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10 Great Things About Walking

Updated on October 25, 2012
Walking comes naturally
Walking comes naturally

Walking - the 'perfect' exercise

No matter what anyone tells you, going to the gym is not the only way to achieve fitness and inner well-being.

There's an easier, cheaper, and for many, a safer and less taxing way to get fit ...

It's walking! (Personally, I find it infinitely more enjoyable than 'formal' exercise. It's got to be one of the most natural things in the world - even a child can do it.

Even if you simply 'stroll' along on your walk, you will be doing yourself a world of good - physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you walk at a fast pace regularly, and cover a reasonable distance, you can build up a good level of fitness.

In short, walking has to be the 'perfect' exercise!

10 Great things about walking

1. With walking, there is no need for special equipment and no need to feel embarrassed if you're overweight and not comfortable fitting into the latest gym-wear. Just put on your favourite track-suit, a 'comfi' supportive pair of walking shoes - and you're all set to go.

2. You can walk just about anywhere and anytime. Even if the weather is cold and wet, you can always walk in your local mall.

3. You can walk alone and use the time to think, reflect and process the daily events in your life - or listen to music or something inspirational on your i-pod.

4. You can utilize your walk time by transforming it into a social occasion where you catch up and walk with a friend or family member and maybe have a coffee together after.

5. Walking is an excellent method for losing weight and for maintaining weight loss over the long term. Walking does three things that dieting on its own can never do - (a) it uses up energy in a positive way; (b) it makes you physically healthier by reducing fat and adding lean muscle at the same time; and (c) it can actually suppress hunger pangs, thus making it easier to stick with a healthy diet regimen.

6. Walking is a great way to relieve stress. It is good for your emotional and psychological health and well-being.

7. Walking is good for your heart as well as your general health. Walking is usually recommended for patients following heart surgery.

8. Walking is a 'safe' exercise for people of all ages, including the elderly and also 'mums to be' during pregnancy.

9. Walking is great way to see the countryside. This includes just walking around your local neighbourhood to hiking your way across Europe. It gives you an excellent opportunity to take in the scenery and enjoy the views.

10. In that walking both uses energy and also helps to relieve stress and relax you, it is a great aid to experiencing a great night's sleep.

So, what are you waiting for ... why not get walking!

Hope this was helpful.


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