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10 Easy Tips To Help You Find Purpose and Happiness In Life

Updated on March 31, 2015

Find a Way To Bloom


Finding That Sense Of Purpose and Happiness

It can be frustrating to have a feeling of not knowing what direction to take. We all wonder what our purpose on this earth may be. For some they just seem to easily coast along following their dreams, doing the things that make them feel happy and becoming satisfied by the choices they make. Other people struggle to find the activities, the jobs, the people who compliment their well being. Why so easy for some and so difficult for others? I don't know that answer but I do know that there are things that people can attempt to find their calling or at least find some sense of purpose and happiness.

There is something to be said about time as it is time that helps us find our purpose. But what are the things that can help us find it. The following are ten easy tips to help you find purpose and happiness in life.

1. Listen to your inner feelings and thoughts. What do you think about often? What do you find interesting or want to know more about? What subject do you always find yourself talking about?
Follow those feelings and use them to find meaning in your life.

2. Most people feel better when they give to others. Maybe your calling is to provide a product or a service to others. Again, think about the things that interest you and the things that you think about and whether or not you could turn your interest into some kind of business.

3. Different people feel emotional about different things. If you have strong emotions about a particular topic follow that feeling.

4. Knowledge about something. Do you have a great deal of knowledge in a particular area. I have seen people who are gifted or have a great deal of knowledge in something but do nothing with that knowledge. Find a way to teach it to others or use it to help others or start a business with it or volunteer.

5. Somethings that are unique can often be of interest to others. Do you have a unique talent that you could share with others.

6. Becoming involved in an activity or club often helps give us purpose.

7. As a member of a large family, it may be easier to feel purpose than if you come from a very small family. Developing friendships that are close ones can often help with feeling special, needed or appreciated.

8. As a member of a community, it is sometimes important to become involved, give back or take interest in the community activities around you. Get involved.

9. Attend shows, sporting events or concerts to give yourself a bit of entertainment.

10. Keep yourself involved in numerous hobbies.

Stepping Stones

These tips for finding purpose and happiness in life may just be a stepping stone for anyone who may be struggling. There may be other things can be added but take a few of these and find your own purpose and happiness.


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 2 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I have never been a contented or happy person. One day, while attending a university later in my life, I read a quote on the daily menu that said, "He who is content has everything." With fire in my eyes, I went to the cafeteria personnel and said, " Here is a quote for your menu...'He who is not content changes the world.'" A few days later, there was my quote on the menu! I was a published author! Since then, that has been my passion, to help others change their lives for the better!