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10 Famous People with Dyslexia

Updated on October 2, 2011

Dyslexia Association

Albert Einstein

I have contemplated whether to get myself assessed by a professional to find out if I have dyslexia for a long time, until I found a website tonight which allows you find out online free. I completed the test which consisted of 41 questions and I have displayed the results below, it states that if you have 2 bars or more within the graph which extend into the 'moderate' or 'severe' sections then it is most likely that it's dyslexia.

I always used to get told by my teachers that I didn't handle stress well, I daydreamed and within later years used to get slandered with names such as 'slow' and 'dumb' by the popular bullies. Nevertheless I didn't consider myself unintelligent, I was pushed by my parents and worked hard to achieve good grades but this name calling has taken its toll behind the scenes and not until now I have the relief that it is something I couldn't help. I will occasionally have trouble getting my words out if put under emotional stress, one girl in my job is quoted as saying 'she wanted to shake me to speed me up'. Another question on the assessment asked if you are excessively quiet which is something I have written about before but I won't go into every detail of the questionnaire.

After confirming that this is what I have been suffering with I would like to offer this list of Famous people I admire who also suffered from Dyslexia and prove that it doesn't necessarily mean a person is not smart. There are many, many Famous people, this is just a few I chose.

1st Photo courtesy of blatantnews

Tim Armstrong

Tim Armstrong was born 1966 in Albany, California and has been the Lead singer in the punk band Rancid and also the Transplants. He used to be the lead guitarist for a band called Operation Ivy but after their failure he turned to a life of drugs and alcoholism, maybe a he was feeling low self-esteem from his Dyslexia? Anyhow, Matt Freeman the bassist for Rancid helped him get back on track and Rancid is now a worldwide famous Punk Band.

2nd Photo courtesy of rachelpitzer

Willard Christopher 'Will' Smith

This famous person with Dyslexia goes without needing a massive description. Will Smith is somebody nearly everybody has seen or heard about for having his face in Film Billboards, TV shows and his first talent which drove him to the top which was 'rapping'.

3rd Photo courtesy of

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali or 'Cassius Clay' which was his original name before converting to Islam is a retired U.S boxer who is famous for being one of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever.

4th Photo courtesy of

Pablo Picasso

Picasso, one of my favorite artists was well known for his paintings that were backwards, upside down and jumbled cubist works. He had trouble learning whilst at school with arranging letters and words which is a trait of dyslexia, he liked to paint the way he felt things rather than communicate with language.

5th Photo courtesy of

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was a major contributor in the pop art movement and famous for his 'shoe' drawings done in a loose ink medium. He also suffered from Asperger Sydrome which show difficulties in Social Interaction and repetitive behavior & Interests. 

6th Photo courtesy of

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was thought to be 'dumb' whilst at school due to his poor concentration, but due to his passion for science and his daily readings of the latest science journal's he was able to create some of the inventions which lay the fabric for today's society.

7th Photo courtesy of

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino was born 27th March 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee and later grew up to become one of the most famous Film Director's worldwide having 61 Oscars and 54 nominations, his most well known films being 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction'.

8th Photo courtesy of

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is a retired Basketball player who was a star during the 1980-90s for the Los Angele's Lakers and was nicknamed 'Magic' due to his flowing passes and winning performances. He was well known for his unselfish play-making and quick moves on the run, maybe it was his gift of Dyslexia which allowed him to be intuitive and not caught up with game plans?

9th Photo courtesy of

Richard Branson

Richard Branson, the founder of the UK business group 'Virgin', did not come from a Well Qualified background, he actually struggled within the educational system and had to find his own way to success. He flunked many exams and it wasn't until he and another pupil Jonny Gem's started a student newspaper that things really took off for Branson. Despite his People skills and communicative talents being overlooked by tutor's, Branson now owns Airlines, Radio Stations, Train-lines, Mobile Phone and Broadband TV businesses.

10th Photo courtesy of

Below is a copy of my Results, I'm not sure I would say the 'spelling' outcome is accurate of me, but I do sometimes get words muddled up and replace them with others, I always thought it was a Freudian slip! If you would like to take the test follow this link.


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