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10 Simple Ways to Gain Weight

Updated on April 3, 2020
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Muhammad Rafiq is a freelance writer, blogger, and translator with a master's degree in English literature from the University of Malakand.


Most people think about weight loss, but there are some people with the desire to gain weight. It is not a common discussion, and it should be discussed more for people with interest. Some people want to gain weight. The proper goal is to gain a healthy weight. This is building muscles to be healthy and strong. Here are the top 10 ways that will help you gain weight fast and safely:

1. Exercise

Exercising is a good way to gain healthy weight. It is the perfect activity for gaining healthy weight. If you want to build muscles for good weight, then you should purchase a membership to a gym or purchase the equipment for your home. You can gain weight and very good health by exercising regularly.

Exercise is one the best ways that can help you gain a healthy weight.
Exercise is one the best ways that can help you gain a healthy weight. | Source

2. Eat More

Eating more healthy food can help you gain weight. It will increase the intake of calories and you will gain weight over time. You can eat either larger meals or more meals per day. You need to add calories in your diet as they are key to gaining weight. The more you eat, the more you will gain weight.

You can gain weight by eating more.
You can gain weight by eating more. | Source

3. Discover Your Calorie Intake!

In addition, the key to eating more food depends on your calorie intake. We have unique bodies and traits. Everyone has a different calorie intake. You need to research your calorie intake to learn the amount of calories and food that you need to eat to gain weight. has a calculator that is able to gather your basic information and provide a recommendation for your daily intake of calories!

4. Never Skip a Meal

Always eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are all important meals to gain weight. Stay on a perfect routine of eating these meals. You will always be eating to maintain the proper amount of calories for your diet.

If you want to gain a healthy wight, then never skip a meal.
If you want to gain a healthy wight, then never skip a meal. | Source

5. Avoid Junk Food

On the other hand, you need to avoid certain types of food such as junk food. Candy, chips, and fast food are not beneficial for healthy weight. We do not want to gain fat. The goal is to build muscle to gain weight for a healthy lifestyle. Let's eat healthy foods for your new diet.

If you want to gain healthy weight, then avoid junk foods.
If you want to gain healthy weight, then avoid junk foods. | Source

6. Red Meats

You need to eat food with protein to build healthy muscles. I recommend eating beef, chicken, pork, etc. These foods are high in protein. I also recommend grilling or baking your meals. They are healthier options for your diet. Fried foods are not good for a regular diet.

7. Salmon and Oily Fish

Another great source of healthy fats and protein is fish! You have a huge selection for your personal menu. Salmon and oily fish are the best fish for your diet. They are high in protein and have omega-3 fatty acids. A single 6-ounce fillet of salmon provides around 350 calories and 4 grams of omega-3 fats.

Eat Salmons to gain weight. It is a great source of proteins.
Eat Salmons to gain weight. It is a great source of proteins. | Source

8. Protein Drinks

Add protein drinks to your diet. They provide additional calories and protein! I recommend drinking protein drinks instead of water during the day. You can drink them between meals. You can reach your daily goal of calories much easier with this method!

9. Whole Eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the market. They are great foods for building muscles. Eggs contain proteins and healthy fats. They perfectly fit our goal of building healthy fat for gaining weight. You can eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs are great additions to many dishes such as salads.

Eat whole eggs to gain weight. Eggs are a great soucre of proteins, which can increase your weight.
Eat whole eggs to gain weight. Eggs are a great soucre of proteins, which can increase your weight. | Source

10. Take a Break

Do not go to the gym or workout at home every day. Your body needs to heal and rest. Your muscles also need time to repair after your last workout. A break helps avoid an injury that can be a major setback to the goal of gaining weight. I recommend a day off from the gym every week. Your body will be well-rested, and you can workout at your highest level during your next session.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Muhammad Rafiq


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