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10 Things You Do Consistently When You Live an Authentic Life. Number 9 Is a Game Changer!

Updated on April 7, 2019
Melissa Damiani profile image

Melissa is founder of the lifestyle blog Gratitude Grace Glamour. She is passionate about helping others live their best lives.

Are you living an authentic life? For a long time, I wasn’t. Now I realize that I had spent years ignoring my own voice in an attempt to fit in. But, deep down I had the sense that there was something missing.

I finally realized that I wasn’t coming from an authentic place. So, I made a commitment to live my truth and embrace my unique self! That’s when wonderful things began happening. I met my amazing husband who loves me unconditionally and gets me! I spend time doing the things I value with the people I treasure the most. And, my confidence and self-esteem have soared. Here’s what changed:

  • I no longer felt the pressure to fit in.
  • I stopped do things just because everyone else was doing them.
  • I embraced my true nature as an introvert.
  • I got comfortable setting boundaries.
  • I stopped being afraid to express my real feelings even when I know people won’t agree or understand.

A lot of this newfound confidence came with age. But, I also took some action steps that helped propel me forward. And, now I’m living an authentic life that is a true reflection of me! When you live your truth, you will do these things consistently:

1. You won’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail.

Making mistakes is an important part of our growth and expansion. And, failing means that you tried something difficult. How often do most people do that? Starting this blog was a big reminder to me that it takes courage to do things outside of your comfort zone. And, even if you make a mistake, or fall flat on your face, at least you’ll know that you tried. And, there’s something pretty bad-ass about that!

2. You have a hard time relating to most people.

When you live an authentic life, the world seems different somehow. Living a life aligned with your truth gives you a new perspective. You laugh more easily and forgive more quickly. Everything seems less heavy and serious. Where you once saw a problem or obstacle, you now see an opportunity.

Ironically, this new attitude makes it harder to relate to people. Most people come from a negative place. Not because they’re bad people, they’ve simply been conditioned to be this way. You’ll start to notice that people cause a lot of unnecessary drama and chaos in their lives, and you won’t be able to relate.

3. Coincidences will happen more often.

Life will begin shifting in your favor and the world will become a friendlier place. It’s as if the whole Universe is working for you, and you’ll get signs all the time. Events will happen to create the best possible outcome for you. You might even experience significant life changes. This can be painful, but keep the faith. The Universe is preparing you for something bigger and better!

4. You will enjoy the present moment more deeply.

When you come from an authentic place, you will enjoy everything you do more deeply. Being authentic means that you’re fully engaging in the moment without being distracted by thoughts of the past or worries about the future.

Life will seem less difficult. The things that once made you angry or frustrated, won’t even register anymore. Living in the present increases the quality of your life, and is a wonderful way to connect to your authentic self.

5. You will not lie to yourself or others.

When you live an authentic life, there is no reason to lie. You communicate with other people in an honest and open way. You can speak your truth without worrying about what people will think. More importantly, you will not lie to yourself. Living your truth means that you focus on what’s meaningful. Anything else is a waste of your valuable time.

6. You cannot tolerate negativity.

An authentic person has compassion for others. Personally, I had such a difficult journey getting to where I am now, that it’s made me a kinder and more tolerant person. So, instead of judging, gossiping, or complaining, you accept everyone and everything for what it is.

Being more connected to yourself means that you feel a deeper kinship with everyone around you. Therefore, you become sensitive to negativity, and it will make you very uncomfortable.

7. You appreciate nature more.

Being in nature reminds us that we are all connected. There’s something sacred about spending time walking in the woods or kayaking in a pond. And, you can sense nature’s powerful energy. This energy is a part of you! All living things are unique expressions of the one consciousness. Therefore, we’re all connected. When we enjoy time in nature, we remember our oneness, and this speaks to our deepest selves.

8. You need your “me” time.

When you live from an authentic place, it’ll be important for your to have time alone to re-energize your spirit. One of the most loving ways you can do this is by pursuing your passions. And, this is essential to who you are. You feel joy and contentment when you do what you most love, and it feeds your soul.

9. You know that you already have everything you need to be happy.

Unfortunately, most people look for happiness and love outside of themselves. They tell themselves, “If I just had the relationship (the new car, the better job, etc.), then I could be happy.” But, this is not true! And, most people live their entire lives chasing happiness.

Authentic people know that you create your own reality. And, they have a rich, vibrant inner world. As a result, they operate at a higher frequency where good things happen!

10. You don’t compare yourself to others.

When you live your truth, you realize that everyone is on their own unique journey. We are all here to learn, grow, and experience what we need to for our own expansion. So, there’s no reason to compare, compete, or concern yourself with what other people are doing. You’re so busy living your awesome life that you wish joy for everyone else, and continue down your own beautiful path.

Your Truth.

Living an authentic life is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Sometimes, we need courage to be who we truly are. And, that’s unfortunate. However, everything we go through has been put in our paths for a reason. So, use every situation to get you to that next level. You are meant to live a life of joy and abundance. And, when we learn to stop blocking ourselves from everything we deserve, we will find our truth. And, that’s a beautiful way to live!

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    • Melissa Damiani profile imageAUTHOR

      Melissa Damiani 

      12 months ago from REHOBOTH, MA

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you found it useful. I’ll be posting lots more in the near future!


    • Tidbits25 profile image

      Micha ELa 

      12 months ago from Philippines

      I enjoyed reading this.


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