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10 Reasons Why You Should be Sober

Updated on June 12, 2015

10 Reasons to Be Sober

1. Sobriety is cheaper

Money is a powerful tool when used properly, it can either be used to do evil or can be a means to doing a lot of good. It may not be able to buy happiness or certain emotions, but it does buy the freedom to choose, comfort, and influence to a certain degree. Poverty on the other hand gives hopelessness, stress, anxiety and a slew of other negative factors that only give you misery and decrease your lifespan.

Brain damaging and addictive substances are expensive in more than one way. The more you consume them, the more you allow yourself to be consumer by them and the more you need to become inebriated. If you become a hard-core addict, you will spend a large portion of your life and earnings feeding your addiction, it becomes a daily goal. If you have any goals and desires in life, it is in your best interest to stay sober. Being addicted can definitely put holes in your pockets that can be hard to repair.

2. No Withdrawals, hangovers, or cravings

Euphoria from harmful and addictive substances can cause you to experience levels of ecstasy and pleasure that are hard to obtain when you are sober. As you start your descent into addiction by chasing the high or down, your desire to become inebriated will eventually turn into withdrawals, cravings, and fleeing hangovers (all of which have shown to be extremely painful). The highs you get from a euphoria that has been chemically induced is hardly worth the cost of always being in constant discomfort.

3. You will make better decision throughout life

When it comes down to it inebriation is being temporarily handicapped, by choice. While inebriated, you can't think normally, speak, walk right, or anything for that matter at a functioning level. You begin ignoring people and treating others poorly if you don't do that already. If you want to make something out of yourself and accomplish goals everyday, addiction really prevents that from happening.

4. You will be more capable of overcoming the problems at the source of your inebriation

The most important problems that you need to overcome are probably the ones that cause you to become inebriated in the first place. Constantly drugging those problems away only leads to a stronger build up of those emotions, it just passes them under the rug until it is time to face reality again. This applies to all the problems in your life, you need to face them head on before they destroy you, many people just choose the defer them to a later date through armful and addictive substances.


5. Your life won’t be plagued by the problems that come with addiction

Lets face it, most of the people who live on the streets have one addiction or another that has put then there, addiction will make you poorer. It will also causes you more stress and and less ability to live with the problems of life. These problems lead to more problems that you would not have if you dealt with them at first and so begins the perpetual cycle of putting off the necessary goals and watching them build up. And once they really start to build up, you will be less capable of dealing with them if you are stressed, broke, and incoherent.

6. Your mind will function better, which will improve all aspects of your life

The euphoria that comes from chemicals don't just limit your ability to think logically and coherently, they inflict damage on your brain, negatively effect your subconscious thought process, and cause damage you are not even aware of.

Who you are, is defined by your brain. If you throw a screwdriver into your brain, then you lower the quality and substance of your life and reality forever. Even if you can manage to hold down a high paying job, and not scare away the important people in your life, the damage is done.

7. You will not burden the people around you

No one is a person unto themselves. What you do and don't do cause chain and reaction effect to all the people around you. Living with an alcoholic is like living with a child with special needs. That being said, I don't mean to demean alcoholics or special needs children. I'm just emphasizing the fact that they need an extra level of support and responsibility. I'm also not trying to imply that we should not help the people in our lives who need special care like managing addictions. I'm just saying that you should not inconvenience your loved ones if you don't have too.


8. Your relationships will be more meaningful with the people you love (and who love you)

Living with someone who is incoherent, uncoordinated, and always inebriated is akin to living with a neanderthal, it is extrememly difficult to relate to and have any meaningful kind of conversation with someone in that state. Inebriation creates a barrier between you and your loved ones that restricts the ability to experience who the other really is. No being able to connect and identify with loved ones around you is missing out on the some of the best parts of life.

9. Better feelings come with better health

Your bodies way of telling you there is something wrong is through pain, and addiction is agonizing. Being in a sound and healthy state allows your body to work properly, and if you take care of yourself through proper diet and regular exercise, then your body will thank you with free euphoria.

10. The future will always be grim when you are killing yourself.

Life can be traumatic, especially if you have had life altering or stressful events in the past. But having hope for the future helps the anxiety in your life slowly fade to the back. As fun as it is to have a little chemical euphoria now and them, you know it are detrimental to your health. That will always make the future look grim, even if you don't want to face the those facts. Being sober is not always an easy thing, but in the end it is worth it and leads to greener pastures, and if that is not worth it, then I don't know what is.

Do you know someone you cant stay sober?

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    • Omeva profile imageAUTHOR

      Omar Jackson 

      3 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Its funny you read that, there are quite a few people on my moms side of the family that should probably be in AA.

    • RTalloni profile image


      3 years ago from the short journey

      Another great, practical read. It would be interesting to hear from some who have gone through an AA type program regarding this post.

      Friends sometimes think that we do not drink alcohol because we are Christians, but the truth is that we do not drink because we both have so many relatives who lived as alcoholics, causing much harm to others on many levels in the process, and drinking themselves to death, dying in an accident or eventually from the effects of substance abuse.

      Beyond that, the reasons you mention here are part of our thinking on the matter. All of this is definitely related to walking the talk of the Christian life, but each reason is a stand alone for staying sober.

    • Omeva profile imageAUTHOR

      Omar Jackson 

      3 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal


      Teens are teens for a reason, lol. They still have much to learn, that's why its so important for us as parents to help them as much as we can, no matter how frustrating it is sometimes.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i agree, why can't teens just sober up before they start killing themselves and hurting their parents hearts

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 

      3 years ago

      You listed some wonderful reasons to get and remain sober. The challenge for addicts is that the power of choice goes away once the physical addiction goes too far. It is difficult to remember these reasons when in the throes of cravings. Thank you for sharing valuable reasons why sobriety is a healthy choice. Blessings!


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