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10 Super Foods for Healthy Eyes

Updated on September 27, 2012
Strawberries | Source
Spinach | Source

Healthy eyes are important to all of us.

Good thing, there are super foods from Mother Nature that are packed with eye-benefitting nutritional punch.

These super foods not only can give us sharp vision but they also can keep blindness at bay.

They are loaded with beta-carotene, an antioxidant called lutein, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which have been proven by multiple studies to minimize the risk of macular degeneration that is perhaps the leading cause of blindness among people.

Nature also abounds in super foods that keep our eyes from drying out and our retinas from wearing out.

While many of the nutrients that our eyes need are available in supplements, nothing beats natural sources.

So below is a list of 10 super foods that can keep our eyes healthy and help stop blindness dead on its tracks.

1. Oysters

The top-ranked winner for super foods that are friendly to the eyes is oyster, which has high concentration of the antioxidant mineral zinc that builds up not just the eyes but also our body’s immune system.

While zinc can also be found in both beef and pork, oyster has the highest amount of zinc among all kinds of natural foods.

Oyster also has substantial concentration of proteins.

To fold in oyster into your diet, just eat it raw as appetizers.

You can also steam, smoke, or bake it.

Oyster can also be cooked in stews.

2. Turkey

Who said we should eat turkey only for Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey is packed with B-vitamin niacin that shields the eyes from blindness-causing cataracts.

It is also rich in zinc like oysters.

To use turkey for the eyes, we can use it in sandwiches, burgers, and meals.

Turkey is lean. Thus, it is a favorite substitute for high-fat beef.

With all of turkey’s benefits for the eyes, everyday is an excuse to have a turkey sandwich.

3. Ostrich

Another lean substitute for high-fat meats is ostrich, a super food full of zinc, protein, and iron – nature’s super trio for keeping our eyes in the pink.

Eating ostrich is helpful to our retinas, which need zinc to function properly and to stop the first signs of macular degeneration.

Ostrich is quite easy to add into our everyday foods.

This is because it easily soaks up the flavors of other ingredients that are cooked with it.

4. Wild Salmon

Of all the fishes in the water, wild salmon has the greatest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep the eyes from drying out.

We are actually hitting two birds with one stone each time we eat wild salmon.

Not only is it good for the eyes, it also drives down bad cholesterol levels and make our hearts tick healthily.

To use wild salmon for the eyes and cardiovascular health, we have to have two servings of this fish at least two times a week.

We can eat wild salmon raw, with vinegared rice, in chunks or in salads.

5. Sardines

If wild salmons are a bit hard to find or pricey for our range, we can then opt for sardines, a common man’s affordable source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Like wild salmons, sardines have high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids that keep the eyes seeing clearly.

Sardines are prepared in so many ways and are ubiquitously packed, flavored, and sold almost everywhere.

6. Orange

Orange is a great source of vitamin C, which the eyes need to function well.

Not only that, orange has potassium, fiber, calcium and folate that pregnant women need in high amounts to facilitate the proper development of embryos in their tummies.

These nutrients are also helpful to the immune system and the heart.

They assist blood vessels and tissues in performing perfectly.

To make orange work for our eyes and health, we simply need to carry it with us wherever we go. Its protective layers will keep it fresh and good to eat.

We can enjoy it as a quick and wholesome snack.

7. Strawberry

Just like orange, strawberry is filled with vitamin C, an antioxidant that the body, including eyes, needs to make connective tissues work as expected.

Strawberry also has folate and several kinds of phytochemicals that the body needs to combat cancers.

Now, these are good excuses to indulge in strawberries and creams.

8. Carrot

Bright orange carrot is a tower house of vitamin A and its precursor beta carotene.

These two nutrients fight free radicals and protect the cells in our eyes and body.

Carrot is also rich in fiber and potassium, not to mention it is fat-free.

It has also been proven to limit the growth of cancer cells in the body.

To eat carrots for our eyes and general health, we can simply enjoy it as a snack.

We can also add it into our soups, salads, or side dishes.

9. Sweet Potato

A versatile vegetable that can be prepared from casseroles to desserts is sweet potato, which has large splashes of bright and orangey beta carotene that our eyes just love to have.

We can eat sweet potato as dessert, by mixing it with brown sugar then frying it in healthy oils.

We can also have a serving of sweet potato for our side dish, mashing it with fat-free milk, flavoring it with low-fat margarine, then seasoning it with salt and pepper to taste.

10. Spinach

A vegetable that can give our eyes a protective layer much like a sunscreen is spinach, which has four extremely important properties that will aid our eyes to see things from a mile away.

Spinach has vitamin C, beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Lutein and zeaxanthin make up the superstar duo in eye protection.

They pump up the macula’s pigment density, thereby protecting our retinas and reducing our risk of macular degeneration.

Spinach can be eaten as a side dish, an ingredient for salad, as part of omelet, or sautéed.

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    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 5 years ago from Sweden

      Very good tips on food for healthy eyes! And most of them are tasty too so it becomes good in more ways than one. It is so important to mind what we eat and it will make a difference in the long run. The benefits from turkey was news to me!

      Thanks for the tips and information, voted up and useful