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10 Things Dogs Give Us On A Daily Basis That Make Our Lives Better

Updated on August 30, 2014

The Introduction to the dog life.

Like I said I have three dogs, a male and female English bulldogs, and a mini dachshund. They require a large amount of care and time. There are many times that I leave early from a family function, skip a little work, or have to forgo some long term vacations.

I get a lot of comments, why dont you get rid of those dogs, or why do you spend some much time with them. The truth is that if you dont own dogs you might not get it. But if you do then you will definitely know. But since I have to explain this so many times I thought I would shed a little light on some of the reasons I leave early and spend a lot of time with my dogs.


1. They are always happy to see us

So what other person you know that every time you come home they are happy to see you. Each and every time I walk in that door my dogs are excited to see me. Even if I am gone for 10 minutes it seems like their minds reset and they forgot I just left.

They wag their tails, the butts move from side to side, and they cant wait till you bend down and pet them. To me this is one thing I look forward to the moment I come in the door.

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2. They don't judge us in any circumstance

There are some times I have bad days. Or someone has come down on me pretty hard. Or I got my feeling hurts. But no matter how bad I feel or I what I have done I can see my canine friends and they dont judge.

Not even a little bit, I dont think they could judge even if they could. If i feed them a little late they dont get mad they eat their food with just as much gusto and are happy to play. They dont hold a grudge or stay mad, they just love.


3. They give us affection when you need it

How many times when you need a hug do you get one. Well with your dog if you want a hug they are happy to oblige. They are always happy to give you a dog kiss, a paw of greeting or just a plain hug.

Whatever you want they are happy to oblige even if it is a few minutes later and you want another one. They bring a huge amount of affection to you and at times when you really need it.


4. They give us a great place to warm our feet

Half of the year it is cold. And my feet could always use a good warmer. And guess what, my dogs emit a lot of heat for some reason. But with all of this heat they make great feet warmers.

And guess what, they dont seem to mind if I put my feet right up close to them. In fact in many times they will come and lay on my feet. And speaking of warm, I break a cardinal rule of dog training and let my mini sleep with me but that little bugger can put out more heat than a heating pad and in the winter it is sublime. And I dont have to worry about burning myself because he is always the right temperature.

5. They provide us with good company

I dont think people like to be alone. And I especially dont like it. But with a dog I never am. While I am typing this article my mini is laying on the pillow above my shoulder keeping me company. Other times he will patiently sit on the desk by the laptop listening to the clickety clack of the keys on the keyboard waiting for a random petting.

But in most times when I am working on the computer, watching a game, or reading a book there is my trusty dog keeping me company. There are times when that is great comfort and other times when it is sorely needed and they are, always, just there for you and you alone.

6. They make us laugh

There are many times when I have laughed hilariously at something one of my dogs have done. they let us dress them up for Halloween, they endure our funny names for them, and they let us tease them.

But most of all they just do something funny out of the blue that just makes you bust out laughing almost to tears. It seems the more random the funnier it is. But these moments happen quite often and we are lucky if we get the opportunity to witness them because laughter is a good medicine.

7. They make us cry

Sometimes not everything goes perfectly with dogs. They get injured, they get sick, and sometimes they pass away. When you get so attached to your pets you love them and when anything happens to them to make them hurt you can only feel profound sorrow.

But how can we feel joy without some grief. When they are sick we are sad, when they get better we are overjoyed. When they get hurt we nurse them back to help. And when they die we remember how much love they gave us during their lives.

8. They help us to exercise daily

All I have to do to my dogs is say "walk" and they bolt to the door all excited to go out into the neighborhood. They cant wait to get their leashes on and strut their stuff and leave deposits onto the neighbors lawns.

But in the eagerness they do us a big favor by helping us to get out and exercise each day. A walked dog is a happy dog and I have heard that it lessens their built in instinct to roam. Even if I just take them in the backyard and throw the ball to them it helps me take a break and go outside, get some sun, and be active.

They teach us patience

How many times has your dog done something naughty and you catch them with that look upon their face. You know the one, it says uh-oh I know I am in trouble. If they make a mistake on the floor, or chew something they shouldn't, or are barking excessively.

But mostly there joy is far greater than their aggravation so we live with the mistakes. But at times they can try your patience. Like being woke up in the middle of the night by random barking, or someone has thrown up all over the bed, or a puddle stepped in with your favorite socks.

They teach us patience all right, but hey it is a virtue we all need to learn...right?

They remind us it is ok to play

Sometimes we forget to play. We get so wrapped up in our day to day routines that we forget that it is ok to take a moment and relax. Dogs remind us that we should play on a daily basis, whether you wrestle with your dog, or throw him his favorite toy, or get on the floor and let rough house a little. Its all fun and games and they love it and you always feel better.

I heard a study once that petting a dog helps lower your blood pressure, and I dont know if that is true but it seems right. But I also believe that playing reduces your stress level. And boy do dogs love to play.

Our mini loves to wrestle and play under the covers. Our bulldogs love the laser light and can chase that thing all day long. They also love a good game of tug of war. So next time you feel stressed out then take some time out, just a few minutes, and play with your dog. You will be glad you did.


Dogs do a lot of other great things to remind us daily that they are there and a big part of our lives. So when my friends ask me why I need to go, I just reply, because they are the best thing I could ask for sometimes, and their well being is important to me. So if you dont have a dog and are thinking about getting one, then I recommend it. I think that is why they are called mans best friend.


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