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10 Interesting Facts About Real Runners

Updated on January 2, 2016
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John Huynh is a writer from Melbourne Australia. He graduated from business school at Victoria University with majors in information systems

1. Runners love gear

This is a true fact, but runners love their gear. Compression wear, shorts, tee-shirts and GPS watches is not clothing, it is gear for runners. For runners, having the latest compression wear is not clothing, it is equipment and gear for running. Every runner is always on the lookout for the latest pair of runners, latest compression wear and GPS watch to make them run faster and better. By having the latest running gear it allows runners to run all the time and look good when going out running on the road or at the local park. There is nothing sexier than being all decked out in Skins or compression wear with a nice GPS watch running out at the park with a pair of cool sunnies on. Whether it is being all decked out in activewear or running in shorts and tee-shirt, runners are obsessed with gear. It is hard to find a dedicated runner who is not obsessed with some kind of running gear including shoes. You will find that a dedicated runner is always on the lookout for the latest gear whether it be a pair of ultra-light runners or the latest GPS watch.

2. Runners have a thing for shoes

Runners have a thing for new shoes, runners love shoes and there is no question about that. It is hard to find an active and dedicated runner who is not into shoes or has some kind of interest in running shoes. Whether it is a 4km, 16km, half-marathon or marathon runner, runners have a thing for running shoes. Good runners tend to pay attention to shoes and can spot a good pair of shoes from a mile away, this is because we are runners and shoes are our equipment of choice. When running and training for half-marathons or marathons 5 times a week, runners can go through 2 pairs of shoes a year from all the running with some runners clocking up over 100km in distance a year. Most active runners will tell you they love cool new shoes and they love shoes because they are runners. The beauty of having a thing for shoes is that by wearing good shoes people can size you up by the type of shoes you wear. This is true when it comes to job interviews and meeting the opposite sex. Women will secretly judge men on their shoes if they have nothing else to judge a man on, there is nothing worse than wearing dirty and damaged shoes.

3. Some runners aspire to run a half-marathon or a marathon

This is true to some extent, some runners dream and aspire to run a half-marathon or a full marathon. Very few runners will ever cross the finish line of a half-marathon or a full marathon. A marathon is the hardest run any runner can do because it is the longest run which goes for 26.2 miles or 42.2km. Running a marathon will change your life and crossing the finish line of a marathon is something very few people will ever get to experience. Not only is it physically hard, it is also mentally hard. It is 70% mental and 30% physical that is why it is the hardest thing you will ever do because it is a very long and extremely difficult run. Most active and dedicated runners do aspire to run a half-marathon or a marathon. A marathon is a true test of physical and mental endurance; it is a test of one’s true running capability, the hardest runs of all runs.

4. Runners are more health conscious

Most active and dedicated runners are more health conscious than people who don’t exercise. This is because runners who train for half-marathons and marathons do not smoke or live an unhealthy life. It would simply be impossible to do a half-marathon if you were a smoker or lived on burgers and fries every single day. Some people smoke and drink, but real runners have a thing for healthy living and that is being more health conscious. It is quiet uncommon to find a dedicated marathon runner living on soft drinks, burgers and fries, but you will find a couch potato who likes watching TV eating lollies, chips and drinking soft drinks. Real runners are very health conscious; we are very health conscious and live very healthy lives for our running. Runners care about their health and wellbeing because runners can run up to 30km per week, some runners are ultra-marathon runners and train every single day.

5. Runners tend to have better health and wellbeing

Active runners tend to have better health and wellbeing. By running 20 minutes a day every single day and living a healthy lifestyle, half of your health problems will go away. Not only do you sleep better at night, but your overall health improves. This is why runners look healthy and lean, but not skinny. It is better to be lean and fit than to be overweight and out of shape. Good runners run up to 5 or 7 times a week. If you run 5 or 7 times a week you will definitely have better health and wellbeing than someone who sits on the couch watching TV all day. There is tons of research out there on the internet to show that running is good for you and running leads to better health and wellbeing. If you run every day you increase your life expectancy by an extra 3 years. The hardest part is getting out there and running, so put on your running shoes and get on the road and run.

6. Runners can eat more carbs and anything (In moderation)

Runners have it easier when it comes to eating more carbs and pretty much anything in moderation. Some runners can burn over 1000 calories in a running session which means you burn more calories than food intake in a day. Because runners burn so many calories from running, we can eat more carbs and have a little bit of everything with stacking on the pounds. For half-marathoners and marathoners it doesn’t really matter how much carbs or food you eat because you will burn more than the amount of food intake in a day if you run a half-marathon or marathon. Regular runners have an advantage, they have an advantage because running helps you lose weight faster which means you can eat more carbs without feeling too guilty. Runners are also lucky because runners don’t have to feel guilty about having a chocolate bar and putting on extra weight. After all, runners do get away with eating more in moderation without stacking on the pounds.

7. Runners love running

Real runners love running and there is no doubt about it. We love nothing more than to get that runner’s high; that feeling of going fast when running and being all decked out in running gear. Running for a lot of dedicated runners is more of a lifestyle thing, it is a way of life; a way of living and also an interest that we have in life. Sometimes runners identify running as part of who they are and do it as a lifestyle thing. The best part about running is running. Runners love to race and there is nothing more exciting than doing a half-marathon or a marathon. Running a marathon is like climbing Mount Everest and it’s the most difficult and challenging run any runner would do. Running a marathon is only something which a runner can aspire to do, it takes many years of training to prepare for a marathon. Running is also just about running and having a good time staying healthy and fit for most people. That is the way it should be.

8. Runners sleep better

Runners sleep better at night and that is scientifically proven over and over again. Running is good for your overall health and wellbeing; running if done correctly also helps with sleep. Running regulates and enhances sleep because running is a very intensive and rigorous exercise. In general, exercise helps with sleep and running is one of the few exercises which does wonders with improving sleep without medication. Running is an aerobic exercise, this has many benefits for health and wellbeing including sleep for people with sleep problems. Even 10 minutes of running a day every single day can make a big difference to improving sleep and running is the best way to do it. We tend to live in a world where we rely on pills and magic pills to make things work for us, running does many wonders to improve our health and wellbeing including some pretty amazing things for sleep. In summary, runners who run a lot tend to sleep better at night.

9. Runners don’t need to go to the gym

Runners do not really need to go to a gym. Real runners run anywhere between 3 to 5 times a week, some run 7 days a week. When you run and run all the time, you get a pretty good workout so there’s no need to go to the gym, unless you are training to be a fighter pilot. Most runners will tell you that the local park or running track is their gym, being outdoors running is their type of gym. The best part about being a runner and not going to the gym is there is no need for a gym membership, you save heaps of money every year. Active runners will tell you that they don’t really need to go to the gym because they are runners and runners don’t need a gym. This can work to your advantage if you want to save money and get a free workout. The best thing about running is it’s free, you can do it anywhere.

10. Running is a lifelong activity

Running is a lifelong activity because you do not need a partner or a gym to workout. Running is free and can last for a lifetime. If done correctly, running is good for you and will reward you for life if you remain dedicated to running. Running is the greatest metaphor in life, you only get out of it what you put in and it is one of the few things that will reward your health and many other areas of life. Some people have even gone as far as claiming that running has saved their life and saved them when everything else had fail. Running does not require much equipment other than a good pair of runners, shorts and tee-shirt and maybe a watch. Not only is running a form of exercise, but running a marathon and crossing the finish line is a life changing event; it will change your life. When you run a marathon you just ran 26.2 miles.

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