Yeast infections can cause chills down to vagina for some women. This is a serious concern and must be consulted by a doctor. However, if this condition is regular with you or you are smart enough to identify in an early stage you can get rid with these simple home remedies.Though this infection is much bothered by females, some men also face it.

Yogurt Home Remedy for Female Yeast Infections

Yogurt is a very effective remedy in treating yeast infections at home. The living organisms in plain yogurt will help in fixing acid – bacteria balance. You should increase the intake of curd/yogurt in your daily diet to get rid of candida yeast.

Garlic to cure vaginal itching
Garlic to cure vaginal itching | Source

Garlic Cloves to Relieve Yeast Infection

Get some fresh garlic cloves from the market and eat them every day till your infection is cleared. This might give you bad breath problem but its strong anti fungal and anti bacterial properties will cure your yeast infection in a speedy way, relieving you from pain and itching.

Keep it Dry to Cure Yeast Infections

Organisms causing yeast infection grow in warm and moist conditions. They feed on little or no oxygen at all. In order to get rid of infection, you have to keep your vagina dry and soaked well after bathing or swimming. Using cotton underwear is recommended and lounging in wet swim suit is highly avoidable.

Vaginal douche apparatus for good hygiene
Vaginal douche apparatus for good hygiene | Source

Good Hygiene to Prevent Itching

This is pretty simple. Keep a good hygiene. Yeast infection produces secretions from vagina that cause irritation and itching to genital tissues. These secretions can be present inside vagina or at the nerve endings. This infection is contagious by sexual activity and usage of same towels. Using soap is also not suggested.

Watch your Sugar intake

At the time of having yeast infection, you should watch your intake for sugar and alcohol in your diet. These are main food sources that lead to generation of yeast. So in order to cure vaginal infections and burning sensation, limit your intake of sugar and alcohol.

Rosemary Tea to Treat Yeast Symptoms

Rosemary tea is effective to get relief in burning and itching sensation caused by yeast infection in more than one ways. It can be used topically and also can be consumed. For topical application you can use Rosemary tea as a douche on the problem area. Thyme tea is an alternate solution in case you want to consume it. Prepare thyme tea using 1 tsp of dried thyme for a cup of boiling water. Drink up to four cups of thyme tea daily till you get rid of the yeast infection.

Oregano oil to get rid of vaginal itching
Oregano oil to get rid of vaginal itching | Source

Avoid Feminine Hygiene Products

There is no dearth of feminine hygiene products in market, having vaginal infections will push us to buy them, first in the morning. Unfortunately over using these products that contain chemicals and alcohol will change the pH balance of the private area and will permit yeast to flourish more. So hygiene products may give temporary relief but can increase your problem in long term.

Oregano Oil to Treat Vaginal Infections

Take an empty capsule and fill it with nine drops of organic oregano oil. It is advised to intake one capsule 2-3 times a day on a full stomach. This effective remedy will lessen yeast production and candida infections in vaginal area.

Tea Tree Oil is a Natural Way

Tea tree oil is considered as a very powerful fungal cleanser in a natural way. Put some drops of organic tea tree oil on tampon and tuck it in your vagina. This needs to be done once in morning and once again in afternoon. A word of caution here, do not sleep while tampon inserted inside you. This process needs to be practiced for few days to get relieved from the infection.

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Probiotics Foods in Diet

With intake of antibiotics, the probability of catching a yeast infection is increased. Consuming probiotic foods that are easily available in stores, will help in avoiding fungus from forming and later leading to an infection in your private area.

Yeast infection signs and symptoms can be cured with following these simple remedies at home. You can limit the burning sensation and embarrassing itching in vaginal area to some extent by getting aware. Consult your doctor in case you suffer chronic yeast infections.


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