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10 Snacks That Are Stealing your sleep

Updated on January 19, 2018

Precious Sleep!

Our sleep is very precious. One minute of sleep, especially in those early mornings are worth the world to many of us!

However, that late night snack is also very appetizing... So, what a dilemma, huh?

Don't worry though. In this article, we'll see 10 snacks that will, in fact, hurt our sleep and damage our precious beauty sleep!

All we need to do now is avoid these snacks, so we can sleep better!

Now, more than ever, sleep is very important. There are already so many things that disturb our nights, food shall not be one of them!

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10 - Ice Cream!

One of my favorite late night snacks is one of the most unsettling when it comes to our sleep!

On top of being filled with fat, which we can't burn since we're going to sleep, it's also more likely to cause nightmares! Oh no!

Since it's so fat packed, we'll be loaded with energy. Trying to sleep loaded with energy isn't one of the best combinations out there so it's better to leave that ice cream for earlier!

9 - Pasta!

Pasta is one of my favorite as well. I can eat anything with pasta and there isn't a single pasta dish that i don't love. You can see my predicament, right?

I'm guilty of resorting to pasta when my fridge is empty, but that isn't fine at all!

Much alike ice cream, pasta is a food packed with energy. When i used to swim competitively i'd always a plate with pasta going overboard since it's purely carbohydrates!

Another lovely thing to snack, but crappy combination before going to bed.

Celery Isn't That Good!
Celery Isn't That Good!

8 - Celery

A vegetable before going to sleep might ruin it? Unexpected but true!

Celery highly increases the rate of urination. So if you just had a mouthful of it before going to bed, you'll probably wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

It's not a deal breaker, but it's inconvenient! Stay away from this bad boy!

7 - Candy Bars

A moment of joy in the lips will lead to a sweaty and horrible night!

Eating candies such as chocolate bars make people more prone to having nightmares. How could we have a restful night if we're freezing and scared in our sleep? Just put the candies next to the ice cream and sleep tight!

6 - Pizza

Pizza is just heavy. If your whole body is ready to rest, would you really like to put your stomach battling a pizza?

It's just too heavy for a light snack! Toppings, fat cheese, tomato sauce, etc. Just let the little guy rest with everyone else!

One slice wouldn't be a major attack, but if it were me i wouldn't stop with just one!

Sweet Dark Chocolate
Sweet Dark Chocolate

5 - Dark Chocolate

Who can resist raiding the cabin if there's a tablet of chocolate there? One square or two won't be the end of the world, right? But it will be the end of your sleep!

Dark chocolate has caffeine and a ton of stimulants that will electrify you. Just leave the raid for the morning! Or... Raid the white chocolate!

4 - Cereals

Similarly to the candy bars, many cereals are packed with energy, sugar and carbohydrates.

It certainly isn't the best snack to have before jumping to bed, unless you're eating healthy cereals! If you avoid sugar packed cereals, you can have a little bowl of them. They're still a somewhat heavy snack to have since it stretches the stomach!

3 - Garlic

Garlic is a potent ingredient. It's good for the heart, but it can also be bad! Since you're resting, "firing" up your heart might not be the best thing to do. Also, it's something strong for the stomach. If you have a weak stomach you might want to pass up garlic before bed!

If you're not doing because of your sleep, then consider your partner that has to put up with a dreaded breath!

2 - Red Meat

Lovely and beautiful red meat. It's succulent, tasty, gorgeous and melts in our mouth.

It doesn't melt in our body though! It might be one of the best things in the world, but it's full of protein that our body needs to kill. Trying to sleep while the body is mowing down all that protein isn't productive at all!

Red meat is good for us, even for sleeping! But not shortly before going to bed, that's all!

So don't forsake this heavenly succulent piece of meat!

Red Meat Is So Yummy!
Red Meat Is So Yummy!

1 - Alcohol!

The big sleep killer!

It sounds contradictory since after a few glasses the buzz sets anyone for a full night of sleep! And that's good for anyone who has big problems falling asleep. However, it doesn't provide a restful night! It stops the body from recovering properly, as it should in a good night of rest!

If you overdo it, you'll create a dependency to drink in order to fall asleep. In the end you'll need alcohol to sleep but your body won't have the necessary rest that it should.

Careful with the booze!

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