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10 Tips to Treat Heartburn

Updated on March 17, 2011

There are many common myths regarding how heart burn is developed. Most of the time heartburn is caused by eating habits or eating the wrong kinds of foods too fast. The exact cause of heart burn is when the acids in your stomach create a gas and go up your esophagus which will eventually burn. There are many ways to get rid of the awful feeling so let’s take some time to explore the best possible ways to prevent it.

1.      The biggest cause of heartburn around the world is being overweight. Having extra weight actually because the stomach lining to get thicker, this causes extra pressure to cause acids and food to go back up the esophagus. So making a plan to help you lose weight will reduce your heartburn.


2.      When sitting down for a meal it is a good idea to eat lighter and spread your meals over several throughout the day. When eating your meals avoids things you know cause heart burn like spicy foods and alcohol.


3.      Maintain a healthy diet with soups, salads, and sandwich at dinner time this will help reduce your night time indigestion because you are eating lighter food.


4.      Posture is something most people do not think about while eating but sitting straight can greatly influence your heartburn.


5.      Green tea has valuable properties in it that help prevent the increase in acid in the stomach and its more natural then reaching for tums all the time.


6.      Ginger tea has an almost instant effect if you mix a little bit of milk with it. It can provide you a great relief from heartburn.


7.      If you are on a stationary bed at night and sleep very flat try raising your head a little by adding an extra pillow so you are in a more upright position. This way the acids from your stomach have nowhere else to go but to stay where they are at. This can help in the reduction of night time heartburn


8.      A more homemade plan is to have two spoonful’s of vinegar and water can reduce the effects of acid reflux


9.      There are many over the counter medicines available if the natural ways are not working. Always talk to your doctor since acid reflux can be a sign of a more serious condition.


10.  The biggest cause is alcohol so if you must drink it use fruity drinks that contain a type of soy or milk it will help in reducing your heartburn.


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  • profile image

    reflux 5 years ago from USA

    I only know some tips to treat heartburn but these tips helps me a lot, thanks for sharing.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for these great tips because I suffer very much of it.