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10 Easy Self Esteem Boosting Tips

Updated on January 30, 2015
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JohnMello is a writer, composer, musician, and author of books for children and adults.

Learn how to feel good about yourself and give your life a boost!
Learn how to feel good about yourself and give your life a boost! | Source

Boost Your Self Esteem

Self esteem isn't the same as self confidence - the best way to think of it is like this:

Self confidence is the outward representation, the face you present to the world. You can have all the confidence you need to drive a car, but none of the self esteem to believe you deserve a better car.

Self esteem comes from within. It's how you feel about yourself, how you value yourself as an individual, what you think you're worth as a member of society.

So you can be full of confidence when presenting a speech or lecture, but lack the self esteem to accept praise and congratulations afterwards. This hub will give you 10 tips for boosting your self esteem that you can put into practice quickly and easily.

Discover just how amazing you really are!
Discover just how amazing you really are! | Source

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 1: Know Your Own Worth

Whoever you are, you’re someone. You’re a person like everybody else, and throughout your life you will have achieved something. It might have been something small, and it might have seemed insignificant at the time. But that’s not the point.

Achievements shouldn’t be measured in size but by the fact that you’ve achieved something. Maybe you wrote a speech for a wedding, or passed an examination. Perhaps you learned how to play the piano or became an authority on stamps. You might have raised money for a charity or had an article in the local newspaper.

Whatever you did, you should be proud of it. You should talk about it, let people know what you’ve achieved, and look around for opportunities to achieve similar successes. The more you focus on the things you are good at or the things you were good at, the better you’ll feel about yourself, and the stronger your self esteem will become.

Let yourself stand out from the crowd
Let yourself stand out from the crowd | Source

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 2: Celebrate Your Individuality

Do you know what makes you unique? Just being you. Nobody else is the same as you are. You’re one of a kind, a person with his or her own thoughts, ideas and ways of doing things. You’re totally different from anybody else in the world, and that means you only have to live up to your own expectations.

That being the case, there’s no point comparing yourself and your accomplishments with anybody else (see Body Image and Self Esteem). You can’t be like them, and they can’t be like you. Try instead to compare yourself with yourself, to compare your life now to what it was a year ago, a month ago, or even a week ago. Are you a better person today than you were yesterday? What will you do today and tomorrow to improve yourself, even just a little?

Think about what you bring to the table, your personality, talents and aspirations. They’re the things that really matter in your life, so try to make the most of them.

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 3: Build a Self Esteem Team

You might be unique, but you’re not alone. We all need people around us, people who think in the same way and who can offer advice and encouragement. Surround yourself with positive people who want to share their adventures and ideas with you, creating an environment in which everybody gains something and everybody feels good about themselves.

Your team can be as big or as small as you want it to be as long as it contains the people that will make a difference. Avoid negative people, people who are too dominant, and people who don’t listen to your ideas and suggestions. Look for individuals that you have something in common with so that you can offer them the same support, encouragement and friendship. Nothing will boost your self esteem quicker than having like-minded people agree with the things you say and do.

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 4: Expand Your Horizons

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. That’s how we get stuck in a rut and find ourselves feeling trapped. The best way around it is to simply do something different.

Choose an activity that you’ve always wanted to try, one that interests or fascinates you, one that you’ve always wanted to have a go at but never seemed to find the time. Make the effort to learn more about it and get stuck in. Throw yourself into it with gusto and determination and, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet other people who share your enthusiasm.

Expand your horizons by trying something different
Expand your horizons by trying something different | Source

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 5: Spoil Yourself

Want to make yourself feel better fast? Give yourself a treat once in a while.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, although it certainly can be. Get away from things for a weekend, have a soak in the bath with a glass of your favorite tipple, go on a shopping spree, or take a long walk while listening to some music. Do something selfish, just for you, to release more of your body’s built-in feel-good chemicals that'll give you a buzz and a lift from the inside out.

