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10 Tips To Be More Confident In Life!

Updated on March 29, 2016

Confidence is like any other skill that can be easily mastered.

Confident People Are Successful In Life

  • Confidence is one of the most important qualities which is required to be a successful person in life as it gives you the ultimate power to conquer the world.

  • Confidence is a building block for a successful career. Once an individual develops self confidence in him, his life starts changing for better and better with time.

  • Confidence is just like believing and respecting yourself first before expecting from others to respect you.

  • Today in the modern world, only self-confident people are in the focus and they are the ones who are admired by others.

  • Only self-confident individual can face the tough challenges of world and inspire others by their work.

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10 tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence:

Today we are going to share some practical techniques by which you can boost your self-confidence :

Be Positive
Be Positive

1. Stay Positive:

  • By being positive in your thoughts and attitude, you can give a powerful boost to your self-confidence.

  • On the contrary, negativity can lead to destruction.

  • Put positivity not only in your thoughts but also in your actions, as the most famous proverb says - ‘Action speaks louder than the words’.

  • Act in a positive way. Make conversation with others using positive words and showing your positive side, as people like to get around the person who is filled with positivity in any situation.

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Know Your Strengths & Weekness
Know Your Strengths & Weekness

2. Know Your Strengths:

  • It’s very important for every individual to highlight his strength as well as weakness.

  • Knowing your strengths will help you use them in the correct time.

  • In the same way, Identify your weakness and try to work on them and turn them to your strength.

  • Refuse to allow the negative thoughts getting inside your mind, give way to positive thoughts.

  • Use criticisms as a learning experience as you are getting to know your flaws and you can find ways to improve and manage them sooner.

  • We all make mistakes. It is natural to make a mistake as no one is born perfect.

  • As always said, try to learn from your mistakes and weakness and take them as learning opportunities rather than sitting and repenting.

  • Likewise, complain or criticize someone only when it’s very important, and if at all when you do so, do it in a constructive way.

  • If anyone shows his/her positive side or success report to you, congratulate and compliment them.

3. Enhance Your Personality:

It’s a fact that our personality communicates loudly. It’s our personality only that reflects without words who we are. Maintain right posture, eye-contact, smile and slow speech to appear more confident. Better posture and attitude makes us appear more confident and attractive.

Keep a check on your posture everytime & everywhere.

  • Specially at workplace or any social function or gathering, your body posture and body language give an impression about you.

  • Straighten yourself as soon as you realize that you are slumping in your chair or slouching your shoulders.

  • Sitting up straight with you shoulders back and keeping your head level can boost your self-esteem instantly.

  • Stand tall with your chest out, shoulders back and chin up.

  • With your poised personality you will feel assured, positive and confident from within. People who stand tall and straight appear more attractive and confident.

Keep Your Speech Slow And Clear.

  • Speak slowly and clearly when having a conversation with anyone (senior or junior) to you. This simple thing can create a big difference in how others perceive you.

  • A person who speaks slowly, being clear on every word, appears to be more confident.

  • Any person who speaks quickly and rushes with his words shows a negative and underconfident side of themselves.

  • Smile more often throughout the day.

  • While speaking to anyone, make sure you keep an eye contact which shows your confidence.

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4. Dress-Up For Yourself:

a. Dress Up “With An Outfit”

  • Dress-up for yourself and not for anyone else.

  • Dressing up turns out and actually makes you feel confident from within.

  • By dressing well, you know that you are looking presentable to attend people and ready to tackle the world.

  • It’s important to dress yourself according to the occasion.

  • How we dress has a huge effect on how people see us.

  • Dressing does not means wearing a dress that costs high, rather it means to look nice, comfortable and presentable in front of your guests or anyone.

  • Style your hair. If you are male then give yourself a clean shave. This way you can surely feel better about yourself. Also, others will get more likely to perceive you as successful and self-confident.

Smile is a big solution to many problems in the world.

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b. Dress Up “With A Smile”

  • As stated above, you need not buy yourself a costly dress rather a casual dress can work wonders if you match it with a thousand bucks smile of yours!

  • Wearing a Smile is a tried and tested way to boost your confidence in no time.

  • Science says, the effect of smile is not just external, as it can help fixing many kinds of feeling and managing stress which may help you feel happier and look attractive even while wearing a casual dress.

  • Wearing a smile helps you to be kind and humble with others.

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5. Workout:

We all know the benefits of physical activity, working out, yoga, etc. related to one’s health and body, but did you know that workout imparts many other benefits to us?

  • Along with keeping us fit and healthy, if we workout/exercise on regular basis it will help us by managing our stress levels and boost our confidence too.

  • If we talk about building confidence in ourselves, it’s not necessary to indulge in a strenuous workout session, what’s more important is how much you sweat.

