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10 Quick Stress-Busting Tips

Updated on April 5, 2011

You Can Reduce the Level of Your Stress

Many people have times when they just feel stressed out, but can't really pinpoint any major stress factors. It's just the daily worries of life or situations that test one's patience to the max. In the medical community, stress is recognized as a major player in poor health, even though many people do not realize it. In fact, the apparent problem of stress in people has presented an opportunity in the marketplace for what is being called anti-energy drinks to de-stress people. These drinks are suppose to have the opposite effect of energy drinks. Instead of energizing a person, they are suppose to induce relaxation. Producers of these drinks are expecting to cash in for an estimated 5 billion dollars over 3 years. They are betting that people will need these drinks to calm down and upload stress. Only time will tell, but there are a few simple things almost anyone can do to help reduce stress. Try the stress-alleviating tips below.

1) Pursue only realistic goals. If you make it a habit to try to live up to unreachable goals, it will lead to frustration and disappointment, in another word, stress. The simplest example could be the amount of activity you put on a to-do list. If this is reasonable goal, it will not stress you out. If it is not, you will be inviting stress.

2) Choose to be a happier person. While it is true that there is plenty of sadness all around, it is not healthy to carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. So each day make an effort to accentuate the positive things in life and eliminate as much of the negative as you can.


3) Try to leave your job at the job. The same is true for leaving home at home. Extending your work day to 10, 12, 14, or even 16 hours a day has been connected with heart attacks. When the lines are blurred between work and home the stress tends to mount. That can be challenging even when you work from home. It could be helpful to literally put a sign on the office door or work area at home to signal that you have moved on to family time and vice-versa.

4) Listen to relaxing music. Some types of music are wonderful but not necessarily relaxing. Try something like classical or jazz or soft rock. You will be surprised how calming it can be.

5) Take frequent breaks of 6 to 10 minutes at work. This is not to be a slacker, but will rest your eyes while away from the task and give you a chance to stretch a bit to relieve tension. Plus, this can actually make you sharper mentally and make you more productive.



6) Get enough rest. That's an easy one to understand but not as easy for some busy people to do. Even so, it will reduce stress and might even reduce levels of cortisol, the hormone thought to be a culprit in unintentional weight gain.

7) Avoid watching too much TV, especially shows that feature violence and aggression. These programs are just not as relaxing for most people.

8) Remember to keep a sense of humor. People who take themselves way too seriously can get stressed out more easily.  So lighten up!

9) As the old adage says, to take time to smell the flowers.  It might sound corny, but that is exactly what we should do sometimes. It doesn't have to be flowers but do take some time to enjoy what you like each day, even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes. That's a big time stress buster.

10) Show graciousness. This tip may not sound like a stress buster, but when we take a moment to express appreciation for just a simple kindness it lessens our stress level.

It should be noted that some stress is normal and actually helps us to do our best or to have the proper response to things that require caution. The unhealthy doses of stress are what cause problems. These are just a few quick stress-reducing tips for the kind of stress that is not beneficial. Try them and see if you can reduce your stress level and relax a bit more. If you do, you will be happier and healthier for it.

These tips are for informational purposes and not intended to replace any advice from a healthcare provider.



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    • Cassidella profile image

      Cassidella 7 years ago

      Hi zanin and welcome to HubPages! Even if the jury is still out as to whether this is a good idea or not, I have to say I was not that surprised with the pitch for anti-energy drinks in the marketplace because so many people are stressed out! That spells profit for manufacturers who cash in on the problem just like they have with the opposite, energy drinks, for the fatigue lots of people are experiencing. Also, I agree with you that having smaller goals can help a person to progressively take on bigger ones and actually achieve them. Thanks for visiting and "Happy Hubbing!"

    • zanin profile image

      zanin 7 years ago from London, England

      An anti-energy drinks to de-stress people! This seems to be taking it too far. I think people need goals, even goals that are extreme. However, the key is to plan small goals and move on bit by bit; often they want to run before they can walk. Enjoyed the read.