Treat yourself once in a while - it makes you feel good!
Treat yourself once in a while - it makes you feel good! | Source

The Self Esteem Comparison Chart

People with Low Self Esteem:
People with Healthy Self Esteem:
Lack social skills and self-confidence
Believe in themselves and the contribution they can make
Are often withdrawn and unhappy
Are happy in their own skin
Focus on the negative rather than the positive
See the good side
Rarely put themselves first
Know how to look after number 1
Are afraid to take on new challenges
Enjoy stretching themselves
Worry about what others think of them
Know they're just as important as anyone else
Expect little out of life
Live life to the full

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 6: Find Some “Me” Time

Spend time doing things you enjoy, things you might not always feel able to fit into your schedule. Read some books, listen to some music, play a round of golf, or get round to doing house or garden maintenance you’ve been putting off.

Don’t wait until you can find the time, though – plan to do these kinds of things every day after work to help you relax, refresh yourself, keep your mind and body motivated and your soul on fire. If you enjoy doing them, they’ll make you feel happy inside. And the more times you feel happy inside, the more rewarding and fulfilling your life will be.

Make time for yourself whenever you need it
Make time for yourself whenever you need it | Source

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 7: Energize Your Body & Mind

Balance your self esteem quotient by doing some physical activity. Exercise keeps you healthy, but it also stimulates your mind, making it possible for you to think clearly and put things into perspective.

Do physical things that you enjoy, whether that’s weeding the garden, reading a book, researching information, walking the dog, going for a swim or a run, washing the car or spending half an hour on the exercise bike. Get outdoors whenever possible to let the sunshine and fresh air help you feel healthy and happy. Avoid getting involved in projects with other people who complain or focus on the negative, and do your best to switch off from the news on television and in the papers.

Exercise your body and mind in equal proportions
Exercise your body and mind in equal proportions | Source

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 8: Try Something New

Is there something you’d like to be able to do but just the thought of it fills you with dread?

We’re constantly assessing everything that we do, continually thinking things through and making judgments based on our feelings and potential outcomes. But this way of thinking would make it impossible for us to move forward.

Instead, take one small step towards whatever it is you want to achieve. Work through any uncomfortable feelings it brings on, and then take another small step. Keep going until you get as close to your goal as you can. This approach will enable you to grow as a person and will ensure that you’re able to deal with new challenges as and when they come along.

Every small step brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams
Every small step brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams | Source

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 9: Set Achievable Self Esteem Goals

How big are your goals? The bigger they are, the longer they’ll take. Don’t set yourself up to fail, because that’s the quickest way to destroy any self esteem you already have.

You need to set realistic goals, goals that you can achieve in a certain amount of time and by taking a certain number of steps. Write the steps down and then approach each of the steps as a goal in its own right. Once each step has been fulfilled, tick it off, draw a smiley face, and move on to the next.

Every little accomplishment along the way will fill you with a sense of satisfaction, so that by the time you complete the ultimate step your self esteem should be buoyant and healthy.

Self Esteem Boosting Tip # 10: Take Action NOW

Once you have a goal in mind, even if it’s written down, that’s just the first step. The important thing is to take action so that you can bring your goal to fruition.

You’ve probably heard lots of people saying they were going to do this or do that, but how many of them actually do what they say they’re going to do? Chances are you’ll hear the same people saying the same things in a week or a month from now.

Perhaps you want a new job, one that pays better or that’s more of a challenge. Write up a resume and start applying. Maybe you want to own your dream house by the sea. Start saving your money in a high-yield deposit account. Whatever you want to achieve, there’s always something you can do that will help you achieve it. Every achievement, no matter how small, will give your life a sense of meaning and a sense of purpose. And every positive action you take will ensure that your self esteem levels remain as high as they need to be for you to live the kind of life you deserve.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my hub entitled Build your Self Esteem when you get the chance.

Take some action to get your goals under way
Take some action to get your goals under way | Source

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I'm a freelance writer, author, musician and composer. Visit my self help blog at for lots of freebies.


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