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10 Ways A Woman Can Defend Herself When Attacked

Updated on January 14, 2017

Do Not Copy What You See In The Movies

It can be quite unfortunate when one gets attacked because in most cases it ends up being fatal. Many loose their lives either because they panic and worsen the situation or they try to be heroes and end up being seriously injured or killed. People are usually attacked from behind because the assailants do not expect you to fight back and they do not want to be recognized. Research has also shown that women are the most common targets and victims of violent crimes. This is why it is important to learn some tactics that can be used in case of an attack which can end up saving your life. If you ever find yourself in this awful situation do not try to be Chuck Norris or copy what you see in the movies. Your goal is to escape with your life. For simplicity of this article, the assailant will be a 'he' even though there are equally female assailants. Here is a list of self defense moves anyone can use to safeguard their life.

1. Try Talking Calmly to Your Attacker

Sometimes the assailant is not in the right frame of mind and maybe just need a listening ear and talking to. Try and talk to the attacker calmly and not in a judgmental tone. You can also apply this strategy in case the person is armed. You may be able to convince and compel the assailant to refrain from carrying out his assault. Talking also buys you time and help may arrive before things become fatal. Incase the attacker just wants your money and jewelry, be cooperative and give him what he wants. Be nice and polite as this can manipulate your attacker into not harming you. If this fails you can proceed to the next step.

2. Use Your Heels

Ladies may not know it but they are always well armed from head to toe. A shoe with a sharp heel for instance can be a helpful tool to defend yourself with. If an attacker tries to strangle you from behind, master all your strength and stamp on his foot as hard as you can. This will make him loosen his grip to console his pain giving you a chance to run as fast as you can. If the attacker is a small distance away from you one can remove the shoe, hold it by the midsole and use it in a hammer fist motion to attack. Many self defence classes have incorporated stiletos as a weapon for defense.

3. Kick The Groin

If your attacker is male, then his groin is the most vulnerable part of his body. Kicking the groin weakens your assailant and as he jumps back or falls to the ground in pain, you have an interval of about 10-15 seconds to escape. Do not stay back and try to beat up the assailant in case he quickly recovers and overpowers you. He may end up doing something much worse. If you have a pen or sharp object, you can use it to stab the attacker's groin. You can also use your stilleto as a weapon. Do not hold back. Be fast, straight forward and strong.

4. Attack The Eyes To Blur Vision

The eyes are very important and human beings always try to protect them because the are a vital common sense. Use your palms to hit the assailant's eyes or your fingers to pierce them. When someone tries to grab your arm go straight for the eyes and (not to sound brutal) if possible gorge them out by sinking your thumps deep into the eyes. Ladies with long nails have a greater advantage of causing much more damage. This action would take them by surprise and as he is covering his eyes in pain, this might be your only chance to run and yell for help.

5. Distract Breathing: Hit The Nose

The nose is another sensitive part of the body. If the attacker is in front of you, try hitting under his nose with the heel of your palm. Throw in your weight as your are going for your target to cause a lot of pain and forcethe assailant to loosen his grip on you. The pain from a nose injury is extra ordinary and it becomes almost impossible to breath. You can hit his nose as groin to prevent him from running after

6. Aim For The Knees

A strong kick to the knees can stop the attacker from running after you. You can apply this move when someone attacks from behind. You must use a lot of force when hitting the knee cap if you intend to temporarily cripple the assailant. Do not face him.Once you hit the knee run as quickly as you can.

7. Block His Attacks

There are instances where one may be pinned down and assaulted with a weapon such as a knife. In such a case, it is all about survival and the will to live. You can try and block his attacks by protecting the most vital parts of your body like near the heart or lungs. You can also block his attacks especially if you have some training in self defence. Blocking his attacks will equally confuse your attacker and he may panic and run.

8. Play Dead

In case the attacker injures you using a gun or knife and there is no way out you can save your life by playing dead. The assailant may not have the time to confirm if you are really dead or not. Many assault survivors have cheated death and gotten justice as a result of identifying their attackers. Playing dead may also make the attacker panic especially if he did not intend to kill you hence may flee from the crime scene.

9. Scream For Help

If an attacker tries to assault you in a populated area, yell as loud as possible to get people's attention. People who want to hurt you or steal from you do not want to attract attention. Screaming will make the people react and even come to assist you. Having a whistle can also be of great help if you are too weak to scream. You also have the advantage of having several witnesses in case the assailant gets caught and is taken to court.

10. Carry a Legal Weapon

It sometimes helps to carry a weapon in your purse. A person does not have to live in a dangerous neighborhood to own some kind of protective weapon because you can never predict when you will be attacked. Buying a stun gun, pen knife or pepper spray could be what comes between you and a fatal encounter. These come in handy and will not only buy you time but they will also help you keep your attacker at bay. You can also use whatever you have in your bag like perfumes, hair pins, combs, and scissors. Improvise whatever you have whether it's an earring, or a piece of mirror.

stun guns
stun guns


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