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10 Fibromyalgia symptoms that indicate you are suffering and diagnose

Updated on December 28, 2013

If you or your loved one is concerned about chronic pain and fatigue and have been wondering whether or not you have the blast syndrome, the dreaded ‘F’ disease – fibromyalgia, then you need to match your own symptoms with the list given below. Since fibromyalgia is a very perplexing disease, most doctors pooh-pooh fibro patients as having a wild imagination, and there are no actual tests to prove that it is plaguing the body. Moreover, fibromyalgia symptoms can differ from patient to patient so it is not necessary to have all the fibro symptoms even while having fibromyalgia. Take a look at the fibro symptoms before you pronounce your verdict.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

1. Extreme fatigue and decreased levels of energy
The fibro patient feels abnormal levels of exhaustion that do not go away even by a full night’s sleep or ample rest. The fibro patient feels drained and has low energy levels, which lead to inactivity and lethargy.

2. Chronic pain and trigger points
This pain is like no other pain. Only the fibromyalgia patients know what they are going through with. The pain becomes their existence, and their bodies become an eternal dungeon of torture. The pain goes on and on and becomes an incurable disease. This sort of pain does not go away by medications and leaves a person emotionally scarred.

3. Muscle pain, stiffness and spasms
Your muscles feel stiff and achy especially after waking up from sleep or from resting in one position for a long time. Sometimes your muscles will feel like they have been stretched or pulled while at other times, a sharp burning pain will make them twitch and ache all over.

4. Sleep disorders
This is a common accompaniment of fibromyalgia. Fibro patients suffer from numerous sleeping problems. They feel drained and tired even after waking up from sleep. Most fibro patients crave sleep but end up spending wakeful and restless nights day after day.

5. Tension or depression
Feeling depressed, anxious or tense is quite normal in fibromyalgia. Lack of activity and complete cut off from all social gatherings and parties give a sense of total isolation. Work issues and financial insecurity also cause high levels of stress and high blood pressure.

6. Concentration and memory problems
This is better known as fibro fog where the person is unable to remember slight details, instructions or important reminders. The fibro patient also suffers from poor concentration and focus and is unable to perform any mental task correctly.

7. Irritable bowel syndrome
This includes abdominal bloating, diarrhea and constipation and the need to urinate more frequently. This symptom can seriously impair daily activities and make it embarrassing for the patient to participate in any social activities.

Other symptoms include

  • Numbing, tingling and burning in the arms, legs, hands and feet
  • Migraine or headaches
  • A feeling of swelling in the hands and feet (without having any swelling) If you have some of these symptoms you can easily suspect fibromyalgia. A detailed consultation with your doctor will help shed some light on this matter.

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