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10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Updated on July 3, 2015

Maybe your situation is as serious as depression, which is an entirely different subject and situation, but for most people, chances are if you consider yourself human, going through a period of disorientation or some sort of rut is something that is bound to happen to you at least once in a lifetime. There is a whole industry that is dedicated to finding self-help solutions on a long terms curve of development. If you’re looking for that kind of deep minded and sequential discourse, this is not it. The following ten tips are for those people who want to sensibly but quickly ramp up their energy in a natural safe way.

1. Smell something fabulous

There is no doubt about it, there is just something amazing about a scent that you love that will send you over the edge and into sensory pleasure overload. Science has it that our olfactory receptors are located very closely to the primitive centre of our brain that is responsible for our emotional reactions. With such science at our disposal why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of such a complete library of smells at our disposal?

With literally an infinite number of smells, aromas and scents that exist, you can take your pick of the mental imagery and olfactory memories that you want to trigger. Naturally picking the most positive scents to trigger off a happy memory would be the best route to go. Nothing quite like a chocolate scented candle, a lemongrass essential oil or even a cinnamon incense stick to send your senses into pleasant overdrive. There are many scents that improve wellbeing it is worth your while to investigate.

2. Add some zing with ginger

Yes it sounds new age-y, yes it sounds a bit hippy and outlandish, but the reality is, that it is anything but. Not only is this root and flavorful vegetable underrated but surprisingly it is a powerful tool in fast-tracking energy levels to a pleasant natural high. But exactly how does it work? Ginger has an amazing number of benefits, but three of them specifically set your energy levels up for success. The first thing is that the ginger offers are nutrients and vitamins a fast track into your body. Yes ginger increases the absorption rate of essential nutrients to your digestive and bloodstream. Another amazing way that ginger scale up your energy levels is that it clears inflammation in lungs and the windpipe so that you can breathe easier. After all, what better way to energize your system than to give yourself a good gust of oxygen? The last and probably most effective ways in which ginger adds energy is that it helps the body to regulate its glucose levels. By keeping the body’s blood glucose levels steady, ginger becomes a critical tool in sustaining energy levels in the body.

Make yourself a honey, lemon and ginger tea infusion to help give you the boost that you need. Here’s how!

Honey, Lemon and Ginger Tea Infusion

3. Spice up your life

There are many flavors and condiments by way of spices, herbs and whole spices that can add a little extra sparkle to our lives. By way of aroma, taste, mouth feel there are many that have the power to lift your mood. So exactly which of these wonder spices could help you feel better in no time?

Well turmeric is pretty high up there when it comes to keeping your powers of concentration up. One of the key components of turmeric is a compound called curcumin, which has the all-important value of inhibiting the onset of daunting diseases like Alzheimers whilst boosting your antioxidant levels sky high.

Oregano is one among many herbs that will boost your mood. It can be used in cooking but the essential oils are also very valuable if you have a little bit in a handkerchief to sniff on occasion. The compounds in this herb regulate your mood and help reduce anxiety.

4. Chew some gum

There is a little bit of pop science doing the rounds that chewing on stick of gum helping to elevate your moods and allay fears as the body does not believe that the body would be eating something if it were stressed. Well it seems like for once the rumor mill and the science mill would be right. After a ten minute period of chewing gum, the endocrine gland function is slowed down and cortisol production is reduced, this in turn reduces the overall stress reaction of the body. So go ahead, pop a stick of gum and feel your stresses fade away.

If you don’t yet feel as if you have enough information to go on, chew on these amazing and fast facts on chewing gum.

10 Things You May Not Know About Chewing Gum

5. Breathe deeply

Breathe in and breathe out right this moment. Notice your lungs expand and contract, but notice further, how once you are asked to breathe, you suddenly become aware of the process. Yes something as simple as taking air, in and out of our lungs can be taken for granted. Somehow more importantly notice that in your awareness of the breath that entered at your body, your entire being became focused on it. It was as if nothing else mattered in that time. Well the truth of the matter is that when we are tired and stressed, we lose touch with reality and we may even start breathing unevenly and shallowly. Have the presence of mind to return to the moment, simply by becoming aware of your breathing. Nothing invigorates the senses quite like taking in good, well oxygenated air to boost your energy levels. What have you got to lose? Try this simple breathing exercise to calm your body and mind.

