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10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Nap

Updated on November 3, 2015

As a child, I took naps, but when I became a teenager, naps went off the menu. The most common reason given against napping is that the napper must be lazy. Only babies and old people take naps, right?

Not so. Sleep studies continue to show the benefits of taking naps and in the U.S., a sleep deprived nation, naps are once again back on the menu. Anyone can take a nap now without the taunts of laziness. In fact, many of our presidents are known to have taken afternoon naps, such as Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagon, and George Bush.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider adding a nap to your daily schedule.

1. Energy Recharge

You have been going and going since 6 am, and not that it is noon, you are starting to feel drained. A nap is all you need to boost your energy levels again. As little as 30 minutes of rest can give you a recharge so that you can get back to your work and tasks for the rest of the day.

14th Century Snooze


2. Cures Writer’s Block

You have been writing and writing and writing. Now you have your main character up against the wall and you have no idea how to get him out of his predicament. Frustrated, you slam your hand on the desk. Instead of spending the next hour in despair over the plot, take a nap. A short, 30 minute nap is all you need to help you relax and clear your head. When you are done taking a snooze, you will be prepared to tackle your plot once again.

3. Alertness

Sluggishness and drowsiness are deadly when you are trying to get things done. You slow down, mess things up, and you can’t think clearly. Sure, you can grab an energy drink now, but you will pay for it later when you crash from the sugar and caffeine high. Instead, set aside 30 minutes for a nap. You can even try that coffee trick where you drink a cup of coffee, take a quick nap, and wake up feeling energized and without the fear of crashing later on.

Sofa Nap


4. Sex Drive

When you are tired, the last thing you are thinking about is sex. Sure, it would be nice, but you just don’t have the energy for it. Taking an afternoon nap can help improve your sex drive. It gives you a boost of energy, clears your mind, and helps you focus on things that are important to you.

5. Stay Up Later

Your spouse wants to go to the movies tonight, but you just don’t have the energy for it after a long day of work. While everyone knows that taking a nap late in the day can disrupt your nighttime sleep cycle, in emergencies like a date, a late nap can mean the difference between an enjoyable night or a family argument. Take a short, 30 minute nap after work and you should be able to stay away through a late night movie with the person you love.

Power Nap

6. Improve Learning Ability

Whether you are trying to learn a new language or materials for a course, if you are tired you ability to learn new things is low. Instead of struggling through the material, take a 90 minute nap. Ninety minutes is all you need to get rid of mental fatigue and get back to the task of learning new material.

7. Fixes Your Mood

The day just started off all wrong. From losing your keys to dropping your phone and cracking the screen, this day could not get any worse. In fact, you wish you could just start it all over again. You can do that with a nap. Naps have been shown to improve moods and decrease feelings of depression. If you wish to start your day over, crawl back into bed for an hour. Start fresh and new after catching a few extra Zs.


8. Rids Excess Stress

Bills, work, co-workers, that rude woman you ran into – all these things can cause stress. Taking a short ten minute nap can help reduce your stress levels, according to sleep studies. Don’t worry about falling into a deep sleep during this time. Just lie back, make yourself comfortable, and close your eyes for ten minutes. When you are done, you should feel like a whole new person and ready to begin the next task on hand.

9. Increase Creativity

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea? Imagine being able to get those wow ideas in the middle of the day. Taking an afternoon nap will help boost your creativity, according to numerous studies. This is because you are allowed to relax and your right brain (the creative side) jumps into active mode.

10. Improve Memory

You have been working all morning, but now you find yourself becoming overwhelmed and, at times, a touch absent minded. Studies show that a quick 20 minute nap can help improve your memory and get rid of the useless stuff currently cluttering your brain. Take a short nap to recharge and improve your ability to focus on a task at hand.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 18 months ago from Oklahoma

      I am a big advocate of the nap.

      Great read.

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