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10 Lessons About Life

Updated on December 6, 2014
The ride through life
The ride through life | Source

Just out of sheer need and desire to write a hub, I decided to scroll through the answers section of Hubpages. Finding a question by gmwilliams, I decided to not answer it in the way many do, by just typing the answer under the question; the frog decided to develop a hub.

The hubber asked what 10 lessons I had learned in life.

Lets go down the list. These are in no particular order, but they are lessons I have learned either from my elders, from my research, from education, from experience, or from stupidity.

Feel free to share if you agree or disagree with any.


All we really have in life is our word

— Ed Boudonck-My Dad

Dad made sure this was established in my mind. This quote by him has been a huge basis of how I make promises.

Before I tell anyone that I will do something, be somewhere, or anything on that line, I look deep inside to make sure that I can and will.

Yes, I have broken it a few times, and I regret every time that I have. I know I also have upset people when I have told them I cannot promise something, but if I am not sure I can keep the promise, I just will not make it.

When we as humans give our word and we break it, how can a person really trust us?

It seems to me that society needs a strong lesson in this. Many people are great at making promises and not keeping them.


Don't put any human on a footstool


God is to be worshiped

I have done it several times.

Was it stupidity? I don't think so.

Meeting a person who seems wise, has all the right words, and seems to help. It may be a pastor, priest, doctor, lawyer, or even a bartender. The next thing we know, we put that person in a high up place. We actually worship them or idolize them and the inevitable happens: they fall!

We may catch them in a lie. We may see them do something they told us not to. They may be mean to us or try to scam us. Either way, they fall and we hurt.

I have left churches because of one person. I have not went to any doctors because of one doctor. On and on, the one hurting is us.

No, the only one we ever should worship is God. For me, God is the Trinity in the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.

Sure we can listen and respect other men and women, but when we worship them, we set ourselves up for heartache. This includes all humans.


Work smart

I could have put this as a quote, but who would I put as the person who said it? There were many.

Usually I would hear "Work smart, not hard."

I have worked many types of jobs. The majority of those jobs were hard work, but a person also had to work smart. A prime example was the time I had a "young buck" helping me at a large metal fabrication shop I worked at. I needed a sheet of heavy stainless steel. The "buck" said he would help me carry it to the break-press I operated. I looked at the forklift and back at him. "No you won't," I stated, "I'll go get it myself."

Why hurt your back when you have technology to help?


Fight for my beliefs

The Book I Wrote About Fighting For Justice

The fact is: apathy is destroying America and the world.

Maybe it has been hard on me, but I do believe we as humans need to fight for our beliefs. We need to do it legally, unless completely forced to do it illegally.

Many of you know that I battled for a long time for justice for my deceased Grandson, Jonathan. I didn't necessarily win that fight, or did I? David Olson is now doing time in prison for other crimes. He, and many others will have to answer for their roles in Jonathan's death.

I believe that the world was made by people who were willing to fight for their beliefs. I want to be that person and not the one who stands on the sidelines.


It is ok for a man to cry

Ohhhh Yeaaaa!!!!!
Ohhhh Yeaaaa!!!!! | Source

In my era, we were taught that men don't cry.

I held it all in.

I watched Macho Man, Hulk Hogan and the rest of the crazed wrestling maniacs.

Everything I held in all finally came out.

Thank God no one died when it happened.

Yes, it is ok for men to cry. It just needs to be in the right places and at the right times.


If you don't learn something new every day, it was a wasted day.

— Grandpa Marshall Boudonck

My Grandpa was a very wise man.

Enough said, because I just cannot add to those words.


Learn many talents and possible trades

In this lesson, I completely went against my parents wishes, along with many other people's advice.

Many told me to buckle down, get one career and stay with it for life. Not the Frog!

I decided to learn many things. I have:

  • Done construction
  • Operated heavy machinery
  • Welded
  • Sales
  • Drove cab
  • Wrote
  • Much more

Where has it got me?

Maybe I should have listened to them, but well????

I like life, and I am happy. I now write and write, and I love life. If I were still a lawyer, would I like life? That is the route I would have went.

I am glad I went this route.


Don't do, or sell drugs

I did time.

3 to 6 years for selling 1 ounce of marijuana for $40.

I did drugs.

My life was a mess when I did.

I am high now, but not on drugs. I am high on God, on Maggie (Lastheart), on Puerto Rico, and on life as it is....with no drugs.


Get up, brush it off, and keep riding!

— Grandma
Grandma at 95
Grandma at 95 | Source

After knowing what all my Grandma Hazel had faced in life, those words made me stop whining and just get out and keep going.

She is a loving and caring woman, but the strongest woman I have ever met in my life.

I just found out my Grandma fell in the home she is in. She is 98.

Guess what?

She brushed herself off and when my Mom tried to tell her she had to call a nurse to help her get up, Grandma told Mom she had to get up to call the nurse, so why call?

That's Grandma! I am blessed I learned from her.


Say "I LOVE YOU" often

They need to hear it.

Tell them

The wife or husband

The children or grandchildren

The friend or neighbor

Mom or Dad

Aunts, Uncles and Cousins



Your husband Your wife

I know I said that already--but they really need to hear it.

Tell them:





Tell them


Thank you for reading this hub. Give a yell out and tell us what lessons you learned in life.

— Greg "Froggy" Boudonck

© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 2 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      Your welcome. Thank you for visiting.

    • profile image

      ignugent17 2 years ago

      Wonderful hub. Sometimes we need guidance in life and this is a good hub to read. Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 2 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      Thank you Ms Dora.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing all these important lessons. All are powerful, meaningful and deserve full attention.

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 2 years ago

      May God provide you with comfort, good night. Take care.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 2 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      She is doing better, but now I think I may have the chikungunya. It gets the joints and man, I have a headache.I will say good morning to you, and for me, it is bedtime.

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 2 years ago

      You are most welcome Greg. You too have a wonderful night. Its morning here just 7am. Take care. How's your love doing? May God keep her in good health.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 2 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      Thank you very much Muhammed. Love is the key to all. God is love, and that is how we have not all been destroyed. Have a blessed day, or night whatever it is there in India.

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 2 years ago

      Impressed with your thoughts Greg. The sayings of your father, grandpa and grandma are very motivating. Thanks for the share. Yes expressing love towards loved ones increases love, fortunate are those who love and be loved, we too love you for the sake of God. Good lessons Greg, quite inspirng.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 2 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico

      Thank you very much.I am happy, happy, happy!!!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 2 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Now THAT'S what is I am talking about. Beautiful hub, words well spoken and well written. This hub is such an inspiration to ALL. VOTED IT UP!