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10 Ways to Feel Better When You Have a Cold

Updated on March 22, 2022

New problems from the coronavirus

Flu, pneumonia, and the common cold have been around for ages. Now we also have COVID-19, post-COVID symptoms, and adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. There are some common sense things we can do that will help us feel better when dealing with non- COVID discomforts that may help should you test positive for one of the strains of the coronavirus. The following suggestions should help no matter what is ailing you.

1. Relax

Relaxation is a great way to reduce stress and help your body heal. Take a bath or shower to refresh yourself and wash away germs. Change your bed linen because there is nothing more refreshing than the feel of crisp clean sheets and pillowcases. Try deep breathing exercises in sets of 10. Inhale slowly through your nose then exhale through your mouth. Read a favorite book or watch a beloved movie. Try sleeping, or resting when possible. Not slowing down can actually prolong a cold.

The Mayo Clinic says that relaxation has the following benefit on our minds and bodies.

Slowing heart rate

Decreasing blood pressure.

Slowing your breathing rate

Improving digestion

Reducing the activity of stress hormones

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level

Increases blood flow to major muscles

Reduces chronic pain and muscle tension

2. Wear light clothing

If you have a fever you will feel better wearing something light and comfortable, especially should you begin sweating. If you get cold chills you can always add a sweater if needed. It’s important that you feel comfortable and not make yourself sweat more. Light material will help you remain comfortable.

3. Drink plenty of liquids

Make sure you don't become dehydrated by drinking water, vitamin water, Gatorade or Powerade. Drinking will also help you flush the germs out of your system. Water alone does not replenish nutrients so be sure you keep the sports drinks and vitamin water on hand. Kombucha is another great choice for hydration.

4, A motto of faith

Many times Christians quote scriptures that are said to be related to healing but I have found that faith can be exhibited in other ways. When my firstborn was a little boy and he did not like a certain food he was offered, he would yell, "No don't want it." My second son would scream, "Nooo Thank you." When I feel that cold germs are trying to get me down, I will say, "No thank you, go away, don't want it.

5. Tissues with lotion

One of the more painful issues of having a cold is a runny nose that turns red and becomes irritated. Facial tissue with lotion is a must and so much softer than regular brands. This is also great for irritation over the lips.

6. Petroleum jelly

I have found that a little petroleum jelly works wonders on chapped lips, and irritated skin just below the nose. Lotion and chap stick do not work for me so I keep plenty of petroleum jelly on hand.

7. Hot tea

Hot tea of your choice with lemon and honey can soothe a sore throat and open a clogged nose, plus it can be relaxing. Ginger and Echinacea teas come highly recommended for respiratory issues.

8. Hot soup

Chicken noodle soup has been promoted for years as a remedy for the common cold. I have found on occasions that chicken and rice, vegetable and tomato soups have brought relief from the sniffles. Try a steaming bowl of your favorite soup and see if it makes a difference.

9. Vitamin C on a regular basis

Around 1970, Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling published a book about cold prevention using megadoses of vitamin C, or up to 18,000 mg each day. Subsequent studies, however, don't conclude that taking this vitamin when you have a cold will be beneficial. increasing vitamin C can boost the immune system. Web MD and Healthline say that those who increase Vitamin C on a regular basis have been shown to have a shorter duration for colds than those who don't. Supplementation has been shown to reduce recovery time by 8% in adults and 14% in children, on average.

If you don't eat a lot of fruits, you can supplement with orange juice, EmergenC or vitamin C supplements that are like cough drops. Just remember that in order to obtain the full benefit you must do this on a regular basis.

10. Laughter

Proverbs 17:22 tells us that a merry heart does us good like a medicine and medical science concurs. Watch a funny movie or television comedy. Find something to smile about and assist your body's natural ability to heal.

So put all your f these tips together and you should be feeling much better sooner than you would have. Take a bath or shower, put on light clothing, , fix some hot tea and soup, and repeat your motivational phrase, Be sure to stay hydrated, increase your vitaminC, keep the tissues and Vaseline handy and find something to laughter sat.

You have probably heard all these tips before but there is a saying that constant review is the students glue. Seeing them in print is a good way to reference them and commit them to memory.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston


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