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12 Very Comforting Things

Updated on August 4, 2016

Comfort is a big thing for me. I cannot bear to wear fitted clothes. Preferring floaty tops, chunky jumpers and non-skinny trousers which are so very hard to track down. Even for gents, it would seem as present fashions reveal! In the habit of putting on pyjamas as soon as I cross the threshold of my house after a day at work. That is especially comforting in the winter. Then and Autumn are the times of the year when I actually embrace the fashion. Loving to wrap up and the warming rusty colours that are so widely available. Comfort can be sought in the company of others, family or friends and those close to us. In this brief list, I will just detail rather inconsequential comforts. Just the little things I appreciate

1. Wrapping your hands around a hot drink in your very favourite mug. Hot Ribena being particularly special to myself due to childhood nostalgia. Find that it needs lemon now, otherwise very sweet! Hot raspberry is great too, really love the Polish Malina cordial/syrup. Ikea is too far away, however, I do remember a delicious Lingonberry version.

2. Pulling on warm clothes that have been on a radiator or are straight out of the tumble drier. Socks being especially satisfying after tiptoed dashes across freezing cold wooden floors.

3. The feeling of taking your hair down from a high ponytail and shaking it out. Instant pressure release! It is so much more freeing having hair loose. My own hair is very thick and there is an awful lot of it, it weighs a lot when in a long pleat (particularly when I am too lazy to dry it and it is still damp from the shower).

4. Bending and stretching your toes under the covers. Indeed any stretching will suffice.

Part my Da beautiful garden, just another reason to enjoy visiting
Part my Da beautiful garden, just another reason to enjoy visiting

5. Freshly laundered bedding and pyjamas, pure perfection and so relaxing. On those days you just cannot wait to get into bed. Even more satisfying after an evening shower and a dusting of scented talc.

6. Silky pyjama bottoms against newly shaved and moisturised legs

7. That very first bite of your favourite food, all the better when it has been a little while since you've had it. There are many things that I enjoy. Although I find that I often crave the multitude of flavours and comfort provided by a veg curry.

8. Returning to the family home, so many aspects are good about this. Being with the family, the familiarity, the ease in their presence and not to mention being cooked for. It is lovely to share food and conversation over the dinner table, very glad that my parents were always strict about that growing up. Eating is so very social.

A selection of favourite, regularly read novel's
A selection of favourite, regularly read novel's

9. That first step through the door. When you've had a particularly arduous day or else are cold and wet through due to the weather. The latter being common in Scotland, any time of the year!

10. Being inside when the weather is going crazy outside. Listening to the rain battering on the windows in the knowledge that you need not go anywhere, nor move from the comfort of your fleecy blanket wrappings. Thunderstorms make for spectacular viewing. Calm snow and rain falling make for very soothing viewing.

11. A return to a favourite book that you have not read for ages. That reconnection with characters and sheer escapism of it. Have a habit of going back to and re-reading specific books- there are some I believe I would never tire of.

12. Comfort eating. I am sure there are many of us guilty of this and have certain foodstuffs we seek comfort in. I do not possess a sweet tooth, therefore I tend to crave savoury food items. One of my vices is salt and vinegar crisps, generally quite healthy, though. Another is houmous, The main one is soup and has been since I can remember. Love the savouriness of it, its warmth, variety, flavour and that it goes hand in hand with bread (especially pitta and rye). Due to not drinking regular tea or coffee it is something I have most days to warm me up or as a meal. Enjoy making my own very much, so much scope for flavours and it is very quick, simple and cheap.

What are your small comforts? Please comment below.


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