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7 Secrets to Weight Loss and Keeping Off the Pounds

Updated on March 3, 2016

1. Glass of Water Before A Meal

Drinking a glass of water may not sound very filling, but drinking a glass of water before any meal helps to quench your hunger and not over eat. You'll feel a sense of fullness as you begin to eat, much earlier than usual. Plus, it doesn't hurt you to drink a non-calorie drink with meals. This is an easy way to keep off extra calories and trick your tummy into thinking its full before you eat that entire burger and fries...

2. A Mug of Green Tea a Day Keeps the Pounds Away

Drinking a glass of green tea a day will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Green tea is known to dissolve excess triglycerides in your body. (Triglycerides are essentially the effect extra calories that your body stores as triglycerides which is then transformed into fat).

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, green tea does wonders. Green tea increases your metabolism without you having to work out. If you drink green tea regularly, your body will start burning calories literally twenty-four seven.

3. Skip Snacking!!!

Snacking can only hurt you. Really. Snacking just slows your metabolism and causes fat gain no matter what age you are. Snacking increases the calories your body intakes through a day. If you snacked instead of eating three other meals during the day, that's one thing. However, with most people this is not the case. Snacking just increases your insulin levels and causes more fat to be stored in your body. Help yourself and gain more energy during your day by only eating three individual meals. Eat those three meals whenever you feel hungry, but avoid adding more calories to your diet along with those meals.

4. Forget About Those Midnight Snacks...

Late night snacking stores more fat than snacking during the day. Snacking at nighttime can disturb fat breakdown and cause more risk for obesity. Since your body would not be shedding the calories while you sleep, the fat has no where to go and gets stored in your belly. Late night snacking also may cause sleep loss. Sleep helps with weight control, so by disturbing your body's sleep pattern you are also adding on more pounds.

5. Cut That Jumbo Meal In Half!

One of my mom's biggest weight loss tips is cutting your meals in half. This is typically a "going to a restaurant" tip, but it really helps you not gorge yourself. Every time my mom orders at a restaurant she takes a knife and cuts the burger or chicken parmesan, or even Pasta Alfredo right down the center. As soon as the distinction is made between what she is going to eat and what she will take home she feels she can easily limit herself to what she will eat. Also, this way she has left overs for dinner for another night!

6. Breakfast is Essential

Many people believe that skipping breakfast actually helps you lose weight. You're not taking in the calories right?


Not eating breakfast slows your metabolism and just will cause you to snack more later when you get hungry. Eating a healthy breakfast of grains or eggs will keep you full till lunch and give your metabolism a nice kick start each day.

7. Switch Out Lunch with A Bowl Full of Fruit

When I have long days at work of just sitting on my butt for hours I make sure that I replace my lunch of junk food and goodies with a lunch of fruit. Fruit offers your body a lot fiber which will make you full quickly and keep you full longer. Switching out your lunch for a bowl of fruit a couple times of week will help keep off the calories and make your body feel good. Also who doesn't want fruit for lunch? It's like candy!


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