  • it’s the immediate, endorphin-fueled positivity from the exercise that makes all the difference. Thus, even a walk of about a kilometer or two, running, jogging, or just yoga can make you feel good from within, and this builds your self confidence to face the daily challenges of the world.

  • It’s a proven fact that people who exercised regularly, felt more competent socially, academically, and athletically.

Haven’t you started to exercise yet? Start your workout right away and notice the benefits externally on your body and internally in your mind and heart. You will eventually start feeling more confident and stress free.

6. Visualize:

  • Set Goals : Make it a routine to hit the sheets before you sleep, set goals and work for them.

  • Prioritize : Set your priorities straight.

  • Be specific about what you aiming for. Even a specific vision of future success will make you more confident.

  • Planning before any big or small task is important to perform better and thus helps you in achieving your goal. It’s true that real confidence comes after achieving the success but planning can boost your self-esteem. This way you will be able to hit your target and commit yourself to success.

  • Celebrate Your Achievements : As it’s important to set goals, it’s equally important to achieve them and celebrate them. Celebrating your achievements boosts your confidence and helps you perform better in future.

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7. Stay Motivated:

  • Be positive and motivated even if you're not feeling it quite yet. Everything starts from the mind. Motivate yourself to take actions and raise your self-esteem.

  • Take your mind under control and fill all the positivism in your thoughts and actions.

  • It’s important to focus on good stuff that makes you happier and helps you stay who you are without being fake.

  • Be your own cheerleader and try to stay generally cheerful, building a positive outlook on life.

  • Higher the motivation, higher gets the self-confidence and thus high are the rates of success.

  • Get inspired by the positivity around you and don’t let the negativity touch you. Follow healthier motivational habits.

  • Remind yourself of your achievements and strengths : It's a simple but powerful way to motivate yourself.

  • It becomes easier to push through any inner resistance when you really want something badly.

When you lose your motivation, ask yourself if you doing what you really want to do? Then refocus and start working on it.

8. Work on Your Relations :

  • With better self-esteem, you’ll be more stable and able to handle relationships and tough times better.

  • When you will be positive in and out and will feel confident about yourself, more people will love to be around you.

  • Who doesn’t want to be with the one who produce positivity? A positive person always becomes an inspiration for others. Put some positive enthusiasm into your interactions with friends, families and others

  • When you are positive, others will find it easier to . Be with you and they will tend to find many solutions to their problems while talking to you and getting motivated by you

  • Positivity and confidence turns you to be a natural giver.

  • By being a confident personality and having a positive attitude, you can be attractive in any relationship, be it with a friend, at work, with a partner or others.

  • At Your Workplace : It's hard to impress your boss and act confident but keep in mind that he only wants the best out from you at every time. Your boss might criticize you and undermine your contribution because the only thing which he wants is to save you from being over confident and lose your control on yourself. If you're not able to make a good relationship with your boss or senior, then try to figure out the problem and then decide for the solution to get things back on track.

9. Focus On Solutions:

Problems never leave us, but does that mean we are going to keep worrying and repenting nothing else? Let's start thinking about the solutions and making positive changes rather than focusing at the problems only.

  • Do not be a complainer, be a saviour of yourself first.

  • Focusing on solutions is the best way to show your confidence. It makes you powerful enough to face the problem and thus helping you to go long in your career ahead.

10. Learn to Say No:

Do not hesitate in saying ‘No’ to people.

  • If we say ‘Yes’ to anyone under pressure, due to respect or under any burden, it becomes more likely to experience stress, burnout and even depression which after all erode confidence.

  • Sometimes, answering with a proper ‘no’ is not at all bad. Instead it’s healthy and shows your confidence.

  • Understand that if you say a ‘no’ with confidence to a new commitment, you are actually honoring the existing commitments and giving yourself the opportunity to successfully fulfill them.

  • Confident people do not use any phrases to avoid using a negative word – no, instead they believe in being transparent and upfront.
  • Commit for one task at a time, show your caliber and finish it on time by giving your best. Then take up another task, trust me you will feel confident while doing it as you won’t be loaded with so much work and you won’t be under stress and pressure.

Sometimes people think that saying a ‘no’ will show their negative side and their incompetence nature in front of others. They say tit happens that their inner voice starts throwing destructive question on them in mind like : Are you being lazy at work? Aren’t you competitive? Are being afraid that what will happen if you won’t be able to fulfill the requirement? Are you being sloppy? Aren’t you strong enough to manage multitasking like your co-worker? Try this:

  • Do not give way to such thoughts in your mind. Replace all the negative thoughts with the positive once.
  • Just use the ‘STOP’ word in your mind as soon as your inner critic starts to rule you.
  • Understand that you got the job because you were legible and good enough for it.
  • Avoid taking too much task at a time to experiment on yourself if you can do multitasking, because if at all you won’t be able to fulfill the requirement that will lower your confidence and will lead you only to a trouble.

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