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9 Reasons and causes to why your skin is dry and flakey

Updated on March 6, 2016
dry skin
dry skin

In this article I'm going to clarify why your skin is so dry and also help you reduce the possibility of further flaky skin.

But before I start, did you know that dry skin may be an indicator to other more serious conditions? An indicator that you may have a problem with your thyroid gland. it could also be a sign your skin is aging. As our skin gets older it sheds more skin cells.

Before I start, ask yourself:

Do I have mild or severley dry skin?

Is it genetic?

If you a severe skin condition and its genetic you still have options.

I'm going to show you how to reduce the chance of your skin becoming dry and flaky, and by starting with the four major culprits in skin irritation. I'll also offer you alternatives to relieve your suffering!


1. Using hot water for washing

Hot water makes you feel so clean and at ease when you're taking a bath or a shower. The temperature also makes you feel calm and relaxed. Taking a shower at night or in the morning helps us at the beginning and the end of a work day. Unfortunately they're also the worst for stripping away your body's natural oils that protect your skin. The very thing that keeps your skin moist and looking healthy.

Always keep your temperature low when you're taking a shower or bath. Having a lukewarm bath or shower works for nearly everyone. Believe it or not a cold one is even better for you. In the middle ages if you were a peasant you would use the nearest lake or waterfall to get washed in. This may seem harsh in the 21st century with all the luxuries we take for granted these days. Unfortunately the luxuries we use such as soaps and shower gel, if the truth be told, are stripping our skin of its natural oils and protective barrier. So that peasant in the middle ages wasn't so crazy after all. So go on take the plunge, be daring, lower your shower temperature to cool and feel the benefits it gives your skin.

2. Washing your skin

Of course the peasant didn't spend long washing in the cold icy lake or waterfall. He would have been in and out in 10 minutes max! There's no doubt about it standing in cold water builds character.

It's also good to point out that soap wasn't used in his particular cleaning ritual. Remember simple is better for your skin. Look for face and body washes that contain ceramides, this prevents your skin from feeling itchy and irritable. So avoid soap and choose something more gentle and kinder for your skin.

3. Drying your skin

Don't dry your skin back and forth with too much force. This will damage the natural oil barrier on your skin. Your skin is fragile and should be protected. Always pat your skin dry. Damp skin is best when you apply cream or lotion. It will lock in some of the moisture leaving your skin soft and smooth.

4. Moisturizing your skin

Even though your skin has been washed it will hold fewer oils and will require a moisturizer. The best time to apply is after you've showered or bathed. It's good to look for brands recommended by a skin specialist.

We've covered the 4 primary causes of dry skin. its time to look at the secondary factors that also make a difference.


5. The Climate

Dry skin problems aren't as prevelant in humid climates. This is because there is moisture in the air continuously.

6. Skin allergies

If you have allergies you'll want to keep them under control. See your doctor if you think you may have a skin allergy and he/she will prescribe a suitable treatment.

7. Your diet

Do you drink plenty of water? Always make sure you stay hydrated through out the day. Not drinking enough water will also dry out your skin. Along with drinking plenty of water make sure your diet is well balance with fruit's, vegetables, pulses and protein. Staying healthy on the inside will help your skin stay healthy on the outside.

8. Shaving your skin

Shave with water and a moisturizing shaving gel, do it with fresh blades. This way you'll avoid skin irritation.

9. The Sun

The sun can be great for warmth but a killer when you stay in it too long. Always wear sunscreen and stay in the shade and cover up after 20 minutes at peak times during the day. You can read more about the dangers of sun tanning here.

Daily life with dry skin

There is hope and healing if you suffer from dry skin.

So create your own routine, use what you've learned and for best results do it on a daily basis.

The concept is to keep your skin conditioned so that it can retain its outer layer and relieve itself of dry skin cells.

So keep your skin healthy today!

© 2016 Helen Bolam


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