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10 Signs You Might Be a Genius

Updated on November 05, 2015

For centuries, people have been studying what makes a person smart. From the 1700s to 1900s, phrenologists believed that intelligence could be measured by the shape of a person’s skull. They developed instruments to measure a person’s face to determine how smart a person was. The first modern IQ test was created in 1907 and has since been reworked over and over again so that it could discover a person’s intelligence and ability to learn.

When I sat down to write this article, one thing happened that I least expected: I discovered that being a genius can be offensive to some groups of people. If you are a cat hating, radical rightist who wears religion on your sleeve while smoking a cigarette, complaining about the neighborhood night owls via phone texts, and you come from a not-so-smart family, you are going to hate this article. Please don’t hurt me. I am just the messenger.

1. You are a Cat Lover

Do you prefer cats over dogs? Dog lovers tend to be more outgoing than their counterpart cat lovers, but the cat lovers scored higher on intelligence tests. It makes sense. Dogs owners have to be more outgoing and extroverted for the care and love of their dog. Cat owners are more introverted because who plays frisbee in the park with a kitty?


2. Your Mom Suffered From Morning Sickness

If this one is true, my three kids are geniuses. Children, whose mother suffered from morning sickness while carrying them, had a higher IQ, language skills, and memory than children whose mother did not suffer from morning sickness. This study took place in Canada and only tested 121 children.

3. You are an Atheist

Atheists are probably one of the most hated groups of people in American society. People of every religion feels entitled to attack atheists for the sole reason that “he doesn’t believe in what I believe, so nah, nah, nah.” Atheists get the last last in the brains department, however. Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa found that people with higher IQs tend to gravitate more towards atheism than religious dogma.


4. Your Family is Smart

If your family is pretty smart, chances are high that you are, too. Many studies prove that intelligence (the ability to learn) is inherited. If your family isn’t big in the brain department, don’t despair. There is plenty of evidence that shows that you can increase your IQ without having to rely on the genes given to your by your parents. Of course, your parents may simply not have realized their potential and it is up to you to elevate the family to new educational heights.

5. You Don’t Smoke

If you smoke, you may have a lower IQ than your counterpart who does not smoke. While there are plenty of geniuses who do smoke, a general study showed that young adults who smokes one or more packs of cigarettes a day had an IQ that was 7.5 lower than their counterparts who did not smoke. You can counteract that decrease by elevating your IQ with music lessons or learning a new language.

6. You Lean Towards Liberal

Those who have liberal political views generally have a higher IQ than those who do not. This may be because adapting to liberal viewpoints requires a person to break away from the “might is right” mentality our ancestors had. This in no way means that all conservatives have a low IQ, it just means that studies have shown the people with higher IQs generally gravitate towards challenging liberal views.

7. You are Left Handed

Okay, smarty pants, if you are left handed you might actually be a genius. It is believed that left handers develop differently in the womb and are able to process multiple incongruous strands of information at once.


8. You Were Breastfed

Moms, do the right thing and breast feed your baby. The intelligence of our offspring relies on it. In two separate studies, a link was found between children who were breastfed and IQ. Children who were breastfed had an almost 7 point higher IQ than their counterparts who were not breastfed.

9. You Love the Night

There has been a backlash against night owls in the self help business field. The theme is that you get more done if you wake up earlier in the morning. It is true - more work does get done if you wake up in the early hours, but the night hours are for creativity. Studies show that night owls tend to have a higher IQ than early birds, but both ways of life have their benefits and drawbacks.

10. You Hate Texting

I remember the chant of parents across the neighborhood where I was growing up, “Go outside! Television is going to rot your brain.” Now it is your cell phone rotting your brain and adults are being told to “knock it off.” Too much texting on your phone has been shown to decrease your IQ by as much as four points. Of course, you can regain those lost IQ points by setting aside your phone and picking up a non-fiction book to read.


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    • Cyndi10 profile image

      Cynthia B Turner 16 months ago from Georgia

      Loved the article. According to this, I'm not a genius, but I'm not a dullard either. I imagine it was fun researching this. My question is, if you find out you are a genius, then what do you do with those smarts?

      Take care!

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 16 months ago from Oklahoma

      Have been accused of being a lot of things, but ca genius has never been one:-)

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