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10 Tips For Treating Acne

Updated on January 19, 2017

Treating Acne

Acne is a condition that can strike a teenager at anytime. There isn't any real fast cure for acne, you are never going to rid yourself of it overnight despite what some may claim. As acne is caused by a bateria build-up there are a number of quick and easy things you can do in helping keep it under control. Here are my top ten quick and easy tips for treating acne.

Top 10 Tips To Fight Acne

1. Your diet, ensure you eat plenty of fruit and raw vegetables. Try to avoid as much sugar as possible, biscuits, chocolate and fizzy drink are all bad for those fighting acne. Also avoid anything containing caffeine and ensure you drink lots of water. Write down what you eat each day in a food journal, this will help you in monitoring your bad food habits.

2. For some easier said than done but eliminate Stress. It might sound daft but stress is a major contributing factor of acne. Try not to get into arguments over silly things, leave yourself plenty of time to achieve what you need to do or arrive at that important destination. Regular exercise, walking, yoga and meditation along with positive visualization are all good ways to release stress.

3. Home Acne Treatement, there are lots of these around and I have written a few articles on natural home cures for acne and on various natural remedy acne treatments you can try at home.

4. You change your clothes everyday but do you wash your hair regularly. This is most importnat especially if you suffer from greasy or oily hair.

5. Your face is in contact with your bed pillow for around 56 hours a week, make sure you change your pillow cases regularly.

6. This is a hard one for the girls but avoid using excessive make up. Do not try and cover a spot with make-up, you will make it worse.

7. Avoid the use of anything oily or synthetic on the skin.

8. Do not squeeze or pick at that spot, I know it is tempting but trust me, you will make it worse and risk making it spread.

9. When you start to see your acne going continue to use that acne treatment and still follow a strict regime. All too often acne sufferers discontinue the good practices when they start to notice a positive result allowing the acne to attack again.

10. Be cheerful and do not feel that you are alone. Don't avoid meeting people, remain optimistic and positive. You will beat acne, it is a temporary curse and it WILL go away in time.

Derma Roller

What About Acne Scars

The above device might look a little scary but it isn't a painful tool to use. It is called a Derma Roller and it's function is to get rid of acne scars. If you following the link you can read an article on how this handy little device can help remove you of the more unsightly look to acne which is the scarring it can leave behind.

While many people can just about cope with acne very few can cope with the scarring it can leave behind. Ridding yourself of acne is one thing and it is sometimes only half the battle. To rid acne scars you will need a little more than a home remedy but do not despair, it can be done. If you don't want to take my word for it watch the video clip below.


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