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10 Easy Steps to Cure Acne

Updated on August 11, 2011

Acne we all have it at some point in time as teenagers and as adults. It is one of the most mystifying and irritating skin problems for millions of people. People spend thousands on products from dermatologist to over the counter medications each year. Some of these products work really well others are scams. But what are the best ways to cure acne on yourself?

Well we should first understand what acne is. To define acne we will hit Webster’s “Defined as a skin condition that is due to the over production of oil by oil glands underneath the skin.” It is often seem on people as a inflammation of the skin or red bumps that can be anywhere on the body. Some people have no acne there entire life some have enormous amounts that require a specialist. But did you know there are safe and efficient ways to remove acne? Here are the top ten.

1. The number one way to help prevent acne is the easiest that is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It has a great benefit to your body and especially your skin.

2. One way your body is dehydrated is throughout the night when you are in a sleep state. So one good tip is to drink a glass of water or two before bed.

3. There are many products out on the market that you can drink that are good for you drinking herbal or green tea has properties that will help you fight acne as well.

4. A good source of vitamins for the body is green leafy vegetables meeting the recommended amount each day will help you achieve greater skin clarity.

5. The best vitamin’s for the skin to consume is vitamin D which is provided free from the sun as well as vitamin E. They both help prevent skin breakouts.

6. Having a relaxing session of meditation once a day can help you reduce stress levels in your body and there for slow the production of oil causing glands as well as make you feel better.

7. There are skin creams that have herbal substances that you can purchase at most health stores these are greatly beneficial to you to apply before taking a shower or bath to help reduce the sweat glands productivity without over drying.

8. Make up has a tendency to infect the glands and prevent them from breathing so make sure you use a makeup remover and facial to remove the clogs in your pores after wearing heavy makeup.

9. Keep your hands and hair away from your face since oil can be transmitted and then allow your pores to be clogged.

10. Regular exercise will keep you healthier as well as reduce stress which keeps the body regulated including your skin.

There are many faces of acne from white heads to black heads to just red bumps. Most people will tell you how frustrating it is to get rid of them. But using some of the more natural products and tips above you can help the breakout and prevent those ugly spots. Along with healthy diet and keep away from impure toxins from soda and chocolate you will be well on your way to preventing breakouts ever again. So maintain that healthy skin you will feel more positive and your esteem will rise with every day that you are able to wake up with a clear face.


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  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 5 years ago from Florida

    thanks Im glad you learned something :)

  • htodd profile image

    htodd 5 years ago from United States

    That is really nice steps to cure..Thanks for the nice post