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10 Things Found Under Manhole or Sewage Covers

Updated on July 19, 2016

How many people today know what resides under how street manhole covers? Many still beleive that it is still the home to the teenage mutant ninja turtles, or a pathway to the batman's batcave. Any of the two choices your thought of, you are most likely correct as th teenage mutant ninja turtles never moved out those swers even when they became adults. But aside from the obvious Giant alligators, alien flesh eating gels, enlarged toxic Goldfish that was flushed down the toilet 7 years ago and godzilla's eggs. There are many other not so colorful things located under those manhole covers. So here are ten things located under out sewage or manhole covers.

Manhole Cover
Manhole Cover

1. Underground Roadways and Tunnels

Bet you didn't know that depending on the sewage network you visit, you may just end up into one of those secret government road networks. These road-networks stretches for miles underground and even goes from cities to cities. Large trucks haul goods daily through these secret tunnels underground. There are no police check points and anything can be transported under these secret underground road networks. It is believed that trucks carry narcotics, food supply, guns and people through these underground networks.

2. Nuclear Safe Bunkers

There are a bunch of lunatics running wild who are just hell bent on seeing the destruction of our beautiful planet earth. Governments always seem to have some feud which many times they solve by sending our children to die for their causes. But aside from people just being completely stupid and joining armies to die, Government and rich people have bought nuclear safe bunkers which are situated underground. These nuclear safe bunkers are built in case the wackos running countries decide to start a nuclear war and destroy just about every living organism on earth surface. With a nuclear bunker, you will be safe. It is equipped with months or years supply of food and water. So the rich would live underground for a while or maybe forever (like mars) as the air on surface is not safe for inhalation.

3. Cooking Gas

So how do you think you get to make those burnt boiled eggs and that half cooked liver. Yes, the gas that goes to your ground runs through a maze of pipes under you manhole covers. Aside from some third world countries who wheel gas cylinders to people place of residence, gas needed for cooking is run underground in most developed countries.

4. Utility Cables

The sewage system is home to an abundance of utility cables. Electrical cables are run underground in extremely thick insulators. After all, you wouldn't want to have a flooded sewage with live current of a million volts running in the water and overflowing into the streets where you walk would you? There are also Telephony cables under those sewage covers, internet and Fast fiber Optics cables. If these cables did not run underground, then the cities would be littered with cables allover. Making your pretty city with all those fancy flashy lights look like a strip club for spider man.

5. Steam Pipes

These are mostly placed in large cities. Have you ever seen those old Dick Tracey Movies or those 1960-70 gangster movies where women would step over manhole covers and have their skirts blown up? Well, if you stand at the right place in the city you will feel that steam coming up to warm up that freezing environment. If we can say one thing about our government, we can say they are filled with hot air, and they love to share it with us.

6. Immigration Bypass Tunnels

So America complains about illegal immigrants daily. Not all of those people come stitched in sofas and car mufflers. There are those who emerge early mornings from the sewage system. There are tunnels underground which leads back to many cities in America that starts from Mexico and even our good friend Canada. Did you know that there are tunnels which span from continent to continent? Governments will tell you that no such tunnels exist but that will be the government for you. Again, these tunnels are highly secured and are used for extremely special purposes. Many of these secret and secured tunnels have turnoffs which will lead you to some manhole or sewer exit.

7. Toxic Waste

Don't believe everything you see on TV. Then again, believe many science fiction you see on TV because they will eventually become a part of your reality. You have many companies which use extremely toxic materials and substances. Many times these companies will contract toxic disposal companies to get rid of these toxic bypass. The companies which are hired to dispose of these toxic substances are paid hundred of thousands of dollars if not millions to get rid of other companies waste. There are however strict guidelines and procedures that these companies must adhere to and follow as it regards to toxic disposal. But man's greed always gets the better of him, so you will have a few of these disposal companies that will just bring the toxic substances to their facility, open up the manhole cover and begin their dumping. Hence we welcome, Giant gators, monster slugs, Godzilla and radioactive gold fish! Apart from mutated animals, these toxic substances will seep into streams and rivers and eventually damage many wildlife in and around the water supply.

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Haunted Sewer
Haunted Sewer

8. Lost Cities

If you ever want to an adventure of a lifetime, obtain the map of your cities sewage system and traverse the the maze. You may just end up being eaten by a toxic blog or hit the jackpot and stumble upon a Lost City filled with the greatest treasures you can imagine. There are rumors that the Lost City Of Atlantis has indeed be found and if you obtain the right sewage system map, the ones that the secret service has, you will be able to traverse the sewage to a undersea tunnel which will lead you to the home of Aqua man.

9. Failed Scientific Experiments

I should warn you though, if you decide to venture down the sewage system you must carry some form of protection with you as you may encounter confrontation with some pretty strange creatures. No, i am not talking about little Tommy's toxic gold fish he flushed down the toilet two years ago. I am talking about failed scientific experiments which were carried out on animals and humans. There are flesh eating humanoids living in our sewer system that eats anything made of flesh, and human flesh is no exception. Scientist have tried experimenting by trying to cross breed some pretty weird creatures such as the Frin. The Frin was suppose to be a cross between a frog and a lion. That failed and when they saw the atrocity they created, they tried to terminate the animal but it escaped and made its way into the maze of the sewer. Even though it was hunted, it was never found. The Frin is known to swallow a man whole.

10. Haunted Toys

Yep, if you traverse the sewage system you may find some lonely teddy bear with a haunted past. From dolls possessed with aged old demons to stuffed animals stitched with the soul of some miserable wicked ghost. These items end up in the sewage system as this is the only place that may contain these spirits. These items can't really be destroyed as the wicked spirit in them will only move from toy to toy. When they are lost in the sewage system, it is highly unlikely that some child will find these demonic toys and end up massacring the town.


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      Hey JanOng, you would be surprised at what lurks below

    • Jan Michael Ong profile image

      Jan Michael Ong 14 months ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      Very good article. What about the Morlocks from the X-Men? They live down there too.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      alwayexploring....better watch out for loose or open manholes

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 14 months ago from Shelton

      things to make us worry about.. LOL I guess..:)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 14 months ago from Southern Illinois

      Clive, haven't we got enough to worry about? Now I'll worry about the manholes and the poor little goldfish. I can guarantee you that I will never go near a manhole!!!! Clever and a fun read!!!!

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      Hey billy...who knows, maybe one day we all have to head down the sewage to protect ourselves from stupid wars

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 14 months ago from Olympia, WA

      I'll take your word for it all, Clive, because the chances of me ever going down a manhole are slim and none! LOL

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 14 months ago from Nibiru

      lol@pstraubie48. better look out for that goldfish

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 14 months ago from sunny Florida

      O dear. Thanks for the warning ...I had planned an extended journey down under those covers.