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10 Questions Your Were Afraid To Ask About Massage.

Updated on February 10, 2011

If you're new to the idea of getting a massage you may have a few questions. Feeling a little nervous and unsure is normal when you are new to massage. The 10 questions below are some of the common questions people have about getting a massage. Men, women and children can benefit from massage therapy.

1. Why do I have to take off my clothes to get a massage?

You will be required to remove your outer clothing; however, removing your underwear is not a mandatory requirement. It's really up to you and how comfortable you are with your therapist. If you're more comfortable with a certain item of clothing you could always wear that. Some find it more comfortable to remain in their undergarments while receiving a massage. During a massage you are covered with a sheet so your body is usually never fully exposed.

2. What happens if I get an erection?

Your massage therapist will continue your massage as normal. A certified massage therapist will politely ignore if a client has an erection because they are trained professionals and recognize that it's normal for some men to have an erection during a message therapy session. There's no need to feel embarrassed or to avoid getting a massage for this reason.

3. Am I supposed to tip after a massage?

There isn’t any  hard steadfast rule on tipping after a massage; however, if you are getting a massage in a retail location like a spa, it is customary to tip similar to if you were eating in a restaurant-- 15 to 20% is advised. Medical facilities usually don't require or recommend that you give a tip. When in doubt, you could always call ahead and ask if it is required before you show up for your appointment.

4. Can a pregnant woman get a massage?

Yes. However, not all massage therapists are qualified to do pregnancy massage or prenatal massages. Ask your massage therapist if they are certified to performed pregnancy massage. Pregnancy massage is similar to regular message; however, there are a few differences that need to be addressed in order to ensure the safety of the mom and baby.

5. Will I breakout after having a massage?

If you have a rash or breakout after a massage session it may be due to the oil or other products that were used during the massage. The massage itself doesn't usually cause a breakout or reaction on the skin. If you know that you're allergic to particular oils let you massage therapist know.

6. If I have cirrhosis of the liver can I get a massage?

Yes. Cirrhosis of the liver means that your liver can’t perform at its best when it comes to blood circulation and massage can make it worse. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of a massage. You should inform your therapist of your condition and a trained message therapist would know how to work around your condition. Instead of using a Swedish technique, which involves a circular motion massage, your massage therapist would focus more on relieving stress and relaxation.

7. How would I know If my message therapist is legit?

Ask questions. Always call before you make an appointment with a massage therapist and ask questions. If for any reason you're not comfortable with the answers to your questions then you should move on. It's a good rule of thumb to call and interview more than one massage therapist before making your decision. A certified massage therapist should be able to provide proof of their license. Your massage therapist will never come in contact with the breast, particularly the nipple, and the genitalia area during a massage.

9. Will They Watch Me Undress?

No. Your massage therapists will instruct that you take off your outer clothing and lie face down on the table under the top sheet. In most cases, your massage therapist will knock before entering the room to ensure that you are ready for your massage.

8. What am I supposed to say during a massage?

You aren't obligated to say anything during your massage. This is your time to relax and enjoy a therapeutic touch. However, a massage therapist will follow your lead. In other words, if you are talkative they will respond back. Depending on the massage, your therapist may ask you questions about how a particular technique feels. You will want to make sure you communicate with your massage therapist if you're uncomfortable in any way.

10. What if I Fall Asleep and Snore or Drool?

Getting a massage is supposed to be relaxing. Many people fall asleep and become completely relaxed. Your massage therapist is a trained professional and is used to this sort of thing. There's no need to feel embarrassed. In fact, it may be a compliment to your therapist that she is doing an excellent job.


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