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10 Reasons Why Sleep is Important For A Healthy Life

Updated on March 19, 2020
Neha Singh92 profile image

Neha Singh is a content marketing professional at Ninegrapes, a digital marketing agency who helps companies attract more business.

As innovation has developed and made everything accessible with only a click. It has taken a significant part of the day away due to constant usage of tablets or mobile phones. With numerous platforms accessible, individuals regularly burn through their time on it. A couple of hours are handily passed by when one begins to watch, trading off rest. Individuals don’t realize that they are not only compromising on their sleep but their health. It turns into a fixation. Various individuals likewise whine about a headache or pain in the shoulder bones. Is it really worth taking a chance with for some hours of entertainment on your sleep?

Lack of sleep can without much of a stretch disturb an ordinary every day schedule and as the experience increases, so do obligations in the working environment. Nothing is more regrettable than needing to rest and not ready to. In the long run, it upsets the work and execution.

There are different constructive changes that happen when an individual wakes up feeling well-rested. At the point when a sound rest routine is there, different things begin to improve as well. How?

No Burnout: It implies when an individual is incredibly depleted whether it is intellectually, truly or inwardly. This can occur because of different reasons, for example, work pressure or a personal issue. Subsequent to getting peaceful rest, an individual won't feel burnout during the day.

Getting enough sleep of 7-8 hours of rest will recuperate the depletion or an end of the week escape can work as well. Traveling revives the body. After all, nothing is better than a trip with your friends and family, soaking in all the sun.

Focus is the Key: It’s no brainer that focus and sleep are directly proportional to each other. Some offices allow mental health holidays as well—this trend is not that popular in India. Coming back to the point, lack of focus leads to many mistakes and would lead longer to complete a task. No interruptions mean complete focus prompting better execution.

Say Goodbye to Confusing Thoughts: Another bit of leeway with center is that the individual can hold things/realities at the top of the priority list. While resting at night, the brain combines recollections. That is the reason it's fundamental to rest on time.

Fat: Many people are not aware regarding this but lack of sleep leads to fat accumulation. Studies have shown that people who don’t sleep are at a risk of getting obese.

Calories: To prove the above-mentioned point. If the sleep cycle is disrupted, people will end up eating more. People who get enough sleep tend to eat less calories. Therefore, sleep on time in order to avoid intake of more calories.

Increased Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke: Poor sleepers are at a greater risk of having heart problems and studies have confirmed it. Therefore, sleep on time and for 7-8 hours to avoid these risks.

Depression: There are a lot of health problems already without getting adequate sleep. Adding another one to the kitty, is depression. When a person delays sleeping, various thoughts can occupy the mind leading to overthinking and eventually depression.

Silly Mistakes: Committing mistakes unknowingly is okay but with silly mistakes people usually hold themselves responsible. Rather than responses, reactions are the key which are possible after a good night's sleep. However, it’s more of a psychological thing and can be practised easily.

Social Behavior:

Lack of proper sleep also affects social behavior, it reduces the ability to interact socially.Further, it can also hamper the ability to process information.

Besides all these things, a mattress plays an imperative role in facilitating restorative sleep. That’s why it should be the best quality bed mattress.

Role of A Mattress

Having the right mattress is crucial for your health. However, there is no definition for the right mattress. With many options available, one has to figure out the mattress that suits the most based on various factors. These factors are physical problems (such as neck or back pain) and type of sleeper in terms of posture, motion transfer (frequently moving on the bed or bathroom breaks one takes in the night). This is the only time when the body is relaxed and is repairing itself.

Back Pain

The most well-known issue that anybody faces is back pain. With almost 12 hours a day gone in working and travelling, free time is not easy to come by. In the wake of a monotonous day, the body is drained. Therefore, steps should be taken to minimize the ill effects starting with finding the best mattress for back pain. Some are the doctor or chiropractor recommended mattresses. These are intended to decrease the back/neck pain and aligns the spine as well.

In the market, there are many brands that provide premium mattresses. Choose the mattress that meets the requirements. Whether the person is finding the best mattress for kids or adults. These are easily available and quality products can be found.

That was all on the 10 reasons why sleep is important. The mundane routine taking a toll on the health? A trip to the mountains or beaches with friends or family is advised. Connecting with nature can be rewarding at many levels. The fresh air, soothing atmosphere and local food are one can wish for.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Neha Singh


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