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10 Reasons Not To Dehydrate

Updated on July 25, 2015

Wow, I just watched a video and it listed three things to avoid if you don't want cellulite. Can you guess the first? Yes, dehydration! Dehydration or lack of water is the primary cause of pain and degenerate disease in the body. The human body is 75% water and the Earth 97%, this proves the significance of water, it is a vital necessity. Every function of the body is monitored to the adequate flow of water and nerves cells and brain tissue equally contain 85% water. Lack of a sufficient water supply causes 'stress' and stress causes more dehydration. Additionally, dehydration causes cells to dry up like prunes, to dysfunction and finally die. Dehydration must be remedied. I, myself have been more conscious of my daily water intake and my back pain disappeared! There are subtle signs the body gives us when it needs water. If you are hungry, it may mean thirsty. If you feel pain, it could mean dehydration. If we knew what a Pandora's box is created within the body when sufficient water is not available, we'd drink it now, and lots of it.
When water intake is insufficient, the vital systems of the body are impaired. Inflammation is caused by dehydration, which causes an array of other maladies including: cancer, hypertension, chronic pain, and depression. Inflammation kills the body's cells causing major problems. Dehydration also inhibits the lymphatic system (part of the immune system) so toxic wastes are trapped within the body. Water is essential for the nerves and once they die, cannot be risen from dead.


Water Reduces Pain

Chronic pains are indicators of body thirst and the first signal there is lack of water in that certain area. Pains tell of chemical changes around the nerves that oversee the acid/alkali balance. When water cannot wash toxic acidic waste away the nerve endings sense a change which signals the brain to tell us we're in pain. Some pains associated with dehydration are: lower back pain, leg and heart pain when walking, arthritic pain, heartburn and pain in the lower left of the abdomen. Mild dehydration causes headaches and confusion. Cramping is a sign of electrolyte imbalance or lack of fluids. Hydrating your precious body will remove this pain.


Water Reverses Disease Symptoms

Some of the same diseases that can be prevented or cured with water are being blamed on genetics or called diseases of unknown cause. Drought inside the internal environment of the cells disturbs the enzymatic activity of DNA and RNA. So the malfunctioning of genes is due to the missed action of the water in the cells. Brain cell dehydration is the main cause of Alzheimer's, as brain cells shrink during prolonged water drought.


Water Flushes the Body

Water flushes out fat and toxins, flushes the liver, and helps the organs maintain their normal function. Water is very high in frequency and it flushes out unwanted elements keeping your positive energy, your vibration high. Believe it or not, water also flushes out edema fluid; edema causing swelling from fluid build-up. Water will also help prevent gallstones, as it helps flush them away preventing future problems. Water will also flush out cholesterol and keep bile production running fine.


Water Fixes Psychological Problems

Depression is the result of water deficiency. The brain needs water drive to generate electrical energy, therefore many functions of the brain that depend on this energy are decreased and we call it depression.This can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome because the brain overworks trying to transmit signals. Dehydration decreases brain volume and increases the usage of energy the brain uses. When cells shrink, they fail to transport nutrients and fail to communicate with each other. When the brain shrinks problems arise such as inability to plan, mood swings, lower concentration level, and difficulty with everyday tasks.


Water Normalizes Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the result of an overall body-water deficiency where blood vessels and capillaries close for lack of blood volume. During dehydration, water is also taken from the vascular bed. Blood volume must drop when efficient water is lacking, and blood pressure drops too. Low blood pressure causes lethargy and rapid heart rate. The poor heart pumps harder in attempts to elevate blood pressure. Normalize it by drinking enough pure filtered water. When water shortage turns critical and water needs to be injected into the cells it causes pressure to do so and is labeled as 'hypertension.'


Water Drops Body Weight

30 % of Americans are overweight because of simply confusion. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj , “They do not know they are thirsty and they do not know the difference between 'fluids' and 'water.'” The brain gets its energy from one of two: sugar in blood circulation and/or energy formation from water.The sensation of hunger and thirst can be generated at the same time thus, indications for 'thirst' are confused with the urge for hunger and people eat instead of drink water. Drinking water before we eat separates the two sensations. Dr. Batmanghelidj says, “The dependence of most brain functions on energy from sugar has resulted in a pleasure association for the taste of sweetness.”

