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10 Healthy Tips For Losing Weight Fast

Updated on November 9, 2015
Lose Weight the Healthy Way
Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Here are 10 Healthy Tips for Losing Weight Fast that include suggestions (based on personal experience) about diets, workouts, medication and other things related to leading a healthy lifestyle.

People around the world are struggling hard to lose weight. And majority of them are failing badly because they're not adopting a weight loss strategy and lifestyle that they can stick in the long run. So I collected and put together these easy tips for losing weight in a healthy way.

I survived school with my excess weight but since it started becoming a hindrance in almost every aspect of my life I decided I needed to change certain things about my lifestyle.

I am sharing my own experiences and experiments with popular weight loss techniques below. Go through them and don't forget to share your experiences in the comments.

10 Healthy Tips for Losing Weight Fast

1. Anyone Can Do It!

It’s true what they say, the perfect way to lose weight is hard to assess, however, the fact remains that anyone can shed pounds off their body. All that is required is sincere efforts and cautious selection of the right technique of weight reduction that suits your body type, lifestyle, medical conditions etc.

Conduct proper research, acquire the right information and make a careful choice of approach. The lack of right information and certain myths make it difficult to lose weight.

You could start by consulting a doctor who knows your medical history to ensure that you don't cause any bad effects to your body.

2. Starving, Crash Diets DO NOT Work

The idea to starve to get a slim body is a harmful assumption. Starving will only result in some or the other weakness in the body due to nutrition deficiency resulting into further problems.

I started my weight loss goal with such crazy diets. I did lose weight but I also lost my health. Upon checking my fitness score I found that it was lesser than when I was overweight! I had lost a lot of muscle mass instead of losing fat. So sometimes you may look skinny but have more fat than muscles in your body.


3. Timely Meals and Portion Control

It is imperative to have meals at regular times throughout the day. Skipping meals can do more harm than good. You'll end up craving high calorie, high carb food later.

I found (the hard way) that snacking every 2-3 hours in small quantities is actually better than eating just 2-3 big meals a day. But the snacks have to be chosen carefully and can be different for different people based on their bodies.

Like for me the most beneficial foods were nuts, sprouts, yoghurt and fruits. I tried boiled eggs and lean meats but had problems with digesting them. So it is best to take regular advice from a doc to avoid any trouble later.

4. Limit your Choices

This can go a long way in helping curb the heavy eating habit. Avoid buffets and try to concentrate on less number of alternatives while picking your meal. This helps keep a tab on the overeating habit.

5. Switch to Smaller Plates

Sounds odd,right? Yet I have found it to be effective. Reducing the size of your plate will ensure that you start with small helpings and eat only until you feel full. When you take smaller amount of food in the plate, it helps the brain avoid processing the need to finish what it would have been on a bigger plate.

Another easy weight loss tip is to chew the food longer, savor every bite, concentrate on the food and Never watch TV while you eat. Trust me you will feel full much sooner.

Did you Try Using Smaller Plates? and Did it Help?

See results

6. Exercise is Mandatory and So is a Workout Plan

People often wonder How to lose weight without exercise? or How to lose weight in two weeks? But I can tell you from my own experience that it doesn't work without exercise.

A well planned fitness regime is required to be followed by anyone who wishes to stay healthy and fit. There is no substitute to physical workout for losing weight. how else will you burn the excess calories?

Also, in a recent research it was found that sitting is the new smoking! That means long periods of inactivity can cause just as much harm to your body as smoking.

So go out and be active. Use the stairs as much as you can and increase their use everyday, keep introducing variety in your exercise in terms of intensity and activities.

7. Keep Track Of the Calories but Don't get Obsessed

Yes, everybody should have the count of the regular calorie intake. Fatty foods boost up the calorie and subsequently the weight. So to thwart fat accumulation in your body, always make sure to have the calorie intake under control.

But don't be obsessed with it. You don't need to know the exact calorie count in every thing you eat. Just focus on eating more of the natural and raw foods like salads, fruits, oatmeal, sprouts etc. and ban processed and junk foods altogether.

Calories Count in Common Foods for your Reference

Calorie Count
Apple, medium
Banana, 1 medium
Orange, 1 medium orange
Peach, peeled, medium
Baked beans, 1 cup, canned
Cabbage, cooked, 1 cup
Carrot, raw, 1 carrot
Coleslaw with salad dressing, 1 cup
Potato, baked, 2 1/3 x 4 3/4 in.

8. Do Not Blame your Metabolism

Being positive is necessary and for this, you need to stop blaming a 'slow metabolism' in case nothing seems to work. Some people do find it hard to lose weight even after doing everything right, but that is no excuse to put blame on metabolism.

Get in touch with your doc and make changes to your diet and workout routine. Like I said before, add variety to your workout intensity. Most importantly be positive and don't lose hope.

9. Don’t Stay Stagnant

People who can’t workout much due to heavy schedules can surely practice some other means like walking to stores instead of using their car. Follow all your healthy habits as much as you can.

Its ok to take breaks but don't stagnate. I used to workout at night when I had started with my first job and had almost no time to exercise during the day.

10. Some Medications May Work But its Better to Avoid them

I started my weight loss effort with liquid diet (Big Mistake). It caused vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the doc warned me against such diets. He gave me some simple multi-vitamin tables and suggested some supplements.

Along with a simple diet of homemade food the supplements and tablets helped me regain my health and cure the deficiencies. You may consult your doctor or a dietitian for supplements that would suit your body, age and medical conditions (if any).

In Conclusion

I learnt it the hard way so i am sharing these 10 Healthy Tips for Losing Weight Faster. They can used as a starting point for your weight loss plan. There will be too many advisers and experts you'd come across but just remember that when it comes to your health you shouldn't take any chances.

Please do not make any decisions related to your health based on what you read online. I have said this many times - Consult a good doctor and follow his advice. These tips are my experiences and may or may not work for you.

Simple Exercises to do at Home for Losing Weight Fast

© 2013 Pankaj Chobharkar


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    • Pankaj_dc profile image

      Pankaj Chobharkar 16 months ago from India

      It is. Google it.

    • profile image

      Casio 2 years ago

      I love this idea thanks so much

    • profile image

      Abanifua 3 years ago

      "Learnt" isn't a word.

    • Pankaj_dc profile image

      Pankaj Chobharkar 4 years ago from India

      Thanks for reading and commenting passionate77...

    • passionate77 profile image

      passionate77 4 years ago

      very nice and informative article, thnks for sharing pankaj, all proven methods for long term weight loss, great hub!

    • Pankaj_dc profile image

      Pankaj Chobharkar 4 years ago from India

      Thanks for the comment and thumbs up..and yes losing weight slowly with proper advice from experts is the best way to loose weight.. also, I loved your hub 15 killer ways of losing weight naturally.. I forgot to include the 'drink lots of water' tip in my hub :(

    • sarifearnbd profile image

      Shariful Islam 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      Great Hub! Gave you thumbs up! I do think losing wieght slowly is healthier and will stay off.