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10 Major benefits of exercise

Updated on May 11, 2015

Maybe you exercise to reduce your belly size, tone your thighs, increasing your muscles or for better cardiovascular health. There are many other amazing benefits of exercising. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the major ones:

Benefits of exercise

1. Increased energy

Exercising directly affects our energy levels. Deep breathing during exercise stimulates blood flow, which carries oxygen to every cell of the body. This transferred oxygen allows cells to create energy. As a result, we feel filled with vibrant energy all day long after exercising.

2. Fat loss

Exercise increases our rate of metabolism. After exercising, body continues to burn more energy all day long. If the exercise was intense, the metabolic rate may increase till next 48 Hours. This means body uses more energy even when lying still.

Fat reserves in the body are nothing but stored energy. Increased metabolic rate causes body to start using fat reserves for energy, which causes fat loss. Experts recommend exercise as an indispensable part of any fat loss program.

3. Stronger immune system

Daily exercise will make you more resistant against diseases ranging from Common Cold to Cancer. While researchers are yet to scientifically prove a direct link between exercise and strong immune system, it is generally accepted that exercising is one of the pillars of healthy living.

People who exercise have much lower rate of catching ailments and are healthier than people who don’t.

4. Removes Toxins from body

Exercising has a very strong detoxification affect on the body. During exercise, Lymph system gets activated, which is a major detox system of the body. It cleans out all the wasted proteins and toxins produced by cells. Other important detox organs are the colon, liver, skin etc.

Colon and liver, aided by exercise, get rid of the toxins from the body continuously. Skin is the largest organ of the body. The sweating process during exercise also helps remove toxins from the pores of our skin.

5. Better body shape

Human body is designed to move by nature. When we sit for hours at work, and lie around on sofa in home, we are going against how nature designed our body to be. We are made to move, to walk, to run and then sleep when we need rest.

Our body is designed to stand straight and lying down flat on the floor. Sitting does not come naturally to us. However, in modern society we spend most of our time sitting, which causes incorrect posture and spinal problems.

Solution here is regular exercise. While exercising, our body gets a chance to do what it was designed for. This leads to numerous benefits related to posture, energy and bone structure of the body.

6. Feeling great all day long

Exercise leads to improvement in general mood due to increased secretion of ‘feel good’ chemicals in the body, like endorphin, dopamine, serotonin etc. Increased core temperature leads to relaxation of muscles, which cause lowered anxiety and stress levels.

Deeper breaths during exercise makes mind calmer and relaxed. You become better at concentrating and are able to retain your focus for longer periods of time. Exercising stimulates growth of neurons in parts of the brain which are damaged by stress and depression.

A study in 2010 found that three sessions of Yoga per week resulted in increased secretion on GABA, a hormone related to improving mood and lifting depression. Results established exercising as one of the single best things you can do to guard you mental state from anxiety and depression.

7. Stronger muscles

Frequent exercises keep your muscles strong and in shape. As with every organic thing, inactivity leads to loss in the muscle mass and density. Athletes work out even in the off season just to maintain their existing muscle mass.

Strong muscles lead to attractive body shape and strength. Increased blood flow keeps muscles healthy and flexible.

8. Prevents Osteoporosis

Exercising along with proper calcium intake, lead to strong bones. Running, walking, lifting, etc help maintain bone density, thus preventing Osteoporosis.

Numerous studies show improvement in bone health caused by exercising frequently. Just make sure to start slowly. Don’t put too much pressure on the joints or back and take recommended amount of calcium. Please note that before starting any kind of exercise, always consult your physician.

9. Lowers risk of heart attack

Exercise lowers the blood pressure in the body which leads to lowered risk of heart attack. Optimized blood flow caused by exercise helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood vessels and also prevents clotting inside arteries.

10. Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s at bay

Frequent exercise protects brain from chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s. It provides additional protection to Hippocampus, one of the first regions of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s. In year 2000, Dutch researchers have found people who were working out but are genetically prone to Alzheimer’s were 4 times less likely to develop disease than people who had the trait but did not do exercise.


By looking at these benefits, it is clear that exercising plays one of the most crucial parts for being healthy and vibrant. Optimum health provides the foundation on which other aspects of life can be built upon, like financial success, awesome relationships, spiritual growth…

There is an old saying – If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything!

From this moment onward, whenever you are having second thoughts about going to the gym, think about these benefits. Enjoy a better health, enjoy a better life.

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