6. Make out

Consider the fact that you are a good relationship, with few upheavals and stress. Are you really present to that relationship when you have been tired and stressed out by everything that is happening around you in the world? While that may be a bigger question to turn over in your mind for greater consideration, an immediate solution would be just to grab your amore and simply engage in some ‘face’ time. Go ahead, take this opportunity to grab your loved one and simply make out. Kissing has been known to raise your immunity levels, increase endorphin flow, lowers your cortisol levels and increase bonding hormones like oxytocin between you and partner. What greater reason than to grab a dedicated loved one for a good cuddle and a kiss? Check out these 8 health benefits of kissing

7. Drop and give me a power nap

The body has a hold over the mind like no other. There comes a time, where no matter what you might do to convince yourself to stay awake and perform outrageous feats, your body will simply say, no-can-do buddy, it’s time to take a rest. Yes society, TV adverts and online prompts are the first ones that keep pushing us to be productive, sleep when we’re dead and simply live a life of productivity that drives us first to a point of insomnia and then stark-raving lunacy. So what might be the solution to a relentlessly pressurizing life that drains you of energy? Naps of course! If you didn’t already know it, napping helps you in a number of ways, from increasing your creativity, reducing fatigue, reducing stress and increasing productivity, the benefits are literally endless.

If you needed a little nudge in the right direction- take a look at this video that outline the benefits of naps.

How to take a nap and boost your afternoon performance

8. Laugh or join people who do

If you’ve ever seen the people in those online videos who gather around in circles and rile each other up to laugh, and dismissed this as utter nonsense, you might want to reconsider. Yes we live such busy lives that sometimes simply stopping to appreciate the ridiculous or simply inane may seem like a luxury of time that you simply cannot spare. But what if you woke up to the realization that you too could toss your cares to the wind if you simply just laughed more? In your real life experience it may be something as simple as hanging out with friends who have more fun, setting up that comedy movie that you’ve been meaning to watch for ages or just logging onto YouTube to check out that funny viral clip that has been doing the rounds.

Start by checking out this amazing video on laughter yoga.

Laughter Therapy

9. Citrus positive

It may be part anecdotal or part science, but however it is that you look at it there is nothing quite like the fresh aromatic taste and smell of something citrusy good. The oils found in lemons, tangerines, oranges and many other citrus fruit all have the power to boost your mood and have you feeling good in no time. You don’t just have to eat it either. Run a warm bath and scatter some orange rind in it. Sleep with a pouch of dried grapefruit peelings underneath your pillow. Most importantly add those lemon slices and juice to a glass of water first thing in the morning, to alkalize the contents of your digestive system and give you a boost for the day. What better motivation to grab an orange or a grapefruit today?

10. Move

It may sound tired, old and trite, but there really is some serious psychology behind the idea of keeping your body moving in order to give you more energy. Sounds contraindicative? Well how exactly does it work? Exercise brings about a boost to the endorphins in your body, usually experienced after the workout itself but still there nevertheless. There are other great benefits to exercise when it comes to your overall state of body and mind. Your blood becomes oxygenated, your heart rate goes up and toxins are released from your body through sweat, urea and other waste products. Choose something fun to do that will sustain your interest over a long period of time. Take up a belly dance or Zumba class or hit the grand outdoors for a run through the woods. Do whatever it takes but make sure that you get up and get that body moving, not just in the name of physical fitness, but for mental wellbeing as well.

All things considered you are at the helm of your own journey through life. Though you may have others who walk the path with you, they may not walk it for you. Getting out of the funk that you might find yourself in could be as simple as trying out these few tips that have been explored. Try it, you may never know what good awaits just around the corner.


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    • Laeeka profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Durban, South Africa

      Thank you Riyaad. I'm glad that you found my article insightful and informative. I would put it down to the human experience, these are a few things that have brought me through low energy moments in my life before and I hope that it can help others do the same.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Only the writer with this much passion can relate to our everyday lifes ... Not many people in this world has your gift astounding well balanced articulated and informative read !

    • Laeeka profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Durban, South Africa

      Thank you mecheshier. Appreciate the sentiment and the fan mail. It motivates me to keep writing.

    • mecheshier profile image


      5 years ago

      What a fabulous Hub! Very informative and useful!hanks for sharing!

    • Laeeka profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Durban, South Africa

      Hi Rahul0324. Thank you for the comment and feedback, it is always encouraging to know that ones voice is heard. I will also take some time to have a look through your writing. Take care and have a great day.

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 

      5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      A Very Unique article. I am definitely going to try some of these.Looking forward to read more of your work.




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