The brain under stress works harder so the body cannot adequately supply it with sugar, therefore a normal person would be given into the hunger pains and eat more often and in larger quantities. So, if the brain cannot draw water because your body is dehydrated, it will search for its sugar supply. This message of 'need' is sent out and wrongly identified as hunger not thirst. Chronic inflammation from dehydration alters the metabolism and also encourages weight gain. By making sure you have an adequate amount of water in your body you will satisfy the brain not overeat. Water boosts metabolism aiding in the body's ability to burn fat.

Water Greatly Improves Eyesight


Water Prevents and Reverses Diabetes

They say that diabetes starts because of lack of water, magnesium, tryptophan and sea salt. Insulin-dependent diabetes is the end result of brain-water deficiency to the point that its neurotransmitter systems are almost shot. It ups the glucose threshold to maintain its glucose requirements. The brain is basically starving. Water and salt are essential to generate hydro-electric energy to feed the brain.Water and salt combo reduce the secondary damage associated with diabetes.


Water Cures and Prevents Arthritis

When join pain sets in which can happen in the young and the old alike, know that it's not an incurable problem. Arthritis has the simplest solution. Instead of taking medication which furthers the damage, all you need to do is to drink purified filtered water with a bit of salt daily. Katherine L. Molnar-Kimber, Ph.D says,“A joint is a place where two bones meet so your body can move. The bone surfaces are covered with cartilage which is a semi-soft tissue like that found in your nose.

In order for your two cartilage surfaces to glide easily over one another, the cartilage needs to be full of fluidso its surfaces are smooth. If your body or your cartilage is a little low in water, your cartilage surfaces will become dimpled, like the wrinkled skin of an old apple. Two wrinkled cartilage surfaces in your joint will not glide over each other very easily. They will rub, and stick to each other. You'll get a mild abrasion on your cartilage, like a skin scrape from falling down and more. You'll feel better and move more gracefully when your joints have enough water.”


Water Improves Eyesight

If the epithelium is filled with thousands of tiny nerve endings that make the cornea extremely sensitive with nerve endings are composed of water 85%, and optic nerves contain 770,000 to 1.7 million nerve fibers or projections of nerves cells and there are roughly 300,000 cells per cornea and the corneal endothelium is a water transporter, what can we conclude?

The cornea is a transparent shield that protects the inner frame of the eye and lets light in for vision. If you don't drink enough water, it cannot keep the eye clear and hydrated. Shall we suppose our problems with myopia could be linked to dehydration? Loss of cell density increases cell size and shape which creates light scatter compromising visual acuity. Jeff Riddle notes some shocking facts. Dehydration obstructs blood supply to the eyes, causes swelling and impaired vision, shrinking of the cornea. According to Mr. Riddle, “Dehydration causes occlusion of the central retinal veins which carry blood out of the eyes. As a result, the eyes will not receive adequate blood flow and the buildup of blood that cannot leave the eyes causes them to swell.This causes retinal swelling and can reduce vision from a perfect 20/20 to a visually impaired 20/70. Furthermore, blood clots can develop in the central retinal veins due to chronic dehydration.Dehydration also causes thinning of the cornea, the part of the eye that enables it to focus light.”

By drinking water even the thickness of the cornea can be restored.


Water Gives you a Face-lift

Nine cups of water a day is said to take years off your face. When you are dehydrated the body takes water from the tissues to maintain the concentration in the blood. This causes loss of moisture in the skin cells needed for youthful looking skin. Water is anti-aging. If your skin is properly hydrated, it improves its overall health besides preventing clogged pores.

Dr. Batmanghelidj on Water

Important to note: tap water will not fix these problems. It contains over 792 contaminants including fluoride which is 100% toxic.Every cell is affected by dehydration and most acutely the brain and eyes.

So please drink water, not tea, not soda, not juice! Drink plain filtered pure water. It will change you. If you found this information helpful please leave a vote and a share.


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    • jacqklin profile image

      jacqklin 2 years ago from ITALY

      You are welcome! I was stoked when I reread my book on water and then decided to do further research, I thought people should know this. That is great to know your skin is showing your hydration! Maybe in colder places people drink less water and they don't sweat as much either so, they are more toxin-laden.

    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 2 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Thank you for this very useful information! A guideline is to drink half your weight in ounces per day. This should not include alcohol or caffeinated drinks, both of which are diuretic. I drink a minimum of 5 pints a day of water, and have great skin as a result.

      In Hawaii, where I live, teens rarely have a problem with acne. I believe it’s because they drink a lot of water, and the hot humid climate helps them sweat out the toxins.