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5 Reasons Why Home is so Sweet

Updated on November 20, 2015

Welcome Home!

At the end of an exciting and adventurous vacation, there is nothing as satisfying as being welcomed home by the very home in which you live. My first stop is to the bedroom, where I say out loud, "Bed! I have missed you!" I then collapse onto it and give my bed a big hug.

It is often recommended that you take an extra day of vacation after you return. This one-day staycation is best enjoyed at home in your pajamas, enjoying familiar sounds, smells, and feels of home sweet home.

Why is home so sweet? Well, here are five good reasons:

The View of Your Art and Decor

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." - Aristotle

While we are away from home for an extended amount of time we return with fresh eyes to view our decor differently than when we do on a daily basis. There are art pieces and pictures that had a specific meaning when we first placed them in their intended location. Some items of decor might be heirlooms passed on from prior generations. They could be gifts or purchases from other travels. Or you may have many young "artists" in the family who bring home their precious works for you to proudly and lovingly display.

Whatever art you exhibit at home, the connection and communication between art and people is remarkable. Our relationship with art is at times easy to articulate and at other times it renders us speechless. For in addition to content and context, there are many noteworthy informational pieces we must take into account. Who is the creator? What are its motivations? Did the artist have a simple or tragic life? The time and place the art was created are also a quite valuable pieces of information.

With this accumulated knowledge, we then add our emotional connection and responses to the experience of this art. We most certainly remember how we felt the very moment we looked upon each art piece. We might even recall the fragrance in the air at that particular place in time. Were we in merriment of a life-changing event and compelled to express it in through art?

We often forget about the emotional content associated with our art pieces as time progresses. Returning home, take a good look at your items and celebrate the memory of what each one represents. Take some time in gratitude, reflection and appreciation.

Familiar Sounds and Smells

A crackling fire, morning birds in song, or the ceiling fan spinning in rhythm. These are some of the comforting sounds of home.

Mindfully, close your eyes and listen to the many sounds around you at home. It might be the sound of stillness. It could also be the normal sound of a house "settling". Creaking floors or the breeze moving through tattered curtains could garner your attention.

Light some scented candles and play your favorite Vivaldi piece. Perhaps you are more into Queen or Metallica. Whatever your preference, lose yourself into the sound of home.

In addition to the sounds of home are the smells. Coffee and baked cinnamon rolls in the morning, meditation incense in the afternoon and a bowl of oranges placed on the middle of a table. The scent of a new book cracked open for the first time. Maybe potpourri is your thing.

"Smell, more so than any other sense, is also intimately linked to the parts of the brain that process emotion and associative learning. The olfactory bulb in the brain, which sorts sensation into perception, is part of the limbic system -- a system that includes the amygdala and hippocampus, structures vital to our behavior, mood and memory. This link to brain's emotional center makes smell a fascinating frontier in neuroscience, behavioral science, and advertising." [1]

I remember when I was young, a familiar home smell would be of my mom roasting chilies for dinner. There is also a song by Hall and Oats that I listen to occasionally. This song brings back the memory of the scent of fresh baked Mexican sweet bread in my grandmother's kitchen.

When was the last time you took the time to smell the coffee?

Photo by Negative Space
Photo by Negative Space | Source

Do You look forward to coming home from vacation?

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Everyone Loves Fresh Sheets!

The Comfort of Your own Bed and Bedding

One can stay at a five-star posh hotel and still be so grateful for the welcome feeling of one's own bed. The feel of fresh sheets and the smell of your own pillow remind you of why you call this place "home".

My bed is the safest place in my life. Home is the equivalent of safety. When we rest our heads for the night, it is in such a familiar care and comfort of our very own bedding.

For if we do not feel safe in our own beds, how can we truly rest?

Have you ever awoken from a nightmare feeling at complete ease upon the realization that you are home, in your own bed? That is the safety that our homes and our beds have to offer us.

When we were children, we felt safe enough to jump on our beds, knowing they would stand firm and keep us from harm. I must confess that at times when no one is looking, I still jump on my bed!

Walking Barefoot

The friends I grew up with know me as "the girl who never wore shoes." I became an even bigger fan of Michael Franti when I found out that he never wears shoes unless it is required.

Since I became a career woman, shoes are required. I have become a collector of many styles. That does not mean I like them, I just want them to look good.

For many people, women especially, shoes are a necessary evil. Most women will say that the first thing they remove when they get home is their shoes. There is something about the sensation of plush carpet or creaking wood floors under your bare feet.

I remember being inspired to get pedicures after watching a scene from Green Card in which Andie McDowell is walking barefoot through her garden wearing folded up jeans. Her toes perfectly painted red and joyfully liberated.

So while we wear shoes when required, we know that once we are home, we can toss them aside and walk, jog, do yoga or our bare feet!

Barefoot on Wood Floors Spoken Word

Hugs from Your Furry Family Members

What is that old cliche? Last but not least! We have reflected on material items, food, and drink. But nothing compares the excited greetings waiting for you upon arrival from your best furry friends!

How do they manage to make you feel so happy, sad, and guilty all at once? Why did you ever venture away in the first place? Did you have any idea how much you would miss these little guys? You will be compelled to give them extra treats right away. They so deserve it after all.

They will paw at you, jump on you and lick your face.They will snuggle with you for days in hopes that you will never leave again. You might even find yourself considering this option. At least until the next time you are in dire need of a retreat.

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