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10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Mood

Updated on April 21, 2014

No one has been spared from the experience of feeling down and blue at certain times in our lives. We sometimes find a reason to be moody, at other times we simply feel blue for no explainable reason. Some people have mood swings more often than most of us and become greatly affected by it that it alters their daily activities. Mood problems are not to be simply disregarded.

Let’s look at 10 fast ways to improve your mood and raise your vibration, all in less than 10 minutes.

1.Change thoughts. Use your mental muscles to shift your thoughts to more positive or constructive ones. You have perception, will, creativity, logic, imagination, intuition - use them!

2.Get out in nature. Take a walk or get some daylight. Seeing the beauty of nature definitely helps to perk up one’s mood.

3.Music. Put on music that lifts your spirits. Sing if you want. I notice that when I am in a low mood, I stop singing in the car or with the kids. Then I resolve to start singing again, and that act in itself makes me find the good mood.

4.Move your body. It could be getting some exercise, go out walking, or even dancing. Perhaps, Yoga or Chi Gong is something you will find interesting. When you move your body, you invite energy in and you get a flow in your body, so, it does not stagnate.

5. Take 10 deep conscious breaths. First of all, conscious breathing makes you focus on something beyond your problem. It also often makes you able to quickly snap out of anger or panic.

6.Help someone. Hold up the door, assist carrying a bag, help someone with a task, whatever. The more healing and love energy we send out by helping others, the more healing and love energy the universe returns to us. It is really a beautiful and powerful cycle.

7.Meditate or Focus. Try to do some EFT Tapping. (Use this setup phrase as example: ”Even if I am feeling low, I love and accept myself completely and I choose to be happy NOW”). A short meditational tapping could lift your mood quickly.

8.Laugh. Humor is a sure way to raise your vibration. Try to find humor in anything and everything. If you can’t find humor in your own situations, search for it elsewhere. Rent a funny movie, read a book of jokes or search your favorite comedian on Youtube.

9.Forgive. To forgive is a releasing act. By forgiving, you open up blocked energy channels that effectively keep resentment active within yourself. By forgiving, you decide to let go of that resentment and forgive that person who has done something you perceive to be very bad towards you or someone you hold dear. You decide to hold a corner of your mind open for the possibility that the person has not done it out of pure evilness. Perhaps there are motivating reasons, or explanations beyond your knowledge or present understanding. Either way, you decide to let go of the resentment that does not help the situation and is just breaking yourself down. Let go!

10.Love. Last but not least, you can experience LOVE in any way. Love here is a verb. Mahatma Gandhi said love is the simplest force in the universe. Love is also the most powerful force. If you have kids, family or pets around you, give them a hug, or ask for one. Hold hands when walking. If you do not have anyone to experience love with in direct contact, call someone to tell them how much they mean to you, just like that. Or send an imagined ray of love their way. Envision the ray reaching its goal deep in the heart of your chosen destination, filling it up with your well intended love. This simple act actually fills you with the corresponding love as well, because you open the flow of love. So, you don’t exhaust your store of love. In reverse, you are filling up by giving away!

"Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come." ~ Robert H. Schuller.

Don't allow bad moods to overpower you, hinder your productivity and destroy your moment or the rest of your day. Try out the simple techniques above, and in no time, you will find yourself feeling a lot better.


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