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10 Foods that keep you alert and energized

Updated on March 23, 2011

With so much to do, running errands, working, cooking and caring for a family, it's not surprising that people in the United States are running low on, or out of, energy. There are energy drinks, energy bars and energy suppliments available in abundance in almost every store in America. But, are those forms of energy really the best for you? A lot of these forms of energy are just sugar and caffeine. They do cause an increase in energy, but usually that energy is short lived.

The energy drinks and supplements available do not do much to calm your nerves and boost your thinking and memory either. In fact, they generally work in the opposite way, making you jittery, nervous and anxious. This does not help you get your errands done. Clear thinking is what is needed if you want to get your work done in a timely manner.

But, what if I showed you a way to get energy, while improving your memory and decreasing anxiety, that not only last longer, but is good for you too? Wouldn't you much rather use a natural, food source for energy and mental clarity than something filled with additives, sugar and caffeine? Well, you are in luck! Because I have a list of 10 natural and nutritious foods that can increase your energy, improve your memory, decrease your stress level and not cause you to "crash" later.

1. Scrambled eggs with red peppers:

This combination gives you energy from the protein in the eggs and also reduces stress. The acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that decreases stress, is available in the choline-rich eggs. Eggs contain a high level of protein which gives you a good boost of energy to start your day. This dish is also a "sustainable" energy source. That ensure that you don't get a huge boost of energy, only to crash a little while after.

2. Whole-grain toast:

Whole-grain toast can replenish your glycogen stores. Glycogen levels, if low, cause fatigue and a lack of energy. Whole grains also contain fiber. Fiber helps provide a solid, steady supply of energy all morning long.

3. Yerba Mate tea:

Yerba Mate tea, has nearly as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee. It also contains theobromine and theophylline which are plant compounds that improves memory.

4.Banana smoothie:

Bananas are easily digestable carbohydrates that give you instant fuel. Blend a few into a smoothie and you will have loads of energy for the day.

5. Green tea:

Green tea contains stimulating caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid that can boost alertness. Green tea has been used for years as a dietary supplement because of it's energy producing benefits.

6. Spinach:

Spinach is one of the vegetables that contain the most iron. Iron helps blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Increased oxygen fights fatigue and brain fog.

7. Apples:

One apple contains about 4 grams of fiber. Fiber can be a great source of energy that stays with you for hours.

8. Strawberries:

Strawberries contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps you stay calm when you are feeling anxiuos, like when you are swamped with errands that you feel you cannot possibly finish in one day.

9.Pistachios and almonds:

These nuts are so full of protein that they will not only provide an energy boost, but the energy will last a long time. Be careful though about how many nuts you eat, because they are also very fattening.

10. Green beans, Kale and other green vegetables:

Green vegetables are loaded with fiber, which has energy boosting properties. Green vegetables also contain vitamins that are good for your memory and also helps decrease anxiety.

It is much healthier to eat nutricious food for energy and mental clarity than to fill your body with unknown energy supplements that could harm you over the long term. Eating the above vegetables can increase your energy and decrease your stress, while improving your mental clarity. Use these foods as part of a well-balanced diet and keep your energy levels at a level that ensures that you will get your chores, errands and work done and be less stressed and anxious too!


Shape magazine,"Eat This Before Your Next Big Event" November 2010 issue


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    • freefogging profile image

      freefogging 4 years ago from Florida


    • sprickita profile image

      sprickita 4 years ago from Reno

      good hub!

    • rumintasari profile image

      Ruminta Sari 5 years ago from Sleman

      interesting hub, lots of those I didn't know...

    • brandimae profile image

      Brandi Gregory 5 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida

      I never thought to add red pepper to scrambled eggs recently... though I've done it before, but you reminded me. Thank you! This was helpful! :)